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Hamilton 900 Series Wireless Listening Centers

Go Wireless in your classroom with plug and play simplicity.

The Hamilton 900 Series Wireless Listening products are perfect for all multimedia, lab and classroom applications.
Both transmitter and headphones can be switched between 4 different color-coded frequencies; add additional transmitters to have up to 4 different channels of audio simultaneously!
Looking for a system for a large group?  Please call or email us so we can put together a custom quote.

Perfect also for tourist attractions , business presentation , campaign presentations as well as school and college testing.


Which states are currently still pushing against Common Core?

Regular Core keeps on being the best worry in the states, with Mississippi and Wisconsin being merely the most recent states finding a way to separate themselves from the dubious standards. Mississippi is thinking about the full cancellation of the Common Core norms. State representatives Michael Watson and Angela Burks acquainted enactment with nullifying the models a month ago, with Watson revealing to Mississippi “will wind up with our guidelines that are better, higher and cleaner than Common Core.” Wisconsin is likewise moving far from Common Core gauges. Pulling back from the Smarter Balanced consortium gives Wisconsin the chance to utilize another test—maybe affirmed by the University of Wisconsin-Madison—that could reflect state and local-driven guidelines

As of now, 38 schools statewide are in danger of being shut because of reliably low scores on government-sanctioned testing. In West Michigan, Washington Writers’ Academy and the Woodward School for Technology and Research in Kalamazoo and Muskegon Heights Academy in Muskegon Heights are in danger of being shut. As you read this, no less than five of the 45 states that marked on to receive the new Common Core State Standards have selected not to offer the online appraisals intended to gauge understudy results against the benchmarks. Over the mid-year, various states hurled their hands and said they couldn’t manage the cost of the appraisal sticker price. Also, in two bellwether states—Indiana and Florida—­legislators are getting an earful from grassroots pundits who see Common Core as a government takeover of state instruction strategy. Some have even named it “Obamacore.”


Texas never left much uncertainty about where it stands. In 2010, Gov. Rick Perry composed the White House and U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to state that Texas drives the path in instruction change and would not squander additional dollars on “the appropriation of problematic, cost-restrictive national guidelines and tests. “Perry evaluated selection and execution of the Common Core at $3 billion in course books, preparing and testing materials for Texas. He additionally dropped references to “state power” and “undesirable government interruption.”


The Alaska at first repelled Common Core norms, settling on its own. However, there have been late signs that Alaska is reconsidering that choice. This spring the state joined the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium, which is dealing with tests that line up with the Common Core. “The Smarter Balanced appraisal will enable us to contrast our understudies more intently and those around the nation and affirm the meticulousness of Alaska’s guidelines contrasted with the Common Core,” said Education Department Commissioner Mike Hanley prior this year. Critics in Alaska have gone online as of late to blame the state for slipping Common Core-adjusted benchmarks through the indirect access. “They are the very guidelines Governor Sarah Palin cautioned about,” understands one late post on a blog called Stop Alaska Common Core.


Minnesota confounds national records. The state embraced the Common Core, yet just most of the way. Minnesota in 2010 consented to the models for English. Be that as it may, Minnesota instructors and lawmakers preferred their math benchmarks better. Minnesota has helped lead the route on testing, this year utilizing a government-sanctioned test lined up with the English guidelines. The subsequent low checks, connected to more difficult principles, didn’t look impressive.


In 2010, the Virginia state board doubtlessly questioned: “The Board of Education is focused on the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) program and restricted to the appropriation of the recently created Common Core State Standards as an essential for cooperation in government aggressive allow and qualification programs.” But the express’s own one next to the other assessment of English benchmarks finds the state for the most part lines up with the Common Core at any rate: “While the association and learning movements are not indistinguishable, the general substance from both is by and large adjusted.”


Nebraska hasn’t embraced Common Core; however, state authorities have said the schools cover most a similar material, precisely under various circumstances. Instruction authorities have scrutinized the national gauges. Deb Romanek, chief of math for the state instruction division in Nebraska, told the Lincoln Journal Star a month ago that there was no verification that Common Core was an ideal approach to educate math. “The jury’s still out.”

Single use earbuds

Okay…so what are single use earbuds or headphones?  Do they disappear after you use them once?  No.  This is a term to describe cheaper earbuds or headphones, like the ones you might get on your next flight, that definitely work but are not designed to last forever.  That is why you pay under $2 for them.  We have people here who use them occasionally and they last for a long time!  They are ideal for student testing, gyms, etc.  These products won’t win many awards for hi-fideli8ty sound but they get the job done and the price can’t be beat!

Encore Data Products offers a wide selection of disposable “single-use” earbuds and headphones.  People love getting free stuff so hotels, libraries and schools use these items in situations where someone needs sound on the spot.

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5 questions with SAM Labs

1. So tell us about the origin of the name SAM Labs

Great question! It’s not an acronym for “Surface to Air Missiles!” as imagined by one of our 10-year-old fans. In reality it was named after the younger brother of our founder Joachim Horn, Sam. Sam is a very bright kid who wanted to build with electronics but didn’t have the skills to do so. So Joachim made a kit of fun little blocks and an app to code them for his bother Sam. Ever since, we’ve called it SAM Labs.
2. What draws students to your Kits and at what ages?
Students are drawn to the simple fact that we have open software that gives direct feedback on the blocks as soon as they program something. Imagine being able to say, “hey lights turn green” and “motor spin at maximum speed.” That is truly how easy it is! Kids love SAM Labs because they can create anything they can imagine and we also help them learn coding along the way. Projects such as smart plant feeders to Pokemon Go catching machines are just a few examples of what students can create.

3.  You are a UK company but are a hit all over the globe.  Do you see kids in every country doing the same things with your products?
While we are based in London, our products are popular with students from all over the world. Some focus more on the coding and logic programming side, whereas others focus more on the physical blocks to build fine tuned prototypes of ideas. Both help develop creativity and 21st century skills. We’ve noticed that this balance is exactly why SAM Labs products cater to all kids, no matter where they are.

4. When someone asks what is the #1 reason to purchase a SAM Labs product what do you tell them?
The number one reason is because it makes learning really fun! Think about it, we need our kids to learn the skills needed to solve the world’s future problems that don’t yet exist. So how can we get every single child involved? Making the subjects that are crucial (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) fun and engaging is the only way forward. Our goal is to inspire every student to discover the fun in coding and creating because we really want to bring this to life.

5. We all love London at Encore Data Products.  Gotta ask…do you know Prince Harry? 
Haha! We do not know him personally, but we have taken part in the Duke of Yorks’ Pitch at Palace. This is a prestigious event in which the brightest companies get to present their latest inventions. We won runner up in 2014 and have grown to reach thousands of educational institutions globally.