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Upgrade Your Mobile Electronics With Califone Bluetooth Smartphone & Tablet Peripheral Pack with Earbuds

Tablets and smartphones are a great alternative to large laptops or home computer systems: as a mobile tool, they are convenient for all sorts of users and uses. But still, a tablet or smartphone on its own has its limitations: from a small on-screen keyboard, to its inability to prop itself up, most tablet and smartphone users need a set of accessories to fully appreciate their electronics in various settings and situations. If you are looking for a great set of accessories that will improve and broaden your smartphone and tablet’s capabilities, look no further than the Califone Bluetooth Smartphone & Tablet Peripheral Pack with your choice of Earbuds or Headphones.

The Califone Bluetooth Smartphone and Tablet Peripheral Pack with Earbuds comes with three key accessories:

KB4 Keyboard: Bluetooth connected, its full-size keys not only make it comfortable for users to type, but also frees up screen space on a smartphone or tablet by removing the virtual on-screen keyboard. It’s operation range is as far as 30′, and can provide as much as 44 hours of uninterrupted work time, with a battery charge time of 4 hours.
E3T Stereo Earbud: These stereo earbuds include an inline volume control and microphone, allowing users to answer or conduct calls on their mobile devices. It also comes with ear cushions to help provide a comfortable fit.
TPT Stand: With a base that fully extends to 6″ and a height of 7″, any smartphone or tablet can be fitted and propped up, making it a versatile stand for anyone with multiple devices or a desire to switch from landscape to portrait.

The peripheral pack with earbuds can become a great asset in various settings. For example, the keyboard, stand, and earbuds are perfect for:

1. Businesses. As more and more offices and businesses provide or encourage tablets and smartphones for work, employers can help improve productivity by providing the Peripheral Pack. These packs can create great stations on small surfaces, and when employees are on the move from each other’s desks, conference rooms, and more. The earbuds also offer inline volume and a mic, which helps make business calls and even video conference meetings possible, without disturbing (or becoming disruptive) to neighboring workers.

2. Educational settings: Classrooms, libraries, labs, and other related departments using tablets for educational purposes will love the set up that the Peripheral Pack can give. Easy to assemble or store away, the stand and keyboard also do not take up much surface space, making clean up and organization quick and effortless. Purchasing the pack from us also guarantees a warranty for your school on these products, which means your equipment will always be protected from any mishaps or technical problems.

Individual students will also love this package, as it can make note taking easier in a lecture hall that offers little desk space, or when one is on the go from one class to the next. The versatility that the package offers will make any student happy (and maybe more successful).

3. Commuters or travelers. For anyone that travels for their work, the peripheral pack is slim and easy to pack up in a small bag, making it ideal for even the most light-weight of packers. Commuting employees and even students can finish last-minute assignments or check emails with the fully adjustable stand and bluetooth connected keyboard on their short trips to their respective offices or campuses. Those who travel extensively on airplanes, trains, or buses, will also find the package suitable for their on-the-go work.

If none of these considerations convince you, know that we are offering our Califone Peripheral Pack at just $37, with a savings of almost $30 off the retail price. Buy a set for your office or classroom while the deal still lasts, and contact us for more questions.

Four Steps to Make Your Earbuds Sound Better

Earbuds can be tricky when it comes to sound, especially since many are made to be disposable or for easy listening. However, there are various things you can do to improve their sound, using objects that are most likely already in your classroom, office or home. Here are 5 steps to making to make your earbuds sound better – even if they are bulk disposable earbuds.

1. Place them in your ears correctly. It’s very basic tip, but many people find that the sound quality of their earbuds are due to the way they fit in your ears, not the earbud quality itself. The earbuds should make a seal that helps direct sound waves to the ear canal, so placement is key to getting the best sound. The easiest way to insure that your earbuds are in place is to try the earlobe tug test: simply tug on your earlobe a little bit before inserting the earbud, place it inside your ear as you normally would, then release your ear lobe. Depending on the angle you’ve tugged your ear lobe, the earbud should fit better. Definitely test out different ways to find the best fit. If you feel like your earbuds just don’t fit properly, it might be time to look for a different model, or add foam pads to help it stay in place comfortably. Also note that your ears might have slight differences, so if the ear tug does not work as well for one ear as it does for the other, it could just be a difference in the ears.

2. Clean your earbuds regularly. When you wear your earbuds, they slowly become coated with earwax and natural oils from your ears. Over time, that build-up can change the quality of the sound. Giving them a regular cleaning with a slightly damp microfiber cloth and some soap will remove the wax and oils from the earbuds. For very dirty earbuds, you might also want to use a toothbrush to clean them. If you use foam covers, you should also gently wash these regularly by soaking them in soapy water and air drying them completely before use. Not only will the cleaning help with keeping your earbuds hygienic, but they can go a long way to improve sound.

3. Amplify them with everyday objects. There are also DIY tutorials online that will broaden your earbud’s abilities, and therefore sound quality. If you want to evolve your earbuds into speakers, there are a few ways to amplify their sounds. One great hack involves the use of paper cups: you essentially poke the ear buds into a paper cup, which help direct sound waves versus dispersing them too much. In contrast, if you want to create your own noise-isolating earbuds (using plug-on-a-post earbud models), you can repurpose foam ear plugs. The foam ear plugs help reduce the noises and sounds coming from your surrounding environment, while retaining the audio from your listening device. By blocking out other sounds, you should really be able to hear what you are listening to better, without other sounds distracting or muffling the targeted audio.

4. Utilize EQ settings on your listening devices. Depending on the quality of the headphones, utilizing the EQ console on your listening device can give you better quality sound through your earbuds. While many audio- and headphone-enthusiasts decry the use of EQ, they might actually be the best last resort for cheap earbuds. Remember that each person hears audio differently or have different sensibilities to things like bass, so small adjustments to the EQ can be best for you and your listening needs.

Overall, with proper care and use of your school classroom earbuds, in addition to some small tweaks, you can hack them into giving you better sound quality. For more earbud options and advice, contact us.

Making Life Easier: How to Make Earbuds Stay in Your Ear

Have you ever been jogging when your earbud pops out and conveniently gets wrapped around the grip on your treadmill? Then you lose your focus or fall flat on your face because you’re distracted. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but non-compliant earbuds are a pain. So how can you make earbuds stay in your ear? It sounds like an impossible feat, but it’s not.

Wrap them around the top of your ears. Gravity is your friend, it keeps you, and the things you love, on the ground. Unfortunately, gravity is one of the biggest culprits of earbud annoyances. You move the wrong way and gravity grabs your earbud by the wire and it topples out of your ear. Fortunately, there’s a trick to help defy gravity! Instead of having your buds hanging straight down, bring the wire up over the back of your ear before inserting your phones. This takes some of the weight off the wires and decreases their likelihood of being grabbed by gravity.

Make sure they’re properly seated. You can’t just jam them into your ears like so many people do. No wonder they fall out. They have to be properly seated. Here’s how to do it right: Push both earbuds in a little bit of the way, one at a time. Now reach with your left hand to pull down your right ear lobe, to expand your canal a little. Then, using your right hand, push the earbud in further until you feel it seal. You may have to jiggle it ever so slightly. Repeat on the opposite side, using your right hand to pull your left lobe.

Make sure they’re in the right ear. This sounds like a no-brainer, but that’s exactly why it can be a huge downfall. You’re in a rush and you just pop your earbuds into your ears without looking to see which goes where. Do yourself a favor, take the extra two seconds to identify the correct earbud for the correct ear.

Wear a sweatband or a beanie when you run. Maybe you just have ears that will not cooperate with earbuds. This is most likely to be the case if you’re a runner. Sweat and movement can cause issues for even some of the best brands, especially if your ears aren’t otherwise inclined to use earbuds.  If all else fails, resort to stationary support for your earbuds. In the winter you can wear a beanie and in the summer you can wear a sweatband. This will support your earbuds, keep them snugger and less likely to fall out while you’re running. It will also amplify sound, if you can’t get your earbuds to seal properly.

For more information about earbuds, please contact us. We’d love to make your life a little easier.

The Advantages To Using The Mono Earbud ER-215

These days, two is not always better than one, especially when it comes to particular sound environments. For those using earbuds, it is common to find students, drivers, workers, commuters and others who only use one earbud in order to stay alert to their surroundings. Models like the mono earbud ER-215 are made for these situations. Here are a few more reasons why you should consider buying a mono earbud like the ER-215, whether for personal use or business.

er-215 Mono Earbud1. Dual listening and expanded awareness. There are many moments where having one earbud is more effective than having two. Most importantly, they are great classroom tools when students and teachers need a flexible listening environment. With single ear buds, students will be able to hear their teacher give instructions during an audio lesson or assignment, without needing to remove an entire set of headphones. Groups can also listen to the recordings together, while being able to communicate with each other. When students should be listening to their work, the ear bud will still isolate sound from the outside environment, making it easy to pay attention and listen. And in times when students are given freedom to listen to their own music, single-ear ear buds can be a great compromise to easily regaining their attention while giving them listening options. Outside of the classroom, commuters can listen for their stop with more ease, and operators will also be able to listen to transistor radios without splitting their attention too much. The silicone tip to the mono earbud ER-215 also allows for clear and comfortable listening to the audio, while reducing any distracting noise from the outside environment.

2. They are less of a hassle for busy audio environments. Mono earbuds do not tangle together as much as standard double earbuds, which means they need less care and reduce detangling time. For commuters, it’s easier to fish out one earbud from his or her bag. Students will also spend less time tidying up their audio spaces, reducing any downtime in the classroom. They are also easy to use – simply plug them in to any listening device, and students can start working on their assignments right away. For younger students, this will allow for fewer distractions.

3. They reduce safety hazards. The mono earbud ER-215 model can reduce the number of incidents that can occur when a worker is using them during a busy routine. Drivers, for example, can still maintain their attention on the road while listening to dispatchers (or their own iPods, smartphones, and other listening devices). With only one earbud, there are also less incidents where the cords get tangled on one’s person or on other objects, creating a safer environment. Commuting students who walk or bike to school, or are walking through busy hallways, can also pay more attention to their surroundings.

4. Cost-effective, especially as a disposable option. The disposable single ear, mono earbud ER-215 are as cheap as $1.79 each when bought in bulk ($2.49 for a single pair). This makes them great for busy classrooms, audio labs, libraries, hotels, and hospitals that want to provide sanitary and quality listening options to their audiences, without breaking their own budgets. Teachers will not have to worry about headphones getting trampled on by careless students, and libraries and hospitals can change out their ear buds when needed.

This single-ear, mono ear bud has many useful applications in various workplaces. As proven, you don’t always need two ear buds, or a full over-ear set of headphones. To learn more about other headphone models, contact us. We can guide you to the right models suitable for your listening preferences.

How to Make the Best of Classroom Headphone Storage

If you are a teacher or administrator in a school or library, there is a high chance that technology and headphones are a part of your toolkit. Storing multiple pairs of headphones in a manner that keeps them clean, safe and yet easy to access is a challenge. Never fear, we have many great solutions for the best classroom headphone storage.

The Listening Center

If you were fortunate to receive your school classroom headphones as part of a listening center, you may have a headphone storage solution built in to your center package. If you are in the purchasing phase, this might be a great option to consider. Listening centers come in wired and wireless varieties, so you can choose the solution that works best for your classroom. Both Califone and Hamilton Buhl offer lab packs with up to 30 headphones and a storage case. If you have not yet purchased your headphones, consider buying them as part of a listening center or lab pack. Many of these options come with a storage case. In addition, the headphones sold as part of a package vary widely. You can choose on-ear or over-the-ear headphones. You can choose mono or stereo headphones or models that have the ability to switch between the two formats. The Titanium series headphones from Califone offer a lifetime guarantee on the headphone cords. You can choose headphones with in-line volume control, mute and on/off switch. Some models are primed to work best with iOS, Chrome or Windows hardware. Headsets with an attached microphone are available. The type of storage solution included may affect your decision: there are toolbox style cases, metal racks, suitcase style cases and a variety of noise canceling options in listening centers, too. With so many options, we can help you find just the right solution for your classroom or library, just ask.

The Storage Case

If you’ve got the headphones but are in need of a place to keep them, check out our selection of cases, bags and racks. Hamilton offers a tool-box style case and a steel rack to keep your headsets organized. Califone offers a wide range of storage options for headphones and your larger tech gear.

More Storage Ideas

If your budget is small or previously allocated and you still need a storage solution for your supply of headphones, we’ve got you covered! Check out these storage solutions from Pinterest.

28881c59dac159082a14e0ada16f7368Do you know someone who is crafty with PVC? PVC can be turned into a number of different storage units, including a rack for your over-the-ear headphones! We’ve also seen PVC pipe used to store yoga balls, colored pencils, ribbon and playground equipment.

132e3bf048ff468aeb82e039c9c00680Got earbuds? There is nothing worse than a big pile of earbuds with cords twisted together. Here is a clever way to use a jewelry case to keep them – and all those cords – organized. Jewelry cases are inexpensive and can also be used to store small rewards, erasers and treats in the classroom.

da886bb6af02cbab8054f62b0e8e9e7fThe variety of repositionable hooks on the market today is astounding. Take a look at your favorite home or craft store to find a style that will work best for you and create a wall storage unit for your headphones. You can position the headphones above computers, tucked out of the way, or create a cozy listening corner like this one.

Whether you are creating a new classroom listening nook or replacing old school classroom headphones with a new listening center package, we’re here to help! Contact us at Encore Data Products for more information about cases, bags and racks.


Extend Headphone, Earbud Life With Disposable Covers

Headphones are an investment, no matter how small or how many. Whether it’s having a classroom equipped with earbuds for 30 students listening to important materials on a computer, or having a high-quality headphone set in a music studio, your headphones serve an important purpose. Therefore it is important to keep them in good shape for present and future listening hours. Using headphone covers not only extends the life of your headphones, but they can also keep your headphones clean for multiple users. Here’s a quick guide to headphone and earbud covers, and their benefits.

earpads50prFoam Earpads: For earbuds, extra foam earpads are great to have on-hand. Many earbuds come with their own set of foam earpads in order to make them feel more comfortable for the wearer. But foam earpads easily wear down from constant use, get dirty or grimy from substances like ear wax, and they easily fall off and get lost. Having replacement foam earpads not only keeps your earbuds sanitary, but they can ensure comfortable listening for all users. If you want to extend the life of your foam earpads, they are also very easy to clean and wash. Just put them in a bath of soapy hot water, then air dry. Though they are relatively inexpensive, this could be a great way for teachers to stretch their classroom budget, especially with younger kids who play with or remove the earpads frequently.

Earpad Covers (Over-the-Ear and On-Ear): Earpad covers are a great way to provide sterile headphones in settings that involve many users wearing the same headset. Hotels, airplanes, hospitals, libraries, schools, audio labs, and more can benefit from having sanitary, disposable earpad covers. Earpad covers will not only prevent the transmission of lice, bacteria, skin cells, and more from contaminating multiple people, but they also keep the headphones safe from dirt and contamination when left on high-traffic surfaces. Sanitary earphone covers are also hypoallergenic, which allows users with various allergies to use the community headphones without the worry of a reaction. Disposable headphone covers are easy to use, do not distort sound quality, and are very affordable. The Hamilton HygenX covers come in white, blue and black.

Replacement Ear Cushions: For over-the-ear headphone models like Hamilton’s HA5, HA7 and SC7V, having extra, replaceable ear cushions will also extend the life of your headphones. While ear cushions do have a long lifespan, constant use and exposure to sweat and temperature differences can cause the pleather or leather cushions to crack. Long periods of use, especially in a warm environment, can make these headphones susceptible to cracking. Damage can also be caused by improper storage of these headphones. For example, headphones that fall off surfaces or get dragged along carpets and rough floors can reduce the cushion’s quality. In addition, the cushion lining can lose its shape over time, making it uncomfortable to the wearer. To keep them in better shape, using earpad covers will reduce sweat on the headphones, while also providing a sterile environment for the wearer. But, if you do need to buy new cushions, using a leather protector will also help lengthen their lifespan, and proper care by wiping them down will also help.

Overall, buying disposable headphone covers is a great, long-term alternative to buying disposable headphone sets, and can improve the longevity of your headphones. Not only do they protect your audio equipment, but they also improve the listening experiences of your clients or audiences by taking away any worry about sanitary issues. Furthermore, keeping your headphones clean will give you a better return on your equipment. To learn more about headphone covers and cushions, contact us. We can help you find the options most pertinent for your headphone needs.

Disposable Ear Buds – The TT-1SP Can Be Keepers

If you walk into a modern electronics store looking for earbuds, you will quickly discover that there is a huge range of price, quality and style. Some are $9.99, some are $30, and some are $100. Some have fabric that goes over the bud and easily tears. Some have the rubber plug that some people find uncomfortable. Some brag about noise reduction. Some sound tinny. Some come with a microphone attached.

Decisions, decisions. People have multiple devices and purposes in listening to audio. They can listen to music, audio or video stream of a sporting event, an audio version of a book, newspaper, magazine on an mp3 player, their smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. In the classroom, earbuds are a necessity for online learning and standardized testing. People are jogging or working out while listening to music. Clarity has become a priority with the proliferation of voice activation features.

All of these potential listening activities are driving the need for good quality earbuds.  A global industry analysis for the earphone/headphone market for 2014-20 was undertaken by Future Market Insights. It notes, “The technological advances in headphones have led to the minimization of the weight of the headphone. Additionally, sophisticated noise cancellation features in earphones and headphones have been aiding in the rising popularity of these devices. Major technological developments in wireless such as Wi-Fi, Infrared (IR), SKAA and Bluetooth are expected to continue driving the growth of earphone and headphones market.”

In addition, the study classified the headphone and earphone market as wireless speakers, wireless headphones, and microphones. The headphones can be further categorized into in-ear buds, gaming headphones, over-ear headphones, wireless headphones, and clip-on headphones.

So, with all of the choices available, do you really need the most expensive earbuds/headphones to get quality sound? In an opinion piece on, Ali Pardiwala takes issue with “snob audiophiles” who believe they can detect the slightest sound and the more expensive the product, the better. “What I find most annoying about these militant audiophiles is their choice of music. They seek out new music based on the quality of the recording – as opposed to how good the song is… I’ve had emotional reactions and fallen in love with tracks using budget headphones that aren’t quite as accomplished or capable as big name brands, but still had the right tuning to achieve something that I could enjoy… There are plenty of audio products out there that have varying sonic signatures, and you’re sure to find one that suits you and your listening preferences. But the important thing is to learn to enjoy your music, without worrying about whether you can hear individual (and pointless) details.”

The choice ultimately comes down to taste, preferences and requirements. The answer may be disposable earbuds – TT-1SP. Suppose, you’re going on a trip and don’t want to drag heavy headphones with you. It’s a short airplane flight. You can use inexpensive disposable, but high quality earbuds. If you like them, you can keep them. If you break them or lose them, you haven’t spent a lot of money.

Encore Data Products has a great selection of disposable earbuds including those where the earpieces rest on the outer ear or inserted into the ear canal, and with or without ear pads. They are ideal for Common Core school standardized testing, learning labs, libraries, hotels, spas, gyms, schools, airlines, touring companies and more. The popular disposable earbuds, TT-1SP, has stereo sound and a slim straight plug that fits most iPad, laptop and phone cases. You can use the foam ear pads or not. The small 1/8” 3.5 mm adapter works with tablets, computers, iPods and other media players. The retail price is $4.99, but the Encore price is $1.49. This ear bud has great bulk pricing, with an order of 50-99 costing only $1.19 each. That could outfit a few classrooms.  Other disposable earbuds are also on sale for as low as $1.49. They are cheaper in bulk with a 7-piece variety pack on sale for $12.99. Contact us for more information.

How to Take Care of Earbuds: Buying Choices and General Maintenance

The process of how to take care of earbuds is something you probably haven’t thought enough about if you are replacing your earbuds too often. While you probably think earbuds are easily dispensable and you can easily replace any that break in a hurry, the cost of doing so can add up over time. Especially when you use earbuds on a regular basis to listen to music or perhaps learn a foreign language, you may not realize how much you’re spending for replacements.

These same costs easily add up for a school that provides earbuds for students to use with interactive software or for taking tests. With students wearing earbuds every day for some kind of learning project, you’re probably seeing far too many sets break due to lack of care.

You have some relatively simple steps available to help your earbuds last ten times longer. By taking the advice below, you won’t have to worry about your earbuds breaking at the worst possible moments. You’ve likely experienced this scenario more than once during a critical moment.

Buying Quality Earbuds

There really isn’t anything more important than investing in quality earbuds in order to assure they last longer. No doubt you’ve been tempted to find and buy cheaper earbuds with the thought a cheaper brand is just as good as ones $50 or more. The truth is, quality frequently comes in the price you pay.

However, it all depends on the context of how you use your earbuds. If you plan to use them only temporarily (as in testing for students), you could buy disposable earbuds for much cheaper and have them hold up well during the interim.

Here at Encore Data Products, we offer earbuds like this that you can buy in bulk. When you do, you ultimately save more money than if you buy a more expensive set of earbuds for your own private use. These are also from some of the top audio equipment makers like AVID.

This isn’t to say that if you invest in more expensive earbuds for the classroom or for your own use at home, you can’t take care of them well. With some basic steps, you assure your earbuds hold up for at least a year or more.

Unplugging Your Earbuds When Not in Use

When you’re used to using your earbuds daily, you perhaps don’t take the time to unplug them from your iPod or other mobile device. Once you’re in a hurry, it’s easy to form the bad habit of wrapping the earbud cords around your iPod for quick convenience.

The more you do this, the more it could damage the wires and affect how well the earbuds work. Even if it sounds like the new “don’t run with scissors,” it’s best to unplug your earbuds, especially if you won’t use them for a while.

Cleaning the Earbuds, and Your Own Ears

All of our quality earbuds and earphones here at Encore Data Products are easy to clean with a simple cloth. The more you clean them, the less likely particles from the human ear get into the crevices and later cause damage.

Basic hygiene on cleaning your ears before earbud use also helps prevent earwax from becoming a problem. Still, we know earwax isn’t always controllable, which makes daily cleaning all the more important.

Proper Storage for Earbuds

The simple concept of proper storage for your earbuds assures they won’t get damaged while sitting out in the open. You can find some great storage ideas here. We have carry cases, storage racks, and bags. These all work well in the classroom as well when your students depend on earbuds for their interactive education.

Contact us here at Encore Data Products to find out more about the type of earbuds and quality earphones we provide.