Datamation Systems DS-NETSAFE-IPCS Security Tabletop 16 iPad Charging Cabinet / iPad Syncing Cabinet

Datamation Systems DS-NETSAFE-IPCS Security Tabletop 16 iPad Charging Cabinet / iPad Syncing Cabinet


Part #: 11397
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Retail Price: $2,499.00
Our Price: $1,799.00


The new NETSAFE-IPC is the first table-top cabinet that protects and recharges up to 20 iPads or iPad2s (16 in most standard cases) and stores a MacBook.
And the NETSAFE-IPCS provides iPad syncing to iTunes as well.

The DS-Netsafe2-IPCS and other Datamation Systems iPad syncing products use state-of-the-art Cambrionix USB hubs to permit communication between a host computer (MacBook, etc.) and multiple iPads or other USB devices. Using appropriate software programs (iTunes is an example), you can sync your devices or copy files to and from them.

Compatible with new iPads and previous generations.

Safe and Secure: Secure and compact, this cabinet is perfect for classrooms, libraries and training facilities where multiple iPads have to be protected and charged. It has a very secure locking mechanism, the hallmark of all Datamation Systems products.
You work hard for your technology resources. You might as well protect them with a real level of security, something provided by Datamation Systems Ipad carts and cabinets.

The Netsafe-IP plugs into standard wall outlets. If you keep your iPads in cases, the cabinet dividers can be adjusted. Even the thickest cases we have seen will allow the storage of 16 iPads or iPad2s. (Not all carts and cabinets can say this.) And it has a shelf for a MacBook or other computer.

To charge iPads, NETSAFE-IPC comes with 24 outlets. To sync-and-charge, the NETSAFE-IPCS syncs 16 iPads simultaneously (with or without cases), or charges them simultaneously, the first iPad sync-and-charge solution in a secure cabinet or cart.

Sync-and-Charge: The challenge in creating this Ipad sync-and-charge cart solution is that the iPad is designed to re-charge through the same USB port as is used to sync to iTunes, but the two functions use different power settings. Traditional USB-hubs do not provide enough power to both charge and sync Ipads. The syncing feature of the NETSAFE-IPCS combines Datamation Systems' storage and security expertise with the engineering of Cambrionix, a UK-based company that specializes in state-of-the art lab, testing and USB solutions, creating the first USB product for synchronizing and charging multiple iPads.

Using a MacBook, iPad users can simultaneously sync 16 iPads with iTunes or charge multiple iPads, all in the same cabinet. (Using a Windows PC, iTunes is limited to recognizing seven devices at a time.)

Sustainable: The design of the NETSAFE-IP takes sustainability seriously. This Ipad sync-and-charge cart solution uses the cables and accessories provided by Apple, preventing waste and keeping down the cost of the cabinets. It uses recycled material wherever possible and is made with environmentally friendly processes. It is durable and adjustable, so it can be adapted to new technology requirements and lasts a long time.

The small size of the NETSAFE-IP is a great advantage, especially in classrooms in which real estate is at a valuable premium. Carts and cabinets designed for larger notebook computers just don't make the best use of the small size and design of the iPad. The NETSAFE-IP does. And the NETSAFE-IP has a simple, innovative cable management system for easy set-up and easy use.

The NETSAFE-IP includes a pass-through USB jack and a storage shelf to protect and recharge a MacBook.

The NETSAFE-IP accommodates the iPad2 and will be able to accommodate almost any new Apple model.