5 Methods To Make Your Earbuds Sound Better

Many people see earbuds as the humble, simple option for listening to any audio. Though smaller and usually less complex in its design and construction than big headphones, there’s a lot of potential in getting optimal sound quality from your earbuds, especially if you know a few hacks to improve them. Here are 5 methods that will make your earbuds sound better, no matter what kind they are.

Keep them clean.

Since earbuds sit right inside of your ears, they can quickly get dirty from the oils and earwax in your ear. This dirtiness can also be exacerbated by exercising with your earbuds on, creating a small seal of grime that will affect how clear the audio sounds from them.

Proper and regular cleaning of your earbuds will help keep your audio sounding clear and crisp through them. Simply take a gentle cloth that is a little damp with a soap and water mixture. To get out dust from the mesh portion of the earbud, you can use an old toothbrush to gently brush out the dust. This will help remove any noise issues, whether it’s from earwax blockage, or dust grating against the earbud.

Get foam covers for them.

Disposable foam earbud covers are more than just a comfortable option for hard plastic earbuds sitting in your ear. Not only do they keep your earbuds clean from grime, dirt, and sweat, but they can also muffle bass and treble tones a little bit. This can help you hear other elements to your audio, that are drowned out by the bass or treble.

Get noise-canceling in-ear tips for your earbuds.

Though earbuds sit inside your ear, creating a barrier from noise, many models do not stop outside noise from entering, which can disrupt your listening experience. Opting for noise-canceling earpads for your earbuds will help keep outside noise out, while allowing you to focus on what you are actually listening to. This can greatly improve your ability to hear your music.

Protect them from tangling.

Prevention is a must in order to keep your earbuds sounding its best, and keeping them from getting tangled can go a long way at making sure they sound like they did straight from the box. Keeping them in a case so that they don’t get tangled in a bag or backpack, and wrapping them correctly with some help will keep the wires from tearing internally through tugs and detangling attempts. Not only do you save time from tangling and detangling, but also you’ll keep your earbuds safe and reduce quality loss over time.

Use the paper cup method for earbud-speakers.

If you want to turn your earbuds quickly into makeshift speakers, it’s all about getting the right materials on-hand: paper cups. The paper cups help focus sound waves from your earbuds, acting a bit like a megaphone. It’s a great hack that works in a pinch when you don’t have actual speakers on-hand, but need multiple people to listen to something quickly. And though the design simply amplifies sound, it can make your earbuds sound better than just turning them up all the way for more than one person to hear. All you need is 4 paper cups and some toothpicks, as demonstrated in this LifeHacker article.

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