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Solving Organizational Challenges With Califone CA-2 Headphones for Individual Storage

Any teacher or administrator will tell you that organization is the key to classroom success. Organization not only creates an efficient classroom, but it can also reduce stress in students and teachers. As teachers incorporate digital devices and equipment into their lesson plans, tech organization is no exception.

Technology equipment, however, can be difficult to sort and keep tidy. With attached cables and cords that commonly tangle together, objects like headphones are difficult to keep together without incident. And when models are all the same, it can be hard for administrators to assign headphones to students without adding permanent labels to the headphones. This can become a problem later on when inventory systems change or new devices are added.

To help teachers, administrators, and tech specialists stay on top of their organization efforts, Califone provides a different solution: the Califone CA-2 headphones for individual storage. These lightweight stereo headphones come with a personal bag that has an attached labeling area, making it easy to assign a name or number without physically marking the headphones. This easy labeling ensures that students will hold on to their assigned headphones as well as help IT specialists update records accurately. In addition, the individual storage of each headphone makes it easy for teachers to store headphones together on a shelf or in a box, without worrying that the cords will tangle together. This neat and efficient storage system will save teachers valuable time that can be better spent in the classroom.

However, these bags are more than just a labeling tool. The moisture-resistant storage bag also kills head lice within 24-48 hours, making each set safe for reuse. Reducing lice outbreaks is an important safety measure every classroom must take, so knowing that the headphones are safe for use is one less worry for students and teachers. It will also save a school money from buying new replacements. The bags also prevent lice from spreading among students, because teachers can track the bags with ease.

The headphone cable can withstand regular use and hard tugs due to the permanently attached and reinforced straight cord. Teachers will not have to worry about attaching the correct cables, making the headphones easy to use at any moment. The cable length (6 feet) also allows a user to move around freely while reducing accidental tugging or pulling that typically occurs with shorter cables. Plus, the recessed wiring keeps student fingers from prying the cables out, which protects both the student and the headphones from harm.

In addition, Califone CA-2 headphones are easy to use and adjust for any student. With the adjustable headband, students can make sure the headphones stay nice and snug without pinching. The foam earpads provide extra comfort to students and are easy to replace with new pads are needed. The noise-reducing on-ear style of the earcups also keeps students on task and free from any exterior distraction. This  on-ear style also diminishes the need to raise the listening volume to a dangerous level, which will protect the students’ hearing. Made with ABS plastic, these headphones are durable and easy to clean with disinfectant spray or wipes, making them a perfect listening tool for a germ-free classroom.

Overall, these headphones will serve every classroom’s basic sound needs while promoting a clean and organized environment. And with your purchase of the Califone CA-2 headphones through Encore Data Products, your headphones come with a guaranteed warranty for school use. For its great price and quality, the Califone CA-2 headphones can help every classroom with their basic listening needs. To learn more about the Califone CA-2 headphones or comparable models, contact us. For schools looking at the many options for common core headphones, we have specialists standing by. We can help you find the right model and listening system for your school.

Kidz Phonz from Hamilton Buhl: The Fun Way for Kids to Customize Their Headphones

Kidz Phonz from Hamilton Buhl came along just at the right time when we all need a little extra inspiration while learning and teaching. What makes Kidz Phonz great is that they’re customizable so students can show off their personal style right on their headphones. By giving kids freedom to decorate their headphones, they have a way of bringing individuality to learning. Yet, these headphones do more than just inspire during school. Take a look at how these features could help your own students this coming school year.

Customization with Kidz Phonz

We give a lot of credit to Hamilton Buhl for creating these unique headphones, because there really isn’t anything else like them on the market. Students can visit where they can download templates and designs for use on the plastic cups that easily pop out. Available templates are pre-loaded with designs for holidays, characters, plus numerous backgrounds. They even have sections where kids can customize their own designs, then print and place them on the outside surface of the earphone cups. Please keep in mind this is only available in the Express Yourself versions of the Kidz Phonz.

Kidz Phonz with Rugged Design

Kidz Phonz without customization are also available and come strictly in different colors and with more of a rugged design. These are great when kids use them in school where they likely get used for long hours every school day. The Kidz Phonz feature a sturdy design as well as sound-limiting capabilities, which makes them a standout. Hamilton Buhl realized kids get distracted easily by their surroundings. With guaranteed technology to block outside sounds, kids pay better attention to what they’re listening to. The Kidz Phonz also work well with any mobile device or tablet. This means your kids can use an iPad or their tablet for educative media while using these earphones without compatibility issues.


Within the same line of earphones from Hamilton Buhl are the Flex-Phones that are some of the most indestructible earphones on the market today. They’re made of EVA foam, which is an environmentally friendly material that’s also soft so kids won’t get tired of wearing them during long lessons. The headphones are extra flexible for an easy fit. For smaller preschool children, however, the earphones offer an extension band for complete comfort.

Contact us here at Encore Data Products to find all Kidz Phonz earphones at discount prices as a perfect educational investment that lasts years.

How to Make the Best of Classroom Headphone Storage

If you are a teacher or administrator in a school or library, there is a high chance that technology and headphones are a part of your toolkit. Storing multiple pairs of headphones in a manner that keeps them clean, safe and yet easy to access is a challenge. Never fear, we have many great solutions for the best classroom headphone storage.

The Listening Center

If you were fortunate to receive your school classroom headphones as part of a listening center, you may have a headphone storage solution built in to your center package. If you are in the purchasing phase, this might be a great option to consider. Listening centers come in wired and wireless varieties, so you can choose the solution that works best for your classroom. Both Califone and Hamilton Buhl offer lab packs with up to 30 headphones and a storage case. If you have not yet purchased your headphones, consider buying them as part of a listening center or lab pack. Many of these options come with a storage case. In addition, the headphones sold as part of a package vary widely. You can choose on-ear or over-the-ear headphones. You can choose mono or stereo headphones or models that have the ability to switch between the two formats. The Titanium series headphones from Califone offer a lifetime guarantee on the headphone cords. You can choose headphones with in-line volume control, mute and on/off switch. Some models are primed to work best with iOS, Chrome or Windows hardware. Headsets with an attached microphone are available. The type of storage solution included may affect your decision: there are toolbox style cases, metal racks, suitcase style cases and a variety of noise canceling options in listening centers, too. With so many options, we can help you find just the right solution for your classroom or library, just ask.

The Storage Case

If you’ve got the headphones but are in need of a place to keep them, check out our selection of cases, bags and racks. Hamilton offers a tool-box style case and a steel rack to keep your headsets organized. Califone offers a wide range of storage options for headphones and your larger tech gear.

More Storage Ideas

If your budget is small or previously allocated and you still need a storage solution for your supply of headphones, we’ve got you covered! Check out these storage solutions from Pinterest.

28881c59dac159082a14e0ada16f7368Do you know someone who is crafty with PVC? PVC can be turned into a number of different storage units, including a rack for your over-the-ear headphones! We’ve also seen PVC pipe used to store yoga balls, colored pencils, ribbon and playground equipment.

132e3bf048ff468aeb82e039c9c00680Got earbuds? There is nothing worse than a big pile of earbuds with cords twisted together. Here is a clever way to use a jewelry case to keep them – and all those cords – organized. Jewelry cases are inexpensive and can also be used to store small rewards, erasers and treats in the classroom.

da886bb6af02cbab8054f62b0e8e9e7fThe variety of repositionable hooks on the market today is astounding. Take a look at your favorite home or craft store to find a style that will work best for you and create a wall storage unit for your headphones. You can position the headphones above computers, tucked out of the way, or create a cozy listening corner like this one.

Whether you are creating a new classroom listening nook or replacing old school classroom headphones with a new listening center package, we’re here to help! Contact us at Encore Data Products for more information about cases, bags and racks.