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We have bulk disposable headphones and earbuds in a great selection of styles and colors.
We ship quick, and almost every order ships same day!

We are here if you have questions or need a quote today.
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Ultra compact and lightweight, these disposable earbuds are great for limited use listening. With several styles from which to choose, we will be able to meet your listening needs and keep you within your budget. With earbuds, the tiny earpieces rest on the outer ear or need to be inserted into the ear canal.

We bring you styles with and without earpiece pads. Order individual earbuds or take advantage of our bulk packaging. These earbuds are ideal for one time use Common Core school testing, learning labs, libraries, hotels, spas, gyms, schools, airlines, touring companies and more.
Huge price savings when you buy in bulk!
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Please call us at 866-926-1669 for quantities of 10,000 or more.



Adjustable and lightweight, these disposable bulk headphones are great for limited use listening and large scale testing environments. With several styles from which to choose, we will be able to meet your listening needs and keep you within your budget.

Order individual headphones or take advantage of our bulk packaging. These headphones are ideal for one time use Common Core school testing, learning labs, libraries, hotels, spas, gyms, schools, airlines, touring companies and more.
Huge price savings when you buy in bulk!
Click on an item to see the quantity price breakdown.…/
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This press release was orginally distributed by ReleaseWire

Lafayette, CO — (ReleaseWire) — 02/28/2018 — Encore Data Products, a privately held company based in Lafayette, Colorado with a passion for providing quality products at the most affordable prices today, has established itself as a leading provider of headsets and headphones for state-mandated standardized testing.

“We’ve listened to our customers – the educators – regarding what they need. Based on their feedback, we’ve added headphones and headsets that meet the recommended specifications they need for their respective tests. We have quality options available at every budget level,” shares Julie Witten, Client Services Specialist with Encore Data Products.

Encore Data Products has a diverse selection of classroom headphones, headsets and earbuds designed for users ranging from elementary school to high school. Their online catalog of products includes headphones suitable for any student testing device, from desktop computers to laptops, to iPads®, and compatible for any standardized test, including TELPAS, WIDA, SBAC, and PARCC.

Witten adds: “Headphones and headsets are sometimes overlooked in the grand scheme of the testing plan. Many schools come to us at the last minute needing a thoughtful solution. Our Client Services Representatives listen and ask the right questions to help anyone at any level of the district find the headphones and headsets that will work for their testing platform and budget. It’s what we do.”

Encore Data Products’ broad product offering allows them to work with large and small districts, delivering headphones and headsets quickly and accommodating schools’ and districts’ purchase order systems. Their deep stock allows them flexibility in meeting demand as the need arises – their products are generally available to ship out the same day they’re ordered.

Encore Data Products works tirelessly to uphold a business philosophy of providing quality products at great prices and delivering it all in a timely manner. Founded as a business venture that puts the wants and needs of consumers above anything else, Encore Data Products embodies superior customer service, simple online ordering, competitive pricing, free shipping on most ground orders over $49.99, and no minimum orders on most items shipped in the U.S.

To learn more about classroom headphones and earbuds ideal for classroom and testing environments, visit

Jeff Burgess
Encore Data Products
Phone: 303-926-1669

For more information on this press release visit:

Media Relations Contact

Jeff Burgess
Encore Data Products
Telephone: 303-926-1669
Email: Click to Email Jeff Burgess

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TCEA2018 Education Technology Show – a big success!

Thankyou for everyone who visited us at #TCEA in Austin TX. We have a lucky winner from our #MaxCases show prize draw as well!
Lots of new exciting product developments in the works – watch this space!😎🎧📱🍏
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Come see us at TCEA Convention in Austin,TX Feb 5th-9th !

A big thank you to everyone who visited our #FETC booth in Orlando FL last week.
We are now looking forward to next weeks #TCEA #Convention in #Austin #Texas ! 😎
Come see the latest in #education #TELPAS approved #listening#technology at #EncoreDataProducts Booth 1630 🎧😎🍏📱

TCEA Convention & Exposition

February 5 – 9, 2018 | Austin, Texas | Austin Convention Center

The 2018 TCEA Convention & Exposition brings thousands of educators together with the knowledge and resources they need to transform the future of teaching and learning. Campus and district-level administrators, curriculum and technology leaders, teachers, librarians, and champions of ed tech will all discover innovative ways to engage students, enhance curriculum, and increase productivity.

TCEA’s 38th annual convention will showcase 1,000+ informative sessions and hands-on workshops for educators to learn best practices for integrating technology into their schools, classrooms, and libraries.

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A popular choice for everyone!💻📱
-with slim straight #plug
-compatible with virtually all #tablets #laptops #smartphones#computers #Android #iOS #devices #iPAD #iPhone
-buy in bulk and save!
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Happy New Year!…FETC Show coming up in a few weeks

A very Happy New Year from #Encoredataproducts
We look forward to seeing everyone at the #FETC Convention (Booth 510) in Orlando FL in a few weeks!😁💻🎧🍏📱
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FETC Technology Convention- Orlando,FL Jan 23-26th 2018

Come see #Encoredataproducts at Booth 510 at #FETC #Technology#Convention in Orlando,FL Jan 23-26th 2018!😀
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3.5mm adapter works with all #computers #laptops #tablets #iPads#smartphones #MicrosoftSurface
Perfect as giveaway for #classroom #library #toursim #gym #spa #business #promotionalgift #corporatehospitality
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Clear Earbuds in stock!

Just added:  EB-CLR clear Stereo earbuds.  These are a bit sturdier than the normal disposable style earbuds used for testing, gyms, give-aways and more.  The 3.5mm plug is the standard size more chromebooks, iPods etc.  Some facilities like jails require a clear product, other places just like the clear look.

Clear earbudsEach earbud is individually packaged.  The cord length is 4 feet.

Available now at Encore Data Products.

Wholesale Earbuds Bought in Bulk Provide Profitable Opportunities for Businesses

Buying quality products at wholesale prices in bulk has always been a good way to turn a profit for small and large businesses alike. Many businesses in differing scenarios could benefit from this method of making a profit. In order to provide insight into how wholesale earbuds bought in bulk provide profitable opportunities for businesses, let’s look at these two examples.

Example One: Small tourist shop at train station.

A small business shop, located inside the Amtrak train station in a metropolitan city, needs earbuds to satisfy the demands of passengers taking the train. This small locally owned shop has many different items related to media such as: magazines, newspapers, CD players, MP3 players, and other tourist-type items related to the city.

This type of business also sells earbuds regularly. Passengers many times may have forgotten, lost, or want to get a new pair of earbuds: to use with the listening devices they buy or have already. Also, the included earphones in what they bought (or have already) sometimes aren’t the type they want or need.

So, earbuds are an item this shop sells at an average of 10 a day. Most of these sales are people who want a lower cost earbud around $10, so how does this shop make a profit?

This is where Encore Data Products becomes the best friend of this shop owner. At Encore Data Products’ website, the shop owner finds wholesale prices and great selection for bulk headphones and earbuds. When bought in bulk, the prices become even lower and the free shipping gives an even greater discount.

The shop owner wants to carry a couple different types of earbuds to sale in his shop. One type is the Encore Data Products Stereo Earbuds in a Storage Case, which he buys 500 at a time in bulk for $2.25/ea. These are great sellers at his shop, because they come in a nice looking and easy to carry storage case for the travelers. Also, he’s able to easily sell these for $10/ea. So, let’s do the math on the profit he makes:

$2.25 x 500 earbuds = $1,125 (free shipping)
$10.00 x 500 sold = $5,000
Profit = $3,875
Days takes to turn profit (10 sold per day) = 50 days

His shop also carries a less expensive earbud choice, which accounts for some of the average 10 sold per day, but the example above is a good glimpse of the opportunity available when buying wholesale earbuds in bulk from Encore Data Products.

Example Two: Large Fitness Gym

In this example, there’s a large fitness gym with hundreds of members coming in and out everyday. They’re open 24/7 and have a small shop where food, drinks, and miscellaneous items are sold, including the all-important earbuds. The modern work out machines they carry have a plug-in for headsets, so the members can watch the large TVs on the walls or listen to the radio.

Most of the members bring their own earbuds, but many times they forget them or have a need for some on the spot. So, the small shop at the fitness center carries earbuds for their members for a low-cost. The gym is a business though, so this presents a good opportunity to make a profit. On average, they sell about 5 pairs a day randomly to members.

The shop manager researched online for wholesale earbuds to buy in bulk, and came across Encore Data Products. This was exactly the place she was looking for to get the earbuds needed.

She chose the: Gym Disposable Stereo Noise-Canceling Earbuds, because these are designed just for the needs of her members. She wanted to get a year supply, so bought 1,800 for $1.29 each with free shipping. The breakdown of the cost and profit for the year went like this:

Cost: $1.29/ea x 1,800 = $2,322
Sold: $5.00/ea x 1,800 = $9,000
Profit: $6,678
Turned profit in one year


Both the Amtrak shop owner and the gym owner are making a good profit from buying their earbuds wholesale in bulk from Encore Data Products. These two examples show the type of opportunity businesses have when partnering with Encore Data Products for their earbud needs.

Encore Data Products has many other high quality audio visual equipment and technology accessories to choose from. Yet, these examples are sufficient in giving insight into how any of our products can provide similar opportunities for businesses of all sorts.

Buying earbuds in bulk at wholesale prices gives businesses the ability to make a profit. And considering the quality of our products and the excellent service we give, businesses can’t go wrong partnering with us. If you have any questions, please contact us today.