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Come see us at TCEA Convention in Austin,TX Feb 5th-9th !

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TCEA Convention & Exposition

February 5 – 9, 2018 | Austin, Texas | Austin Convention Center

The 2018 TCEA Convention & Exposition brings thousands of educators together with the knowledge and resources they need to transform the future of teaching and learning. Campus and district-level administrators, curriculum and technology leaders, teachers, librarians, and champions of ed tech will all discover innovative ways to engage students, enhance curriculum, and increase productivity.

TCEA’s 38th annual convention will showcase 1,000+ informative sessions and hands-on workshops for educators to learn best practices for integrating technology into their schools, classrooms, and libraries.

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Happy New Year!…FETC Show coming up in a few weeks

A very Happy New Year from #Encoredataproducts
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5 Ways to Go Germ-Free in the Office

One of the best ways to keep an office productive is to reduce sickness from spreading in the workplace. Keeping the office space sanitary is increasingly important with more and more offices moving towards becoming collaborative workspaces. With more spaces shared by numerous people–from work tables to shared desks–it’s harder to keep track of who was sitting where. Even worse, collaborative space can create a workplace culture where employees are less inclined to clean up after themselves due to a lack of ownership of the space. Here are 5 methods that will help keep your offices cleaner and safer for all employees and visitors and will produce a cleaner culture.

  1. Provide sanitary wipes and cleaning products around the office.

Encouraging a sanitary environment, starts by making cleanup stations easy to access and use. Common areas to place a sanitary wipe station would be near elevators, cafeterias, bathrooms, shared kitchenettes, or at the entrance of the main office workspace. As long as the station is easy to access and locate, your employees are more likely to use them. For collaborative spaces, a simple reminder with a sign by the sanitary wipe station can help make workspaces and equipment clean for all employees. To make it safe for anyone to use, chose a brand like Simple Green, which is non-toxic and non-citrus so it does not hurt sensitive skin or noses.

  1. Create a schedule for regular cleaning of most-used equipment.

While you might have a cleaning staff that takes care wiping down counters, dusting, and taking out the trash, it could be helpful to build in a little clean up time with your IT staff on commonly shared technical equipment. For example, regular cleaning of headsets, mobile devices, and other technical gadgets you use will help to reduce germ contact. You might need special care or tools for your devices–like air compression cans for cleaning between keys on a keyboard–so it’s best to make sure someone with experience can take care of it.

  1. Replace older equipment with cleaner products.

Keeping older equipment around might be great for your bottom line but your tech devices can actually be trapping dirt, grime, and germs. For example, keyboards are one of the most hospitable places for germs to grow, due to the fact that the grooved surfaces are harder to clean. And in workplaces where computers and keyboards are shared, there’s greater potential for the keyboard to become a natural breeding ground for germs. Older keyboards also tend to trap dirt, food, and other types of filth. If you do have equipment such as old keyboards, it can be best to switch them out for newer models that are built to trap less dirt.

  1. Provide headphone covers for listening stations or shared headphones and headsets.

For offices that frequently use on-ear or over-ear headphones and headsets for their everyday operations, providing headphone covers can make listening equipment comfortable for all.  Headphone covers reduce the amount of sweat and grime that is left on the headphone earpads, which protects the overall health of the headphones and extend their life.

  1. Invest in disposable earbuds.

If you want to provide listening equipment but don’t necessarily have the budget to provide headphones to all employees, disposable earbuds are worth providing. Not only are they easy to give away and replace, but also they will keep people from exchanging earbuds and extra germs. For an office that has more informal workspaces than personal desks, providing disposable headphones makes it easier to have listening equipment on-hand.

By keeping your office clean, you will see a boost in productivity and overall employee health. To learn more about maintaining a great office, contact us. We can supply you with the best tools and methods for keeping your office clean.

Keeping Kids Healthy With Classroom Hand Sanitizing Wipes

Keeping a classroom clean is the best way to promote the health of many students. Especially with the upcoming cold weather perfect for cold and flu season, having a clean classroom will keep yourself from getting sick, as well as your students. One of the easiest ways to improve classroom health is with sanitary wipes. Here are the pros to keeping kids healthy with hand sanitizing wipes, and the best practices to achieve healthy goals.

Why Use Sanitary Wipes?

There are many reasons why hand sanitary wipes should be easily available for keeping kids healthy, but to spur you on even more, here are some of their advantages.

1. They are portable and perfect for field trips. Sanitary wipes are great for mobile classes, especially when students go on field trips or places where bathrooms might be less accessible. This can also be a great solution for those moments when chaperones are spread out, which can make it hard to even supervise a child who wants to wash their hands.

2. They save cleanup time. While washing hands with soap and water is one of the best methods for keeping children exposed to germs, it can be time-consuming to line up everyone to use the bathrooms down the hall, or the one classroom sink. The sanitary wipes do the job quickly and effectively, without taking up too much time in the cleanup process.

3. They are less irritating to the skin. Children have sensitive skin, and constant washing and drying with soap and water can leave skin feeling dry, raw, and irritated. This is fact can cause more problems than prevent illness. So, but using wipes, most skin will be left un-irritated. These wipes are also safe for equipment, such as school classroom headphones.

4. They really kill unhealthy organisms at contact. Wipes kill on contact the unhealthy organisms and germs found on hands. It’s harder to kill and remove these same bacteria with soap and water, especially when children do not wash their hands properly. The wipes are a better guarantee that sickness won’t spread as easily.

How to Achieve Healthier Classrooms

The first step to a healthier classroom is to provide ease and access to hand sanitizing wipes or a sink for hand washing. Placing hand wipes by the door can help remind you and your students to wash their hands after playing outside. Or, placing hand wipes next to the classroom bathroom can encourage their use. Strategic placement of the wipes will encourage their use throughout the day.

The next step to ensure cleaner hands is to build washing into daily activities and routines. For example, after bathroom breaks, you can require students to use a hand-sanitizing wipe when they enter the classroom. This can help ensure that they keep their hands clean, especially when you cannot verify that they’ve washed their hands. It can be especially helpful to have some hand wipes in class for snack times or before and after lunch, when children are likely to eat with their hands or share food with each other. By anticipating these types of activities, you can make your classroom safer for your students, yourself, and your staff.

Overall, it’s important to be well stocked for all these moments! Buying a 3-pack of hand sanitizing rolls will help you save money, and keep multiple rolls on hand for when they run out. Plus, when you buy two cases, you’ll receive a free dispensing bucket through our current special offer. Time is limited with this promotion and with a total of 1800 wipes per roll, your order will keep your classroom clean for a long time before you need to order new rolls.

Keeping your classroom safe with disinfectants and hand wipes will help create a positive and healthy learning environment. For more tools and supplies for your busy classroom, contact us.

Keeping Clean – Stainless Steel Disinfecting Wipe Dispenser

Spring is right around the corner and with it come the awakened germs that remained dormant during the cold winter months. Before falling prey to those invisible wreckers of health havoc, it’s important to understand where this surge of sickness comes from if you ever hope to keep the pest at bay. While most are typically viruses and bacteria, the spring fever is a bit more complex than that.

Spring Fever

While many see the winter as the bearer of the flu, spring is no less a risk. The final dregs of cold are finally sloughed off to reveal the warmth of the sun. During these frantic temperature changes, the microscopic causes of our sicknesses proliferate quickly due to the sudden increases in temperature only to die off just as fast when it plummets. Unfortunately, the one-day of warmth is all a lot of them need to multiply and begin sewing their seeds of discord through the population. Leading to fevers, headaches, nausea, sore throat and numerous missed days of work, these microbes are less than beneficial.

At the same time as the proliferation of microscopic beings is the proliferation of the surrounding flora. Billions upon billions of particles take to the skies as plants begin their yearly reproductive cycle, resulting in the dreaded spring allergies. As we breathe, we inhale these tiny pollen spores. Our bodies, ever prone to overreacting, immediately see these grains as deadly threats and proceeds to produce unnecessary amounts of antibodies to defend the body. These antibodies then signal the release of histamines, our flushing defense mechanism that result in itchy eyes, runny noses and coughing fits.

Keeping Healthy

In order to keep germs at bay, it is important to frequently disinfect workstations and equipment that is shared with others. While gels are fun, they can make your hands smell like alcohol and are not an effective in a massive sterilization. Even if wipes aren’t so bad, they’re only useful if there’s a trashcan nearby. This is why investing in a health station keeps the germ threat convenient and contained.

Disinfecting Wipe DispenserEnter the Satin Stainless Steel Wipe Dispenser. It comes with all the benefits of sanitizing wipes and none of the downfalls. Users simply use the wipe on equipment and dispose of it immediately. What really sets it apart, though, is its use of stainless steel. Having an entire dispenser that is metal and steel is the absolute best material to use in the war on bacteria. Unlike plastic, which does have tiny little openings big enough for bacteria to crawl through and take up residence in, Stainless Steel is a natural disinfectant.  Simply taking a damp cloth to it to clean results in a much hygienic surface than any plastic or wooden contraption.

This cylindrical unit also comes with the freedom for you to choose the type of sanitary wipes you want to carry, as long as the roll is 9.5” in diameter. This dispenser is only to be used on surfaces and not hands.  Additionally, it is easy to reload the wipe dispenser; a crossed section of metal holds the roll, which is then fed through a 2” diameter opening up top. Those passing by simply pull a sheet out when they need one. Directly below this along the side is the disposable waste opening. A bit larger at 5”, this contains the threat within a 3-gallon trash bag. It was even designed with a decorative base to add even more aesthetic value to its already unassuming yet professional look.

If you want to contain the typical spring sickness, you need to keep your employees stocked with antibacterial surface wipes. Perfect for collecting both germs and pollen, the wipes we offer are multi-purpose; useful on employee’s equipment, desks and electronics -something gels could never hope to accomplish. This year, don’t let the usual allergies and sicknesses keep your numbers down and workers out of the office. Invest in their continued healthy through a “health station.” By keeping the microscopic threats limited to one area of the office or gym equipment, you vastly reduce the threat of it spreading to everyone. Add a sense of sophistication and satisfaction with the Satin Stainless Steel dispenser.