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The Advantages of Headphone Covers

Protecting your tech assets is a must for any institution, especially a classroom, hospital, listening center, museum, and more. Keeping items like your headphones in good shape can help extend their life, and allows for more people to enjoy them without any downtime. That’s why we recommend headphone covers for institutions that provide headphones to large groups, or when their headphones receive a high traffic of users. Not only do they extend the life of the headphones, but they can also be a great way to reduce germs and bacteria from spreading through your devices. Here are the details that can make those headphone covers worth your purchase.

Covers are a protective feature, especially for high-use, high-end headphones.

Headphone covers can provide a bit of support when it comes to keeping headphones in pristine condition. Like the plastic screen that covers a smartphone screen; the headphone covers are a thin barrier that will keep pads from becoming scratched, protect from minimal moisture, and block dirt and grime.

Many high-end, over- or on-ear headphones are made with leatherette pads, which are very comfortable. However, these pads can be slowly worn down by day-to-day use, especially when there are multiple people using them throughout the day. The leatherette also can become sticky and slick with sweat after long-term use.

Headphone covers solve these issues by becoming a small barrier for the pads. With each person using their own disposable headphone covers, keeping them covered will remove and reduce sweat, and protect the leatherette earpads continuous rubbing from wear.

Covers are a great way keep headphones clean and sanitized for multiple users.

Because many headphones are shared among various people, it can be hard to keep track of when they were lasted cleaned. Headphone covers are a worry-free option that will keep them clean. In addition, headphone covers are vital to the hospital and healthcare industries, where sanitation is key to maintaining healthy patients. Paired with sanitizing wipes for regular cleaning, the headphones will not pose any risk of transferring germs or bacteria to other patients.

Many types of covers are hypoallergenic, making them safe for all.

Many protective earpad covers are made using 100% polyester fiber, which is hypoallergenic. This makes it a great option for large audiences and users, in which you will not have to worry about a user’s allergies.

They are a cheap investment that goes a long way.

Headphone covers are relatively cheap and disposable, making them a smart choice due to their effectiveness when compared to their cost per count. They also save time on maintenance and cleaning: simply throw them away and replace them, without needing to buy a cleaning solution or taking time to wipe them down. For busy institutions like libraries, simply having them out and available to users by your listening stations will encourage their use, and save your staff some time from cleaning equipment every day or every week.

Types of Headphone Covers

You can find headphone covers suitable for all types and sizes. Since many headphone covers have an elastic band, they can easily be stretched over various types, even if you have numerous models in your inventory. It’s just important to know the diameter of your headphones, whether they are on-ear or over-ear. And since most headphone covers are made with polyester, it’s hypoallergenic.

As headphones get traded from one listener to the next, the headphone covers can help minimize damage to the earpads, reduce overall wear, and remove any risk from internal damage by minimizing dust and dirt from entering the headphones. Overall, they make a great addition to a classroom, listening center, library, and hospital. To go over your headphone cover options, contact us.

Increase Staff Productivity With Bulk Earbuds

The truth is that every office faces challenges that slow down employees from being at their most productive. Here, we look at the benefits of giving every member of your staff his or her own pair of bulk earbuds to increase productivity. There are times throughout the day when employees donning earbuds will enable them to concentrate more on their work and complete tasks within assigned deadlines. From your managerial perspective, what’s required is a shift in your thinking towards employees. They need some uninterrupted work intervals in a typical busy day. We like these four reasons to make employees in every office more productive by allowing for some adjustments to their work environment. We can all say, that all we want to be happier as we earn a living and feel more engaged in our tasks.

  1. The appeal of music: Research shows that people of all ages work better when they listen to music. Just look at the success of Baby Einstein and you’ll see that the human fascination with music starts with infants and toddlers. Music has a special place in every society because it makes people feel relaxed and inspired. In addition, music has lyrical qualities as well as many kinds of patterns and progressions and predictable beats. The mathematical nature of most music makes it conducive to many kinds of thinking.  Employees focus better throughout the day with increased productivity in the workplace when listening to music. Many workers also feel more creative when they listen to their favorite tunes and can give more attention to brainstorming.
  1. The business need for completing repetitive tasks: Many employees have repetitive tasks in their job description. It’s easy for them to lose their focus and experience lapses in individual productivity. If they concentrate on their work and remove distractions with their bulk earbuds, they can monitor their progress and complete repetitive activities, especially physical and computer-based ones, without dreading them. Happy employees are more relaxed and therefore more efficient.
  1. The endless distractions: In any office with an open floor plan and any specific work area with cubicles, employees have little privacy. While providing large over-the-ear headphones provide the most coverage for blocking out noise, these aren’t always cost-effective. Instead, employees can use bulk earbuds to talk on their cell phone on their break. They can use headphones to block out noise from other colleagues fielding customer service phone calls. They can block out constant distractions during periods of work and during break times.
  1. The importance of natural light: At the same time as employees want to block out noise so they can focus on their tasks, they also want to stay awake and alert. Throughout the workday, employees have different times where they work better. For some employees, this is first thing in the morning, and for other employees there is a surge in productivity after lunch. Allow employees to have some flexibility in planning their workday so they can complete their hardest tasks when they’re most alert. If you have a newer office with an open floor plan, it’s important to provide for lots of natural light. New research from Miriam Muench exhibits that employees working under artificial light get tired earlier in the day.

With a few changes in your mindset on how employees work best, you can create a more harmonious office. Your employees deserve all reasonable accommodations to their work environment as long as they do not interrupt the flow of business activities. We have more ideas on how to help employees become more productive using the latest in office communication technologies.

We want to thank you for stopping by our blog, and please contact us if we can be of assistance in answering any of your questions about our range of office technologies.

Why Your Organization Should Consider Disposable Earbuds Over Permanent Solutions

When your school, business or non-profit organization is looking into investing in headphones or earbuds for your audience, it is important that you find a solution that is right for your business. There are many considerations that may need to be taken into account including the audio quality that the headphones deliver, how much your organization is interested in spending, and how they are used. Disposable earbuds deliver a number of benefits over traditional earbud purchases that you may not have considered, and could potentially save your business a great deal of time and money.

When Disposable Earbuds are Appropriate

Disposable earbuds are not always the ideal purchase for every situation, but there are a number of situations that make them the perfect choice over more permanent solutions. Consider whether the use of your listening devices falls into the following categories and whether or not it they are the ideal choice for your organization.

  • The headphones may become easily broken or lost. Investing in expensive headphones or earbuds doesn’t make a lot of sense when they are used in an environment where they can be easily broken. This leads many schools, tourist businesses and companies to choose disposable earbuds over other options. If the headphones are plugged into the headphone jack on a tour bus, they can be easily lost as your tour gets out to explore their surroundings.
  • Information retention is the most important factor. What kind of information is being delivered through the earbuds? For listening to our favorite bands in our own home, we might choose to go for a more permanent set of headphones or earbuds, but in a school where children are using the headphones for learning purposes, the ability to deliver the information is much more important than audio quality.
  • You are working with a limited budget. Disposable earbuds are just cheaper and often are able to last longer than you might expect. If you require headphones but are working on a limited budget, disposable earbuds or headphones are the best choice for you and your business.
  • You’re tired of paying for earbud repairs. If your organization has purchased a long-term solution in the past and has spent a great deal of money repairing them, a disposable earbud is the right choice for you. When they break they are thrown away without regret because their initial cost was so low. Disposable earbuds are much less expensive than their counterpart.
  • Save time dealing with broken parts. In the same way that you can save a great deal of money choosing a disposable option, you also save all of the time that would normally be spent fetching a new pair, repairing an old pair, or dealing with damage as a result of daily use.

There are a wide range of situations where disposable earbuds are the right choice for a school, business, or for personal use.

Popular Uses of Disposable Earbuds

There are many organizations that choose disposable earbuds over long-term options. They are very popular in school (particularly in the lower grade-school levels) where they are very likely to be broken with day-to-day use. It is always more cost-effective to choose disposable. The same can be said for a business environment, which may go through hundreds or thousands of pairs each year.

Additionally, you may have used disposable earbuds while riding an airplane. Many companies will hand out a complimentary pair so that their passengers can comfortably listen to an in-flight movie, without having to worry about collecting them at the end of the flight.

If you are interested in making the switch to disposable earbuds and would like to learn more, please contact us today to speak with our disposable audio experts.

What To Look For In Home Theater and Gaming Headphones

Anyone who is serious about building a quality home theater or gaming room knows that audio quality is key to creating an immersive environment perfect for enjoying the fun. But sometimes using a surround-sound system for the entire room isn’t feasible for a number of reasons: whether it’s a need to reduce noise for your roommates or apartment neighbor next door, or when you’re only watching or playing on your own while your spouse works in their office in the next room. Having home theatre or gaming headphones will be a great alternative to replace or supplement a large sound system. But what key features should you look for in your headphones to provide the best quality?

To get the most out of your headphones, we recommend looking closely at these key traits and features below. Gamers and movie watchers should look for a headset that accomplishes these three top “C” goals: communication, compatibility, and comfort.


One of the most important components to a good set of gaming headphones is its communication and listening features. First, check if it’s capable of at least 5.1-industry standard surround sound, as most video games and films provide record their audio at this standard. Many are also capable of switching between 5.1-to 7.1-surround sound for 3D gaming standards, which can be great when you’re working with various games and consoles. Sound equalizers can also make a difference. In addition, the microphone should allow you to communicate clearly. Look for features that also allow for flexibility in its use, such as a mute button or ability to swivel out of the way or detach when a microphone is not needed. Really, no one wants to buy a headset with a microphone that can’t mute, especially if you’re trying to strategize with your buddy in the same room against a team online.


Compatibility is the next important component for both movie watchers, but especially gamers. If you plan to game on multiple consoles, you will want a headphone set that allows you to plug in and play, no matter what OS you will be using. Does your headphone set come with a jack and USB-compatible conversion? Can it be used cross-platform on your PS3 to Xbox One to gaming laptop or tablet? If you switched to a Mac, will it also still be recognized? Many headsets are compatible across platforms and come with a detachable USB inline gaming control extension, but other models might require you to buy it separately. Movie watchers might want to watch a movie that’s compatible with their flat-screen TV, the large Mac in their office, to the tablet for long commutes. Many gaming headsets actually fulfill a lot of the qualities that you should look for in audio-movie headphones, like the Califone GH507 Gaming Headset: with the detachable microphone, you can use these headphones for great surround audio while watching a movie. 


And of course, if you’re planning to go at it for hours on end, finding a headphone set that is comfortable is key to your gaming performance or watching comfort. Check for headsets that are adjustable, whether you prefer on-ear or over-ear use, and the weight of the headphones. For example, the Lightweight Califone GH131 Headset is great for those looking for on-ear, lightweight comfort, without sacrificing other gaming features, while the LTB Audio MG51-USB Magnum True 5.1 Surround Sound Headphones with built-in microphone adds lots of comfy padding without adding the weight to the design, or a bulky in-line microphone in front of your face when unneeded.

Overall, focusing on comfort, compatibility, and communication will cover the most important bases for your headphone/headset needs. For more help finding the right headphones or headset for your gaming system or entertainment set up, contact us.

Headphones and Headsets: What’s the Difference?

Headphones and headsets are not interchangeable; they do mean different things. And the difference between headphones and headsets can actually make a difference in the work that you do, or the work that can be done. Knowing the difference between the two and their advantages can give you a better idea of what type you will need, whether you’re working in a classroom or in a call center.


Headphones are essentially audio listening speakers that fit in, on, or around your ear, allowing you to listen to audio files. Headsets do the same thing, but with an added microphone, allowing you to respond to a conversation or record your own voice while listening to audio. Both headphones and headsets can sit on-ear, over-ear, and in-ear. And with headsets, some microphones move flexibly on a built-in boom (such as the child-friendly Califone 2800-RDT Stereo Headset) or rest as an in-line microphone (such as the Hamilton TRRS Headset). Avid Education SM-25 headphones or the Califone 3068-AV headphones are other great choices. Overall, headphones and headsets can look very similar and come in various models, but the microphone makes them different.

Headphones Versus Headsets: Which One Should You Get?

The main reason to pick headphones or headsets is ultimately dependent on whether or not you anticipate recording or responding as an individual. But there are other reasons to consider as well.

There are many advantages to buying just headphones: for some environments, just being able to provide listening tools for multiple individuals separately is important. Classrooms, libraries, and audio labs frequently need listening tools for individuals, allowing for privacy or working at a listener’s own pace. And in instances where recordings or communications are needed, many classrooms might only need a microphone for group settings or Skype calls for the entire classroom. A separate microphone, therefore, is a better suited for conference or video calls, rather than a headset. Buying disposable or more durable headphones is also cheaper in the long run, and with many laptops, tablets, and smartphones already having a built-in microphone, it can be more affordable and easier to just use the built-in microphones when necessary.

In addition, many headphone audio specs fare better in quality than comparable headsets. For an improved listening experience, buying a quality set of headphones will give you more for your budget than buying a headset that’s not made for nuanced listening.

You are also more likely to find a variety of cheap, disposable headphones than headsets. Disposable headphones are great for environments that need them for sanitary purposes, or in situations where headphones can easily be lost, misplaced, or broken (like airlines, hospitals, and libraries). Headsets, however, run a higher price tag, even if you find a cheap model made for disposable or short-term use.

Headsets, however, can be an essential tool for those who frequently communicate or record audio, and need a quality microphone. Call service centers, marketers, communications centers, emergency response centers, operators, and other places that rely on communication as the sole task would be able to provide their services better with a quality headset. In addition, some classrooms or testing centers might require occasional recordings for exams or assignments from individuals, which makes headsets a more viable option than relying on a computer microphone. With the microphone built-in to be placed in front of a speaker’s mouth, the recording audio will be clearer than some standard built-in microphones on various devices. The headset microphone also allows for private conversations, which can be integral to a space.

Overall, ask yourself these questions when picking between headphones and headsets: What is the main need or purpose for your audio equipment? How important is it for a user to listen and record simultaneously? Will most instances requiring a microphone involve individuals or groups? How does an existing microphone compare (for better or worse) to a microphone on a headset? Will listening quality improve or decrease with a particular headphone or headset model? Keeping these types of questions in mind will help you find the right model for your needs. For more help finding what you need, contact us.

The Many Uses of Disposable Headphones

These days, it seems as though everyone has their own portable device for listening to music, and most people have headphones to go along with them. Transferring those headphones to another device is as simple as plugging them in, so why choose disposable headphones?

Public Events

Many gyms, hospitals, and other public places have seen the value in disposable headphones. With disposable headphones, it’s possible for patrons to listen to music or to a presentation or movie even if they’ve forgotten their own headphones. Afterwards, there’s no complicated cleaning routine. Not only that, if they end up in a patron’s pocket instead of being thrown away, there’s no loss to the company, as this product was never intended to be returned to them.

Classrooms and Educational Events

Kids are often careless, and even with older students, accidents happen. If you’re a teacher working with a large group of students on a regular basis, disposable headphones might be your best option. While the same student can certainly reuse them over a period of time, if they’re broken, it’s not a problem. In an educational setting, disposable headphones mean one less headache for instructors and their assistants.

Headphones for Teenagers

Does your teenager leave their headphones in the oddest places you’ve ever seen? Do you frequently find yourself picking headphones up off the ground, pulling them out of the couch cushions, or helping tear the house apart in a desperate search to find their headphones before they share their music with the entire household again? If so, disposable headphones might be the perfect option for your teenager. Instead of buying a single, often expensive pair of headphones, you can simply provide your teenager with a set that’s meant to be used a handful of times. When it’s lost, they can move on to the next set without worry.

Business Presentation

If you’ve ever attempted to capture the attention of a large room full of people, you know full well how difficult it can be. Keeping their attention through an audio presentation, however, can be made easier by disposable headphones. There’s no need to worry about expensive audio equipment going missing; if disposable headphones disappear, the company isn’t suffering as a result. If you regularly use headphones and other audio equipment for your business presentations, determine whether or not disposable headphones are the right choice for your business.

Children’s Headphones

Have you ever hesitated to hand over your headphones to a child who just wants to listen to a song on your phone or watch a movie on the family laptop without blaring it for the entire household to hear? If you typically use expensive headphones, the last thing you want is to put them in the hands of your child. Using disposable headphones instead means that you don’t have to worry that something will be broken in a moment of inattention. They’re inexpensive, easy to replace, and you can have several on hand “just in case.” What’s not to love?

Disposable headphones are a highly practical method for ensuring that you can deliver the sound you need to the people who need it without breaking your budget or worrying about expensive audio equipment in the process. Whether you’re working for a school, business, or other organization or simply trying to find an inexpensive headphone option for use in your home, contact us. We’ll find the supplies that will work best for you, keeping your unique needs in mind as we find the headphones you need. Still have questions? Feel free to look through our selection of ear buds and over-the-ear headphones to see what options are available for you.

AVID AE-35 Headphone

Personal Headphone is the ALL DAY Solution

Later this month, AVID Education will release the allcoming_soon_stamp.jpgnew AE-35, derived from the ever popular AE-36 Headset model. The new AE-35 can be used with devices with a single headphone jack that operates both the speakers and microphone, such as some tablet computers and newer laptops. It offers permanent earpads that will stay on the headphone after multiple uses, and the headband is padded and adjustable making it a great choice for all ages. Available in Black with White or Blue accent, a 6′ cord and a 1/8″ (3.5mm) single plug that operates headphones and mic.

Phyllis Kaplan, Sales Manager at AVID Education declares “We are so excited to announce the launch of our AE-35 personal headphone derived from our most popular headset model – the AE-36 with microphone. This headphone can be used at school or at home and we are sure it will be called ‘The ALL DAY Solution!’ The AE-35 headphones are available individually, but you can also order it as a classroom pack of 12 or 24 to keep it stored and protected.” Stay tuned for availability and pricing.

When Is Volume Control Necessary for Headphones?

If you are like most of the world, using headphones has become a daily occurrence in your classroom and a habit for commuters. Often there are so many features when choosing headphones, you may be asking questions like, “When is volume control necessary for headphones?” You can drive yourself crazy digging through reviews – but understanding the need for volume control can help you determine whether or not it’s an appropriate addition to your headphones.

Built-in volume control makes it easier to hear important sounds. While whatever media player you’re using, from a portable player to a computer, will probably have built-in sound control, being able to adjust the volume on your headphones can be the difference between missing a vital portion of the program or presentation and hearing exactly what you need to hear. When students need to quickly decrease the volume to listen to teacher instructions, it is essential to have access to volume control. In addition, background noise can create problems when listening to content in a noisy classroom or on the bus, but being able to turn up the volume quickly and efficiently will prevent you from missing vital information.

Built-in volume control enables fast adjustments. Are you listening to something that changes quickly in volume? Imagine a television program that is soft when the program itself is on, but loud enough to wake up sleeping children in the next room when it’s time for the commercials to play. If you’re watching television late at night, you want to be able to change the volume quickly! When you’re listening to something on your headphones, its even more critical that you be able to change the volume quickly as to not damage the speakers in the headphones and your personal eardrums as well.

Volume control helps prevent damage to your hearing. This is especially true for students, who are unlikely to look up from the task at hand to focus on turning down content that’s suddenly playing too loud. Making volume control easier to access means that you and your students will be more likely to turn down the sound of your device before it becomes loud enough to cause hearing damage.

If you want to be able to mute your headphones quickly, volume control in your headphones is the way to go. Sometimes, you’re in a situation where the extra seconds to turn down the volume on your device cause you to miss vital information. If you’ve ever fussed at a teenager for failing to hear you because they have headphones in, you understand just how vital this function can be! While you can always pull out your headphones, many continue to play at a volume that is distracting while you’re trying to listen to something else. With volume control right there on your headphones, however, you can quickly mute the sound coming through them to focus on what’s happening in front of you.

If you or a loved one is using a device that is unfamiliar, volume control in the headphones might be the way to go. Quick: how do you change the volume on your Chromebook? What about your tablet or iPad? If you don’t instantly know the answer to these questions, your students probably don’t either, and volume control in the headphones can make it much easier to change the volume. The simple, often intuitive headphone volume control options aren’t difficult to understand, nor do they require you to know everything about how to operate the device in your hand. In many cases, this streamlines the process and makes it easier for everyone, even children, to keep their volume at a comfortable level.

If you’re looking for headphones with built-in volume control or have other headphone needs, contact us. We have a variety of headphone options to fit every need, whether you need inexpensive disposable headphones or a more complicated set that allow you to use external volume control.

Picking The Right Headphones for Education

When it comes to purchasing education headphones, there are a lot of things to consider. To help you order your headphones for any classroom, we answer the top questions for headphones using our own collection, which will help you decide between various headphone types and models.

Stereo or Mono?

The first question to ask yourself when purchasing headphones is to consider what type of audio they will be used for. The listening content is a key clue to picking between stereo or mono. When it comes to simple, single-source audio recordings such as audio books, language repetition tapes, or single-origin audio, monoaural headphones will allow students to listen to the recordings fully. Stereo, or surround sound, usually involves recordings that bridge together many audio components–songs, music, television or film, video games–that create a full-sound environment. For educational situations that involve multimedia, stereo headphones are best.

If you need headphones that will be used in diverse settings (a language lab one day, but a studio the next, for example), you can have both at once. For classrooms, libraries, or audio labs that need mono and stereo applications, buying models like the AVID Education AE-808 Over Ear Headphones have a mono/stereo switch to allow for different media formats to be listened to without switching headphones.

Over-Ear, On-Ear, or Earbuds?

Considering over-ear, on-ear, or earbud models matter when you think about listening time and environment. Each style has its own advantages, especially when you consider noise cancellation, portability, and comfort. For instance, not all will find earbuds comfortable due to the fact that they sit in the ear canal, but over-ear headphones worn over time can feel sweaty and uncomfortable. In addition, over-ear headphone units can feel heavier than on-ear or earbuds, which can make students less intent to stay focused. All designs however (depending on the quality of the headphones), have the ability to isolate noise and allow for an immersive listening experience. Over-ear models tend to be better at naturally blocking out sounds from the outside environment, which could be a selling point for exams or busy settings.

Disposable or Not?

In addition, consider longevity and listening time. Audio labs or classes that involve extensive and long listening times would want to allocate their budgets towards high-end listening headphones to ensure quality and a longer lifespan. For one, they can be more comfortable for students, and in addition, better quality headphones are made to withstand extended use over time. In the long run, spending your budget on quality headphones will have you money over time.

For classrooms that use headphones less frequently and in less stressful situations, disposable headphones can be worth your budget. They provide great sound quality, and are great for reducing the spread of germs.


Age groups also matter when factoring in what types of headphones you will want, especially when considering the lifespan of the headphones you want, or when considering any safety features.

For example, with younger students and their hectic nature, disposable headphones can be key to maintaining a worry-free classroom, especially if headphones get tangled or break. Teachers who have larger classes might appreciate disposable headphones that can be easily replaced. However, smaller children will also benefit from headphones that have a limited volume threshold to protect their hearing, such as the largely indestructible Hamilton Buhl Flex Phones. The Hamilton Flex Phones are also great for a small age group that grows quickly over time, due to the snap-on extension fit. Your budget, time, and classroom environment will be the biggest consideration when picking between a more long-lasting model or a disposable, simpler model.

Overall, by pinpointing what your headphones will need to accomplish, finding the right pair should be easier. For any help or advice, contact us–our team can help you find the right pair of headphones for your education setting.

Upgrade Your Mobile Electronics With Califone Bluetooth Smartphone & Tablet Peripheral Pack with Earbuds

Tablets and smartphones are a great alternative to large laptops or home computer systems: as a mobile tool, they are convenient for all sorts of users and uses. But still, a tablet or smartphone on its own has its limitations: from a small on-screen keyboard, to its inability to prop itself up, most tablet and smartphone users need a set of accessories to fully appreciate their electronics in various settings and situations. If you are looking for a great set of accessories that will improve and broaden your smartphone and tablet’s capabilities, look no further than the Califone Bluetooth Smartphone & Tablet Peripheral Pack with your choice of Earbuds or Headphones.

The Califone Bluetooth Smartphone and Tablet Peripheral Pack with Earbuds comes with three key accessories:

KB4 Keyboard: Bluetooth connected, its full-size keys not only make it comfortable for users to type, but also frees up screen space on a smartphone or tablet by removing the virtual on-screen keyboard. It’s operation range is as far as 30′, and can provide as much as 44 hours of uninterrupted work time, with a battery charge time of 4 hours.
E3T Stereo Earbud: These stereo earbuds include an inline volume control and microphone, allowing users to answer or conduct calls on their mobile devices. It also comes with ear cushions to help provide a comfortable fit.
TPT Stand: With a base that fully extends to 6″ and a height of 7″, any smartphone or tablet can be fitted and propped up, making it a versatile stand for anyone with multiple devices or a desire to switch from landscape to portrait.

The peripheral pack with earbuds can become a great asset in various settings. For example, the keyboard, stand, and earbuds are perfect for:

1. Businesses. As more and more offices and businesses provide or encourage tablets and smartphones for work, employers can help improve productivity by providing the Peripheral Pack. These packs can create great stations on small surfaces, and when employees are on the move from each other’s desks, conference rooms, and more. The earbuds also offer inline volume and a mic, which helps make business calls and even video conference meetings possible, without disturbing (or becoming disruptive) to neighboring workers.

2. Educational settings: Classrooms, libraries, labs, and other related departments using tablets for educational purposes will love the set up that the Peripheral Pack can give. Easy to assemble or store away, the stand and keyboard also do not take up much surface space, making clean up and organization quick and effortless. Purchasing the pack from us also guarantees a warranty for your school on these products, which means your equipment will always be protected from any mishaps or technical problems.

Individual students will also love this package, as it can make note taking easier in a lecture hall that offers little desk space, or when one is on the go from one class to the next. The versatility that the package offers will make any student happy (and maybe more successful).

3. Commuters or travelers. For anyone that travels for their work, the peripheral pack is slim and easy to pack up in a small bag, making it ideal for even the most light-weight of packers. Commuting employees and even students can finish last-minute assignments or check emails with the fully adjustable stand and bluetooth connected keyboard on their short trips to their respective offices or campuses. Those who travel extensively on airplanes, trains, or buses, will also find the package suitable for their on-the-go work.

If none of these considerations convince you, know that we are offering our Califone Peripheral Pack at just $37, with a savings of almost $30 off the retail price. Buy a set for your office or classroom while the deal still lasts, and contact us for more questions.