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5 Methods To Make Your Earbuds Sound Better

Many people see earbuds as the humble, simple option for listening to any audio. Though smaller and usually less complex in its design and construction than big headphones, there’s a lot of potential in getting optimal sound quality from your earbuds, especially if you know a few hacks to improve them. Here are 5 methods that will make your earbuds sound better, no matter what kind they are.

Keep them clean.

Since earbuds sit right inside of your ears, they can quickly get dirty from the oils and earwax in your ear. This dirtiness can also be exacerbated by exercising with your earbuds on, creating a small seal of grime that will affect how clear the audio sounds from them.

Proper and regular cleaning of your earbuds will help keep your audio sounding clear and crisp through them. Simply take a gentle cloth that is a little damp with a soap and water mixture. To get out dust from the mesh portion of the earbud, you can use an old toothbrush to gently brush out the dust. This will help remove any noise issues, whether it’s from earwax blockage, or dust grating against the earbud.

Get foam covers for them.

Disposable foam earbud covers are more than just a comfortable option for hard plastic earbuds sitting in your ear. Not only do they keep your earbuds clean from grime, dirt, and sweat, but they can also muffle bass and treble tones a little bit. This can help you hear other elements to your audio, that are drowned out by the bass or treble.

Get noise-canceling in-ear tips for your earbuds.

Though earbuds sit inside your ear, creating a barrier from noise, many models do not stop outside noise from entering, which can disrupt your listening experience. Opting for noise-canceling earpads for your earbuds will help keep outside noise out, while allowing you to focus on what you are actually listening to. This can greatly improve your ability to hear your music.

Protect them from tangling.

Prevention is a must in order to keep your earbuds sounding its best, and keeping them from getting tangled can go a long way at making sure they sound like they did straight from the box. Keeping them in a case so that they don’t get tangled in a bag or backpack, and wrapping them correctly with some help will keep the wires from tearing internally through tugs and detangling attempts. Not only do you save time from tangling and detangling, but also you’ll keep your earbuds safe and reduce quality loss over time.

Use the paper cup method for earbud-speakers.

If you want to turn your earbuds quickly into makeshift speakers, it’s all about getting the right materials on-hand: paper cups. The paper cups help focus sound waves from your earbuds, acting a bit like a megaphone. It’s a great hack that works in a pinch when you don’t have actual speakers on-hand, but need multiple people to listen to something quickly. And though the design simply amplifies sound, it can make your earbuds sound better than just turning them up all the way for more than one person to hear. All you need is 4 paper cups and some toothpicks, as demonstrated in this LifeHacker article.

If your earbuds still aren’t providing the quality you’re looking for, it might be time to find a different pair. Encore Data Products has a wide variety of high-end earbuds that provide quality sound and durable builds for listening to all your music, videos, and more while you’re on the go or at home. To check out what we have to offer, or if you need advice choosing the right pair, contact us.

Disposable Earbuds: The Cost Effective Solution

Integrating simple technological tools like earbuds into a presentation or meetings could enhance communications and ultimately help business gain the responsiveness of those who might be otherwise distracted. The simplicity of gaining the users attention through adequate volume control devices, will cancel out all outside distractions, allowing participants to focus on the central speaker. Various applications can be enhanced with the use of disposable earbuds, and Encore Data Products has the best quality, price, and service in the market. Let’s explore three instances when the solution was disposable earbuds.

# 1: The Annual Meeting Held Outside

In a park community center lawn, a non-profit charitable organization wants to present a yearlong progress report to donors and supporters. The park is close to the city-center of a mid-sized city in America, with distant traffic, sporadic talking and human noises, sounds of the river and trees with wind, and other distractions. Yet, outside was so beautiful in July, so the director of the meeting needed a solution to bring adequate sound to participants.

The director considers having participants dial a number on their smart phones while in the audience, then use earbuds to listen to the speakers and presentation going on in front of them anywhere from 10 to 40 ft away. The speaker would only need to speak into a small microphone attached to their collar, and could be heard from the estimated 200 people there. A small speaker system could be set up for additional clarity and for those close enough not to need the earbuds.

The director likes this innovative idea, and also how cost-effective and hassle free it would be. Also, it would allow the type of involvement he wanted the participants to have with the sunny beautiful environment desired and still be connected with what he was explaining. Problem solved once he called Encore Data Products and was able to easily order (with free shipping) 300 disposable earbuds for as little as people pay for a microphone many times. He even had 100 extra, just in case, or for another time. Participants would be given the earbuds with a business card stating the dial-up number to call, which was great business promotion to audience members who thought the item was useful and wanted to keep in touch with the director about his charity.

# 2: Promotional Benefit for Membership at a Gym

Many members of this gym use the treadmills, stair-steppers, and other exercise equipment while listening to the inboard radio/video they plug into with their earbuds. So, the marketing assistant comes up with the simple idea of always giving away earbuds to members. The marketing manager liked the idea, but the cost involved needs to be clarified to assure the approval. The assistant went to work looking for cheap bulk earbuds that were quality.

After typing a few keyword searches, she came across Encore Data Products. Immediately she’s impressed with their comprehensive solutions for listening, learning, testing, and training. The most important for her situation was their wide-selection of quality disposable earbuds. After seeing the great prices, she knew this was the solution for cost-effectiveness. Now she could present Encore Data Products’ prices into the cost clarification report she was preparing for the marketing manager. Her argument had teeth now, when comparing the benefits of customer retention and satisfaction to cost effectiveness.

# 3: Manager at Lumber Yard Needs Training Earbuds

The training manager at a large lumberyard needs disposable ear buds for training new employees through video and walk-through presentations. The loudness of the yard makes earbuds essential for clarity of understanding, as the training room wasn’t immune to the larger noises made in the yard.

While speaking to his wife about the matter, she suggests a company she knew about from her work in the education sector. The name of the company is Encore Data Products, which she knows as the best place to go for what her husband needed in disposable earbuds for training. He did a search and found the website, it was easy to navigate and use and the prices and selection were great. Before he knew it, there were enough disposable earbuds coming to his work to last five years. Considering he trained about 15 people a month, this was a decent sized order. Now the lumberyard has quality earbuds they can simply give to each trainee at the beginning of their training, and accomplish clarity in communications for better understanding of important job duties.


The list could go on and on, but these three instances suffice nicely to show the various applications disposable earbuds could be used for. The common story line is: they found a cost-effective quality solution with Encore Data Products for all their disposable earbuds needs. The proven track record of our superior products, service, and affordability shows many satisfied customers, and we’re committed to continuing this trend. Please contact us to learn more or get help today.

Increase Staff Productivity With Bulk Earbuds

The truth is that every office faces challenges that slow down employees from being at their most productive. Here, we look at the benefits of giving every member of your staff his or her own pair of bulk earbuds to increase productivity. There are times throughout the day when employees donning earbuds will enable them to concentrate more on their work and complete tasks within assigned deadlines. From your managerial perspective, what’s required is a shift in your thinking towards employees. They need some uninterrupted work intervals in a typical busy day. We like these four reasons to make employees in every office more productive by allowing for some adjustments to their work environment. We can all say, that all we want to be happier as we earn a living and feel more engaged in our tasks.

  1. The appeal of music: Research shows that people of all ages work better when they listen to music. Just look at the success of Baby Einstein and you’ll see that the human fascination with music starts with infants and toddlers. Music has a special place in every society because it makes people feel relaxed and inspired. In addition, music has lyrical qualities as well as many kinds of patterns and progressions and predictable beats. The mathematical nature of most music makes it conducive to many kinds of thinking.  Employees focus better throughout the day with increased productivity in the workplace when listening to music. Many workers also feel more creative when they listen to their favorite tunes and can give more attention to brainstorming.
  1. The business need for completing repetitive tasks: Many employees have repetitive tasks in their job description. It’s easy for them to lose their focus and experience lapses in individual productivity. If they concentrate on their work and remove distractions with their bulk earbuds, they can monitor their progress and complete repetitive activities, especially physical and computer-based ones, without dreading them. Happy employees are more relaxed and therefore more efficient.
  1. The endless distractions: In any office with an open floor plan and any specific work area with cubicles, employees have little privacy. While providing large over-the-ear headphones provide the most coverage for blocking out noise, these aren’t always cost-effective. Instead, employees can use bulk earbuds to talk on their cell phone on their break. They can use headphones to block out noise from other colleagues fielding customer service phone calls. They can block out constant distractions during periods of work and during break times.
  1. The importance of natural light: At the same time as employees want to block out noise so they can focus on their tasks, they also want to stay awake and alert. Throughout the workday, employees have different times where they work better. For some employees, this is first thing in the morning, and for other employees there is a surge in productivity after lunch. Allow employees to have some flexibility in planning their workday so they can complete their hardest tasks when they’re most alert. If you have a newer office with an open floor plan, it’s important to provide for lots of natural light. New research from Miriam Muench exhibits that employees working under artificial light get tired earlier in the day.

With a few changes in your mindset on how employees work best, you can create a more harmonious office. Your employees deserve all reasonable accommodations to their work environment as long as they do not interrupt the flow of business activities. We have more ideas on how to help employees become more productive using the latest in office communication technologies.

We want to thank you for stopping by our blog, and please contact us if we can be of assistance in answering any of your questions about our range of office technologies.

4 Relaxing Daycation Activities to Enjoy With Disposable Headphones

The next time you’ve got some time off and no concrete plans to travel or engage in specific activities, it may be tempting to spend all of your time working in the garden, shopping, doing long workouts, or trying new restaurants. Taking the day off presents the perfect opportunity to try some of these daycation activities. You can enjoy them alone or with people you know. It’s time to explore your community or somewhere nearby and have some adventures. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg, but you must remember your disposable earbuds or headphones.

#1. The bus ride to downtown: If your community has a trolley or a city bus, it is fun to park, pop your disposable headphones on, and hop aboard. trolley-bus-1043230_1280Explore the downtown area from a low-cost seat on the bus. Pick a random bus stop and get off. Try a new restaurant, browse in an antique store, catch a matinee movie, or get a tattoo. This is your chance to discover downtown’s locally owned businesses and best-kept secrets from the perspective of a newcomer. You’ll be surprised what you discover in your own backyard. There are even more discoveries awaiting in a nearby city’s downtown that you don’t know as well.

#2. A day at the park: It’s fun to pack a picnic lunch, two bottles of water, a good book, an iPod or a Smartphone, and disposable headphones into a backpack and escape into the outdoors.picnic-888398_1280 Most communities have a natural preserve or an ecological park where you can park for free or for a small fee. Check the weather in advance and arrive at your favorite time of day. Walk on the nature paths, read the signs about the local protected species of flora and fauna, and try some fishing, canoeing, rock climbing, or swimming. Take your picnic to a quiet spot, eat, and relax. Let all of the worries of your job or family go as you listen to your favorite music on your mobile device.

#3. A bicycle adventure: freiburg-76217_1280Some areas of your community are best discovered on foot, and some areas make great scenic drives. Either kind of area is ideal for a day bike excursion. Line your pocket with a bit of cash and stow a bottled drink on your bike frame. Put on some comfortable active wear and your disposable headphones and hop on your bike. Follow a random route or a predetermined path to your destination. It’s fun to stop for a quick meal somewhere along the way and later return by a different route to your point of origin.

#4: A relaxing arts and craft day: At times, you are not feeling the urge to take a grand adventure or even exercise. crafting-1081222_1280Your spirit craves one spot where you can sit and focus on a single creative activity. If your community has a do-it-yourself pottery shop or a favorite spot to set up an easel or a sketchbook, find it. Wear your headphones and create arts or crafts to your heart’s content. Sketching is a great way to sharpen your left brain. It could help you identify a solution to a work problem or brainstorm a new business idea.

Sometimes, we all need down time. It’s good to forget about medical appointments and catching up on housework for a day. These obligations are always waiting in the wings to eat up our free time, but they don’t help us relax or release stress. What we love about all of these ideas is how easy they are to implement, either for free or for a minimal cost. They are all more gratifying because they encourage us to steer clear of normal routines. If you seek other ways that our customers benefit from purchasing disposable headphones in small quantities or bulk quantities, please contact us today.

Why Your Organization Should Consider Disposable Earbuds Over Permanent Solutions

When your school, business or non-profit organization is looking into investing in headphones or earbuds for your audience, it is important that you find a solution that is right for your business. There are many considerations that may need to be taken into account including the audio quality that the headphones deliver, how much your organization is interested in spending, and how they are used. Disposable earbuds deliver a number of benefits over traditional earbud purchases that you may not have considered, and could potentially save your business a great deal of time and money.

When Disposable Earbuds are Appropriate

Disposable earbuds are not always the ideal purchase for every situation, but there are a number of situations that make them the perfect choice over more permanent solutions. Consider whether the use of your listening devices falls into the following categories and whether or not it they are the ideal choice for your organization.

  • The headphones may become easily broken or lost. Investing in expensive headphones or earbuds doesn’t make a lot of sense when they are used in an environment where they can be easily broken. This leads many schools, tourist businesses and companies to choose disposable earbuds over other options. If the headphones are plugged into the headphone jack on a tour bus, they can be easily lost as your tour gets out to explore their surroundings.
  • Information retention is the most important factor. What kind of information is being delivered through the earbuds? For listening to our favorite bands in our own home, we might choose to go for a more permanent set of headphones or earbuds, but in a school where children are using the headphones for learning purposes, the ability to deliver the information is much more important than audio quality.
  • You are working with a limited budget. Disposable earbuds are just cheaper and often are able to last longer than you might expect. If you require headphones but are working on a limited budget, disposable earbuds or headphones are the best choice for you and your business.
  • You’re tired of paying for earbud repairs. If your organization has purchased a long-term solution in the past and has spent a great deal of money repairing them, a disposable earbud is the right choice for you. When they break they are thrown away without regret because their initial cost was so low. Disposable earbuds are much less expensive than their counterpart.
  • Save time dealing with broken parts. In the same way that you can save a great deal of money choosing a disposable option, you also save all of the time that would normally be spent fetching a new pair, repairing an old pair, or dealing with damage as a result of daily use.

There are a wide range of situations where disposable earbuds are the right choice for a school, business, or for personal use.

Popular Uses of Disposable Earbuds

There are many organizations that choose disposable earbuds over long-term options. They are very popular in school (particularly in the lower grade-school levels) where they are very likely to be broken with day-to-day use. It is always more cost-effective to choose disposable. The same can be said for a business environment, which may go through hundreds or thousands of pairs each year.

Additionally, you may have used disposable earbuds while riding an airplane. Many companies will hand out a complimentary pair so that their passengers can comfortably listen to an in-flight movie, without having to worry about collecting them at the end of the flight.

If you are interested in making the switch to disposable earbuds and would like to learn more, please contact us today to speak with our disposable audio experts.

Reasons Why Headphones Are Better Than Earbuds

Picking between headphones and earbuds will always depend on the quality and model of either type, but there are a few ways that headphones in general comes out on top as providing a better listening experience. While earbuds tend to be cheaper and more convenient in situations like travel, they might not provide the technical advantages that headphones can in the classroom. Here are a few reasons why headphones are better than earbuds, depending on their use.

For one, headphones are more durable in classroom settings: headphones like the Califone 3068-AV, are made with rugged ABS plastic, making them sturdy for even the busiest, chaotic classrooms with young children. In contrast, earbuds are more likely to tangle together, get trampled on, and easily damaged. If you have a limited budget, spending money on durable headphones will prove to save you money over time. For a quality, long-lasting listening experience, you’ll want something durable.

Headphones can also provide better noise-canceling effects, since they are built with more electronics to process sound. Earbuds, due to their size constraints, aren’t as capable at noise-canceling than their larger brothers. Many over-ear headphones are also made with noise-reducing earcaps (such as the Califone 3068-AV), which help reduce the interference of environmental noises, and allow listeners to hear their audio recordings without distraction. Ill-fitting earbuds, on the other hand, tend to not block out environmental noises as well on their own. This could be distracting to users, and therefore might not provide a much-needed immersive listening experience. Therefore, while headphones are physically bigger than earbuds, the build of headphones lends well to creating a better listening experience.

When it comes to comfort, picking between the two largely depends on personal preference. However, many people find that they do not like the feel of the earbud sitting against their ear canal, or cannot fit them comfortably. Over-ear headphones like the Hamilton SC-7V with its leatherette ear cushions can provide a better fit, especially if one uses them for a long period of time. Most people are able to use on-ear or over-ear headphones without feeling uncomfortable, so you should consider them an option over earbuds if you want to serve a diverse group of people.

Next, when taking sanitary measures, headphones are overall easier to clean and maintain. To ensure clean earbuds, users would need to buy and frequently switch out disposable foam covers, which can be inconvenient. Headphones with cushioned earpads, however, can easily be wiped down after use, and switched out once they begin to show wear after heavy use. Even the life of these ENC-CCV budget headphones can be extended with a sanitizing wipe or spray after use. For classrooms worried about the spread of lice, our set of Hamilton SC-7V also comes with a bag that kills lice within 24-48 hours when headphones are sealed inside.

Even if you are on a budget, there are many headphone models that are suitable for a smaller budget without compromising sound quality. While many assume that earbuds are the only cheap option when they need to serve a large body of audio users, there are many types of on-ear and over-ear headphones that match the price tag of earbuds. Models like the ENC-CCV Stereo Budget Headphones include leatherette earpads that help reduce outside noise and are easy to clean. Other kinds of bulk heapdphones may also be the perfect choice.

Overall, headphones are the way to go for when seeking a quality, immersive, audio experience. While earbuds are can be more convenient, especially for commuters, headphones do tend to provide a better listening experience. To learn more about our headphones, contact us.

When Is Volume Control Necessary for Headphones?

If you are like most of the world, using headphones has become a daily occurrence in your classroom and a habit for commuters. Often there are so many features when choosing headphones, you may be asking questions like, “When is volume control necessary for headphones?” You can drive yourself crazy digging through reviews – but understanding the need for volume control can help you determine whether or not it’s an appropriate addition to your headphones.

Built-in volume control makes it easier to hear important sounds. While whatever media player you’re using, from a portable player to a computer, will probably have built-in sound control, being able to adjust the volume on your headphones can be the difference between missing a vital portion of the program or presentation and hearing exactly what you need to hear. When students need to quickly decrease the volume to listen to teacher instructions, it is essential to have access to volume control. In addition, background noise can create problems when listening to content in a noisy classroom or on the bus, but being able to turn up the volume quickly and efficiently will prevent you from missing vital information.

Built-in volume control enables fast adjustments. Are you listening to something that changes quickly in volume? Imagine a television program that is soft when the program itself is on, but loud enough to wake up sleeping children in the next room when it’s time for the commercials to play. If you’re watching television late at night, you want to be able to change the volume quickly! When you’re listening to something on your headphones, its even more critical that you be able to change the volume quickly as to not damage the speakers in the headphones and your personal eardrums as well.

Volume control helps prevent damage to your hearing. This is especially true for students, who are unlikely to look up from the task at hand to focus on turning down content that’s suddenly playing too loud. Making volume control easier to access means that you and your students will be more likely to turn down the sound of your device before it becomes loud enough to cause hearing damage.

If you want to be able to mute your headphones quickly, volume control in your headphones is the way to go. Sometimes, you’re in a situation where the extra seconds to turn down the volume on your device cause you to miss vital information. If you’ve ever fussed at a teenager for failing to hear you because they have headphones in, you understand just how vital this function can be! While you can always pull out your headphones, many continue to play at a volume that is distracting while you’re trying to listen to something else. With volume control right there on your headphones, however, you can quickly mute the sound coming through them to focus on what’s happening in front of you.

If you or a loved one is using a device that is unfamiliar, volume control in the headphones might be the way to go. Quick: how do you change the volume on your Chromebook? What about your tablet or iPad? If you don’t instantly know the answer to these questions, your students probably don’t either, and volume control in the headphones can make it much easier to change the volume. The simple, often intuitive headphone volume control options aren’t difficult to understand, nor do they require you to know everything about how to operate the device in your hand. In many cases, this streamlines the process and makes it easier for everyone, even children, to keep their volume at a comfortable level.

If you’re looking for headphones with built-in volume control or have other headphone needs, contact us. We have a variety of headphone options to fit every need, whether you need inexpensive disposable headphones or a more complicated set that allow you to use external volume control.