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4 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Bulk Earbuds for Your Classroom

With the growth of Chromebooks, Macbooks, iPads, or other smart tablets in classrooms as educational tools, headphones and earbuds are becoming a considerable and important part of a technology budget. Many schools purchase more durable, long-lasting headphones for their classrooms. But what happens when they need servicing, or become a hinderance to certain classroom situations? Here are our 5 reasons why you should invest in bulk earbuds, even if you have headphones made to last longer.

1. They make a great short-term replacement for permanent headphones.
Even if your classroom has durable, long-term headphones made to last for years, these headphones will occasionally need maintenance or repairs. Whether it’s replacing the ear cups or fixing an earphone, getting the repairs done on these headphones can take a day or even weeks if you have to ship them back to the manufacturer. Without bulk earbuds as a short-term replacement, it can cause hiccups in a teacher’s syllabus, which can snowball into a larger problem, especially when a class is on a tight time schedule. Bulk earbuds therefore should be available, even if it’s only one headphone set sent for repairs.

2. They can be more comfortable–and less distracting–than other headphones.

Many long-term headphones or headsets come with adjustable settings– such as an adjustable headband– so that they can conform to the comfort of any user. But in classrooms with younger students, who might undergo physical changes at a faster rate, it can be a challenge to meet the needs of every student. For one, some students might find bulkier headphones more uncomfortable on their ears than earbuds, so it’s best to have options on-hand for these students. Or, some headphone ear cups don’t fit as well for some students, which might affect the audio quality. Earbuds can therefore replace the headphones in these situations, and in a cost-effective manner.

In addition, some students might fiddle with headphones during class by adjusting the length of the headband, or playing with the volume control. Instead of letting the headphones distract the student, it can be easier for you as the teacher to replace them with bulk earbuds, which can have less distracting features. And, when students play with bulk earbuds, there is less worry about them breaking the earbuds, since they are cheaper than the more expensive headphones.

3. They are the best solution for traveling students and classrooms.

Mainstay headphones are great for stable student environments, where they can live in a classroom or library in a more permanent storage solution. But, for classrooms that move around frequently, or when students are expected to bring home their tablets and headphones, the bulkier headphones can pose a bigger challenge than a solution. Though many classroom headphones come with cases, the cases are meant to travel the headphones together in sets. This can be bulky and time-consuming for teachers to pack up every day, especially when they move from room to room. And for students, you’ll find that the wear and tear on these headphones will increase exponentially outside the classroom, which might mean more spending on repairs or replacements.

Bulk earbuds, therefore, are a smaller, cheaper solution for these situations and environments. They provide great audio feedback, but can withstand travel better, and are easily replaceable.

4. To simply have a back-up.

Technological mishaps occur, sometimes more often than not. Even when you check or double-check your equipment before an important event, there’s always a margin for accidents or for technology to fail. Having some bulk earbuds for when the computer speakers fail, or the first  set of earbuds stop functioning, can be a lifesaver.

It’s also smart to have backup earbuds on hand for testing periods that require individual audio-listening. Since it can be especially stressful for a student testing to have headphones stop working in the middle of a session, having multiple earbuds on-hand to help students can be key to running a testing session smoothly with little stress.

Therefore, you should look into disposable earbuds as an alternative to warranty-backed headphones. This can help your classrooms run smoother, for all students. To get all your disposable earbud questions answered, contact us.