Califone Headphones | Califone DS-9V Discovery Mono Binaural Headset w/ electret Mic


Part #: DS-9V
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Part number: DS-9V

This professional-grade headset is designed for heavy-duty use in K-12 and college classrooms and labs. Discovery headsets (formerly Telex, now made by Califone) are ideal for reading, science, math and language learning uses and are compatible with CD/DVD players, TVs, tape players, and most computers.

It features a built-in noise cancelling electret microphone that is designed for use with voice recognition software and is why the Discovery headset is so widely used for gaming and language learning programs.

The Discovery is remarkably comfortable because of its extra deep earcup cavities and is very quiet with ambient noise reducing earcups, which help keep students on task while reducing the need to increase the volume. Beneath its rugged headband is a flexible comfort sling, which contours to the user's head for better weight distribution and balance, also contributing to a more comfortable experience. Volume control is on the back of the right earcup.

The replaceable 6' cord withstands 250,000 flexes, and with a cord change, enables the same headset to operate in either stereo or mono modes for added flexibility. This also allows minor repairs to be made without purchasing a new headset body. Replaceable, easy-to-clean vinyl ear cushions are hypo-allergenic, no latex.

Rugged plastic headstrap with recessed wiring for safety

Fully adjustable headband & comfort sling fits all sizes

Noise-reducing earcups decrease external ambient noise

Replaceable 6' straight cord with 3.5mm mini plugs

Noise cancelling mic reduces accidental recording of unintended sounds on a hinged boom, which can fold up when not in use

Volume control dial is located on the right earcup

Replaceable hypo-allergenic (no latex) ear cushions