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Solving Organizational Challenges With Califone CA-2 Headphones for Individual Storage

Any teacher or administrator will tell you that organization is the key to classroom success. Organization not only creates an efficient classroom, but it can also reduce stress in students and teachers. As teachers incorporate digital devices and equipment into their lesson plans, tech organization is no exception.

Technology equipment, however, can be difficult to sort and keep tidy. With attached cables and cords that commonly tangle together, objects like headphones are difficult to keep together without incident. And when models are all the same, it can be hard for administrators to assign headphones to students without adding permanent labels to the headphones. This can become a problem later on when inventory systems change or new devices are added.

To help teachers, administrators, and tech specialists stay on top of their organization efforts, Califone provides a different solution: the Califone CA-2 headphones for individual storage. These lightweight stereo headphones come with a personal bag that has an attached labeling area, making it easy to assign a name or number without physically marking the headphones. This easy labeling ensures that students will hold on to their assigned headphones as well as help IT specialists update records accurately. In addition, the individual storage of each headphone makes it easy for teachers to store headphones together on a shelf or in a box, without worrying that the cords will tangle together. This neat and efficient storage system will save teachers valuable time that can be better spent in the classroom.

However, these bags are more than just a labeling tool. The moisture-resistant storage bag also kills head lice within 24-48 hours, making each set safe for reuse. Reducing lice outbreaks is an important safety measure every classroom must take, so knowing that the headphones are safe for use is one less worry for students and teachers. It will also save a school money from buying new replacements. The bags also prevent lice from spreading among students, because teachers can track the bags with ease.

The headphone cable can withstand regular use and hard tugs due to the permanently attached and reinforced straight cord. Teachers will not have to worry about attaching the correct cables, making the headphones easy to use at any moment. The cable length (6 feet) also allows a user to move around freely while reducing accidental tugging or pulling that typically occurs with shorter cables. Plus, the recessed wiring keeps student fingers from prying the cables out, which protects both the student and the headphones from harm.

In addition, Califone CA-2 headphones are easy to use and adjust for any student. With the adjustable headband, students can make sure the headphones stay nice and snug without pinching. The foam earpads provide extra comfort to students and are easy to replace with new pads are needed. The noise-reducing on-ear style of the earcups also keeps students on task and free from any exterior distraction. This  on-ear style also diminishes the need to raise the listening volume to a dangerous level, which will protect the students’ hearing. Made with ABS plastic, these headphones are durable and easy to clean with disinfectant spray or wipes, making them a perfect listening tool for a germ-free classroom.

Overall, these headphones will serve every classroom’s basic sound needs while promoting a clean and organized environment. And with your purchase of the Califone CA-2 headphones through Encore Data Products, your headphones come with a guaranteed warranty for school use. For its great price and quality, the Califone CA-2 headphones can help every classroom with their basic listening needs. To learn more about the Califone CA-2 headphones or comparable models, contact us. For schools looking at the many options for common core headphones, we have specialists standing by. We can help you find the right model and listening system for your school.

For Small Budgets, Disposable Headphones are an Excellent Solution

Let’s face it: classrooms and learning labs do not always have an unlimited budget. In fact, it’s rare to find one that does. However, supplies that are quality yet still affordable are available and if your school or learning center is looking for headphones at a budget conscious price, disposable headphones are an option that costs less.

Budgetary issues are a major concern for almost every establishment. Education funding cuts really affect the amount of money allotted to a variety of programs and sometimes something as simple as headphones for students to use, are simply not affordable. By buying disposable headphones, they’re more affordable but easy to use, hygienic, and you don’t have to worry if someone accidentally breaks one.

Headphones are used for a variety of needs such as testing, learning, watching informational videos, and having fewer distractions from outside noise. And while having good, quality headphones are important, these headphones are not only quality made products but also the price cannot be beat. They allow schools and learning centers to focus on other needs while saving money at the same time.

Here are a few reasons why disposable headphones are a lost cost yet quality option:

  • With disposable headphones from Encore Data Products, you still have numerous choices so that you can find the perfect sets for your needs. For instance, you may like the ENC-08P, which has a 6′ cord and plastic headband and even comes with a resealable classroom bag. Or the ENC-CCV comes with volume control right on the 4′ cord and is an ideal solution for using with laptops, PC’s, and more. It has easy-to-clean leatherette ear pads and also comes in an individual bag.
  • Bulk Options. With your choices of disposable headphones, you also get bulk pricing, which means you save a lot more money. Some examples include an original price of $2.99 each. However, if you buy 100 – 999 you get the headphones for $2.49 each and if you buy more than 1000, you only pay $2.29 each. Buying 2000 headphones will save you an amazing $1400 and that’s just one example.
  • Brands Galore. There are quite a few brands to choose from including Hamilton Buhl, Avid Education, Califone, Soundnetic, ConSet, Buhl, Datamation, and Encore Data Products’ own personal brand. So even while saving money, the choice in brands is not compromised. You get quality equipment at prices that won’t hurt your budget.
  • Free Shipping. Free shipping is included in most orders over $49 to the lower United States. For freight shipping, the charge is included in the price shown. International and expedited shipping is available as well.
  • More Sanitary. A disposable option in headphones means that a fresh pair is available at any time. If there is every an issue with something going around like a virus, headphones can be cleaned. However, it is a nice option to open a brand new never used package if the need arises. Plus, if there is a new student then they can have their very own new pair. Having each individual headphone in a bag makes it easier to sort through and give out to the student. It keeps them free from germs and you know that you are getting a brand new product.

If you’re ready to check out our disposable headphones and have questions or want to place an order, simple contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help. Ordering is simple and easy and 99% of our orders ship out the same day and best of all, there is no minimum order to worry about. Simply choose what product or products you need and we will get it ready for you.

Disposable Earbuds: The Cost Effective Solution

Integrating simple technological tools like earbuds into a presentation or meetings could enhance communications and ultimately help business gain the responsiveness of those who might be otherwise distracted. The simplicity of gaining the users attention through adequate volume control devices, will cancel out all outside distractions, allowing participants to focus on the central speaker. Various applications can be enhanced with the use of disposable earbuds, and Encore Data Products has the best quality, price, and service in the market. Let’s explore three instances when the solution was disposable earbuds.

# 1: The Annual Meeting Held Outside

In a park community center lawn, a non-profit charitable organization wants to present a yearlong progress report to donors and supporters. The park is close to the city-center of a mid-sized city in America, with distant traffic, sporadic talking and human noises, sounds of the river and trees with wind, and other distractions. Yet, outside was so beautiful in July, so the director of the meeting needed a solution to bring adequate sound to participants.

The director considers having participants dial a number on their smart phones while in the audience, then use earbuds to listen to the speakers and presentation going on in front of them anywhere from 10 to 40 ft away. The speaker would only need to speak into a small microphone attached to their collar, and could be heard from the estimated 200 people there. A small speaker system could be set up for additional clarity and for those close enough not to need the earbuds.

The director likes this innovative idea, and also how cost-effective and hassle free it would be. Also, it would allow the type of involvement he wanted the participants to have with the sunny beautiful environment desired and still be connected with what he was explaining. Problem solved once he called Encore Data Products and was able to easily order (with free shipping) 300 disposable earbuds for as little as people pay for a microphone many times. He even had 100 extra, just in case, or for another time. Participants would be given the earbuds with a business card stating the dial-up number to call, which was great business promotion to audience members who thought the item was useful and wanted to keep in touch with the director about his charity.

# 2: Promotional Benefit for Membership at a Gym

Many members of this gym use the treadmills, stair-steppers, and other exercise equipment while listening to the inboard radio/video they plug into with their earbuds. So, the marketing assistant comes up with the simple idea of always giving away earbuds to members. The marketing manager liked the idea, but the cost involved needs to be clarified to assure the approval. The assistant went to work looking for cheap bulk earbuds that were quality.

After typing a few keyword searches, she came across Encore Data Products. Immediately she’s impressed with their comprehensive solutions for listening, learning, testing, and training. The most important for her situation was their wide-selection of quality disposable earbuds. After seeing the great prices, she knew this was the solution for cost-effectiveness. Now she could present Encore Data Products’ prices into the cost clarification report she was preparing for the marketing manager. Her argument had teeth now, when comparing the benefits of customer retention and satisfaction to cost effectiveness.

# 3: Manager at Lumber Yard Needs Training Earbuds

The training manager at a large lumberyard needs disposable ear buds for training new employees through video and walk-through presentations. The loudness of the yard makes earbuds essential for clarity of understanding, as the training room wasn’t immune to the larger noises made in the yard.

While speaking to his wife about the matter, she suggests a company she knew about from her work in the education sector. The name of the company is Encore Data Products, which she knows as the best place to go for what her husband needed in disposable earbuds for training. He did a search and found the website, it was easy to navigate and use and the prices and selection were great. Before he knew it, there were enough disposable earbuds coming to his work to last five years. Considering he trained about 15 people a month, this was a decent sized order. Now the lumberyard has quality earbuds they can simply give to each trainee at the beginning of their training, and accomplish clarity in communications for better understanding of important job duties.


The list could go on and on, but these three instances suffice nicely to show the various applications disposable earbuds could be used for. The common story line is: they found a cost-effective quality solution with Encore Data Products for all their disposable earbuds needs. The proven track record of our superior products, service, and affordability shows many satisfied customers, and we’re committed to continuing this trend. Please contact us to learn more or get help today.

Classroom Tech: When is an Audience/Student Response System Necessary?

As classrooms grow in size and resources grow thin, it can be difficult for a teacher or professor to create, assign, and grade quizzes, exams, and assignments, with an already hectic schedule. Fortunately, there are many classroom tools that can help alleviate this type of stress for both teachers and students; one of them being an audience or student response system.

An audience or student response system is a network of remotes given to students, which allow students to submit their answers to questions or surveys using their personal remote. A teacher can run an exam, survey, or ask a single question, while students’ weigh-in immediately using the system. A receiver collects all responses and compiles the data onto a computer.

So when is an audience response or student response system necessary or the most helpful? Here are a few reasons why an audience or student response system should be implemented in your educational environment.

It’s easier to implement and grade quizzes. Consider the time it takes to write, print, and pass out quizzes: this added task for an already busy teacher can be frustrating, and take up precious time for other school-related tasks. By instead programming your questions with the system, you can easily deploy all the same questions to students at once, and grade all responses as they arrive. And instead of spending time organizing a classroom and passing out quizzes, using a student response system will eliminate that transitioning time. Overall, it saves you time from grading each individual quiz, and also reduces grading mistakes after manually checking and adding a score to a grade book.

It saves paper, creating a greener classroom. For schools that want to implement a better waste management and recycling program, having a student response system reduces the amount of paper that is used and later recycled. For short quizzes–especially pop quizzes–this can help reduce paper use, while reducing overall expenses on paper.

In addition, managing quizzes with a student response system allows for zero loss of an exam or quiz, as long as there are no malfunctions. Since responses are immediately recorded and graded, all results for every student can be found in once place. For teachers and professors who move from one place to the next, you’ll avoid accidentally losing a quiz in another pile, classroom, or office, where it might be thrown away.

It’s great for large classrooms to make attendance easy. For professors who have trouble collecting accurate attendance records in huge lecture halls, audience response systems will help you mark students present more accurately. Administering an attendance check, or simply randomizing a “respond A if present” question any time during a lecture will give you a better idea of who is attending and paying attention.

They decrease the chances of cheating in the classroom. This might be an important solution for environments where it might be easier to cheat, or there have been incidents of cheating in the pass. By deploying questions quickly or randomly, students will have a harder time with fixing their responses.

You can easily gather data about students’ understanding of the material. Systems like the QOMO Hitevision QRF500 series collects all information, and allows you to run queries on a student, class, or topic in order to analyze how well an individual or classroom understands the materials. This is a great way to help prepare students for a larger, upcoming exam, or learn where there might be knowledge gaps in the curriculum. Overall, it can help a teacher adjust the syllabus to help students, and spend classroom time on important aspects so that everyone can do well.

Overall, a student response system can be a great tool for classrooms and lecture halls. They are easy to deploy, and have a lower cost-point than deploying a more expensive Chromebook or iPad program for every student and can actually serve classrooms better than these programs. If you simply need to deploy quizzes or exams in a streamlined fashion, especially to a classroom of 400 students, this technology can drastically change the efficiency and progress of the classroom. To learn more about student response systems, or check out your options, contact us.

Keeping Kids Healthy With Classroom Hand Sanitizing Wipes

Keeping a classroom clean is the best way to promote the health of many students. Especially with the upcoming cold weather perfect for cold and flu season, having a clean classroom will keep yourself from getting sick, as well as your students. One of the easiest ways to improve classroom health is with sanitary wipes. Here are the pros to keeping kids healthy with hand sanitizing wipes, and the best practices to achieve healthy goals.

Why Use Sanitary Wipes?

There are many reasons why hand sanitary wipes should be easily available for keeping kids healthy, but to spur you on even more, here are some of their advantages.

1. They are portable and perfect for field trips. Sanitary wipes are great for mobile classes, especially when students go on field trips or places where bathrooms might be less accessible. This can also be a great solution for those moments when chaperones are spread out, which can make it hard to even supervise a child who wants to wash their hands.

2. They save cleanup time. While washing hands with soap and water is one of the best methods for keeping children exposed to germs, it can be time-consuming to line up everyone to use the bathrooms down the hall, or the one classroom sink. The sanitary wipes do the job quickly and effectively, without taking up too much time in the cleanup process.

3. They are less irritating to the skin. Children have sensitive skin, and constant washing and drying with soap and water can leave skin feeling dry, raw, and irritated. This is fact can cause more problems than prevent illness. So, but using wipes, most skin will be left un-irritated. These wipes are also safe for equipment, such as school classroom headphones.

4. They really kill unhealthy organisms at contact. Wipes kill on contact the unhealthy organisms and germs found on hands. It’s harder to kill and remove these same bacteria with soap and water, especially when children do not wash their hands properly. The wipes are a better guarantee that sickness won’t spread as easily.

How to Achieve Healthier Classrooms

The first step to a healthier classroom is to provide ease and access to hand sanitizing wipes or a sink for hand washing. Placing hand wipes by the door can help remind you and your students to wash their hands after playing outside. Or, placing hand wipes next to the classroom bathroom can encourage their use. Strategic placement of the wipes will encourage their use throughout the day.

The next step to ensure cleaner hands is to build washing into daily activities and routines. For example, after bathroom breaks, you can require students to use a hand-sanitizing wipe when they enter the classroom. This can help ensure that they keep their hands clean, especially when you cannot verify that they’ve washed their hands. It can be especially helpful to have some hand wipes in class for snack times or before and after lunch, when children are likely to eat with their hands or share food with each other. By anticipating these types of activities, you can make your classroom safer for your students, yourself, and your staff.

Overall, it’s important to be well stocked for all these moments! Buying a 3-pack of hand sanitizing rolls will help you save money, and keep multiple rolls on hand for when they run out. Plus, when you buy two cases, you’ll receive a free dispensing bucket through our current special offer. Time is limited with this promotion and with a total of 1800 wipes per roll, your order will keep your classroom clean for a long time before you need to order new rolls.

Keeping your classroom safe with disinfectants and hand wipes will help create a positive and healthy learning environment. For more tools and supplies for your busy classroom, contact us.

The ConSet Mobile Electric Sit & Stand Desk

As workplaces become more flexible and dynamic, the old office desk is becoming less desirable. Since office consoles and cubicles are less mobile and too bulky for workspaces and classrooms in constant flux, having a simple desk that can be transformed for different tasks, or brought into different rooms, is important for many environments that demand multi-purpose furniture.

In addition, more and more research is showing that sitting can be detrimental to our health: too much sitting has been linked to health problems like heart disease and type 2 diabetes. The need for mobile desks that can reduce sitting time has become an important component to work place furniture. Thankfully, the ConSet Mobile Electric Sit and Stand Desk is a great answer to these challenges. By addressing mobility and multipurpose challenges while remaining ergonomic for all heights and sizes, the desk makes for a great addition to any classroom or office. With the wide table top, sturdy base and triple column system, you can place a generous workload on top, without worrying about the desk collapsing under the weight. The desk has a weight capacity of 220 pounds. The strong, light frame makes it lightweight enough for ease in mobility. The desk comes in three different sizes, ensuring you will find one to perfectly fit your space. It can easily be combined at level with other desks as well, making it perfect for mobile, collaborative workspaces or impromptu meetings in the office. With its “A” grade beech veneer table top 0.88 inches thick, and 3-layered coating of UV hardened lacquer, this desk is made for durability and strength. The extra coating protects it from water stains, scratches, and nicks, making it remain smooth and pretty even in some of the most mobile workplaces. For classrooms, this makes clean up easy and worry-free, especially with arts and crafts activities.

The turnable casters each have a 75 mm diameter, which give it the ability glide over bumps and door frames without much effort. Each wheel also locks, giving the desk greater stability when in-use.

The adjustable height between 22 to 48 inches makes this desk suitable for people of all heights. The flexibility and ease of moving the desk at different heights also improves stance and posture, while increasing workplace productivity. Users will feel better about working at their desk when given the ability to sit or stand with ease and comfort.

The added battery-powered machinery to raise, lower, and tilt the desk also makes it easier to maneuver around a room, without having to plug and unplug a charging cable.  It also makes the desk more suitable in busy environments, where students or administrators can trip over charging cords. The environmentally-friendly battery itself is rechargeable, and is efficient enough to only need charging for 2 hours every 2 to 4 weeks with regular, normal use. In addition, you also have the option to plug it in continuously, when the desk is placed in a more permanent position or location.

Overall, the Conset Mobile Sit and Stand Electric desk is a great addition to offices, hospitals, and classrooms that need mobile, flexible furniture to suit changing environments. It’s great for individuals as well as groups and gives users control over how their workplace can be designed for improved health, productivity, and function. In an evolving workspace that values collaboration, flexibility, and simplicity, this desk gives elegance and promote ease and efficiency to meet demanding spaces.

To learn more about standing/sitting desks, and other mobile furniture for your office, contact us. We can find the right pieces that will work for your office or classroom design, at a competitive price.

The Gumdrop Drop Tech Case for iPad – 10 Pack

A school that offers iPads for student use has many challenges to overcome and at the top of the list is securing that expensive technology. As we’ve covered in our 1-1 iPad program guide, it’s important to make sure that your iPads have a sturdy, durable case. For students who will be using their iPads within and outside of the classroom, a rugged case can help ensure care of their iPads, as well as reduce instances of repairs and replacements, saving your technology department time and money. For a great case, the Gumdrop Drop Tech Case for iPad is a great option to consider.

Gumdrop is an American company that provides quality cases for smart phones, tablets, and laptops. Their Drop Tech line was made for rugged environments, and is commonly used in schools, worksites, hospitals, and more.

The cases in this 10-pack come with an integrated screen cover, protecting screens from cracks and scratches. This is an important part to the case, as cracked screens are some of the most common damages to iPads, and can be a costly repair. Paired with a snug, polycarbonate frame, the cover and frame also help prevent liquids from entering the case, keeping it safe from spills or accidental drops in water. This seal also helps make it easy for teachers to disinfect the iPads with a disinfectant spray or wipe.

The black silicone outer case that protects the entire iPad on all sides is made from a dual rubber material construction, which gives the case multiple layers for shock absorption. These added layers help protect the iPad by distributing the shock more evenly, which leads to the iPad itself untouched by the drop. In addition, the corners of the iPad have extra padding with reinforced rubber bumpers. Since the corners are the weakest spot for iPads and iPhones, they are the most vulnerable to cracks when dropped. The reinforced corners again redistributes the shock to keep the iPad from cracking. The silicone skin is also hand-rubbed with TUV oil for dust protection, yet retains its grip to stay on table tops. Overall, the rubber case also facilitates better grip, especially for children with smaller hands. Though the cases have a thick construction, their snug fit and relatively slim design will allow your iPads to fit most charging carts with the case on.

The case also has protective features for ports, buttons, and camera components. The port covers for charging and listening help keep dirt, water, and other types of debris from damaging these sensitive areas. In addition, the button covers help protect these parts from rough handling and touching, which can be important for younger kids. There is also a flash ring, to help protect the camera and flash.

Though the cases in this 10-pack do not come in different colors, you can easily add labels to the case of differentiation or to assign specific iPads to students. For color-coded cases, we recommend our Hamilton offerings.

Overall, these cases are a great investment for all K-12 classrooms, and can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. The Gumpdrop Drop Tech line is built to last, so assigning them to your iPads can mean a significant drop in repairs or maintenance. In addition, they will help lengthen the return on your iPad investment. To learn more about rugged cases for your technology, contact us. We can help you find the best cases for your school district or business today.

Best Of: Technology Carts for Education

When it comes to school technology storage, many educators look for flexible and mobile furniture with ample storage. Here’s our guide to some of the best carts for education, based on your needs.

For Multimedia Entertainment and Storage: The Hamilton Buhl SWB-80 Cart

The Hamilton Buhl SWB-80 is a stylish, all-in-one entertainment center and organizing cart that is perfect for classrooms and technology centers that rely on large-screen presentations or multimedia for their audiences. The cart is built to hold a large LCD TV flat-screen of up to 80 inches with a tilt of plus or minus 15 degrees for comfortable viewing, while using a universal twin mounting design for easy mounting, security, and stability. With protective cart handles and screen protector, swivel casters with locks, and durable steel construction, the cart is built for ease of mobility and strength. The cart also comes with a long power cord with a 4-outlet power strip, surge protector, and cord winder to allow for ease and organization of all plugged-in devices on the cart.

The bottom of the cart features one shelf for holding various devices or DVDs, in addition to a two-door cabinet for additional storage. The cabinet doors also lock, making it a secure cart to keep other electronic devices or sensitive materials save. Overall, this cart is a perfect solution for classrooms, libraries, multimedia labs, and more that utilize a large screen.

For Charging Diverse Models of Tablets and Chromebooks: The Buhl LTAB-30 Cart and the PowerStacker Tower

The Buhl LTAB-30 Cart can hold and charge 30 tablets, and compatible with iPads, Chromebooks, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, Blackberry Playbook, and more. The cart has many security features that protect devices from getting stolen, and comes with 4 spare keys for the locking doors to the cart’s cabinet. In addition, cables and cords within the cart are easy to organize, and the cart comes with two, 15-outlet switched power strips that are breaker protected, complete with a 20 CFM cooling fan to keep all plugged in devices cool while charging. This is the type of cart to use if you have multiple device models that need to charge together.

In contrast, the PowerStacker Tower has modular components that allow you to configure or mix-and-match at your will 10 to 40 devices. The sequential charging ability also makes charging various devices easier without exceeding 15 amps. With the snap in dividers, your devices will also stay safe from damage while in transit from place to place.

For Small Volume Charging of Small Devices: Hamilton 10 Port USB Charging Station
For when you need to charge smaller devices like cell phones, digital cameras, and a few tablets, the Hamilton 10 Port USB Charging Station is the perfect solution. It will sit comfortably on a desk or table top, and is easy to carry around where ever you need it. It supports all popular cell phone models, from Apple to HTC, Samsung to Blackberry, or Nexus and Nokia, and can charge them all together. It’s perfect for teacher lounges, or in small-size classrooms that want a smaller charging station for tablets or small devices.

For Book Mobility and Storage: Hamilton Buhl BTDS-6 Book Truck

The durable Hamilton Buhl Book Truck is a must-have for educational settings that need quick mobility and storage for books. With deep slated shelves to ensure secure ease of moving books around, and double sides shelves, you can store even the heaviest, thickest textbooks and move them around without breaking a sweat. With non-marring casters with two locks, this cart glides easily on various surfaces without making a noise or a mark.  It’s a great option for carting books around to different classrooms, in libraries, archives, and more.

No matter what you need, we have a cart that’s perfect for your school. To learn more about carts and their advantages or specs, contact us.

Steps for Setting Up a 1-to-1 iPad Program in Your School or District

Setting up a 1:1 iPad program at your school can expand the educational programs that your school provides, but involves a lot of preparation. From ordering the iPads and accessories, to establishing the a network that can support peak usage, to ensuring responsible usage, schools and districts have to consider a lot of factors before deployment day. Here’s our checklist for how to set up a 1-to-1 iPad program in your school or district for the smoothest deployment come distribution day.

Planning and Preparing for a 1:1 iPad Program

1.Make sure your networks are capable of handling the number of connected devices. Be prepared to order enough bandwidth for devices, especially during the first days of deployment. Those days are crucial, since students, educators, and administrators will be utilizing their iPad for various tasks. One of the biggest mistakes that districts make include not having enough bandwidth for all their devices connected at peak times, which leads to downtime and frustration. And for many schools that must request funding before changes are made to their bandwidth plans, requesting more money initially to cover a higher gig bandwidth plan is better than finding out later that you need more bandwidth and having to get additional budget approval. In addition, consider the expansion of WiFi coverage, and the ease of use and responsiveness of your WiFi provider.

2. Purchase protective cases. When considering what other accessories your iPad will need, protective cases and screen covers are a must. This is especially important for 1:1 iPad programs that allow students to take their devices home. By buying cases and installing them before deployment or the day of deployment, you’ll drastically reduce your need for repairs or replacements when placed in students’ hands. Lengthening the life of the devices will save your budget in the long term.

3. Prepare usage policies and tutorials for day of deployment. Many districts require that students and parents sign-off on user agreements and disclaimers. Have your teachers and staff ask these questions in order to develop these policies: What is considered inappropriate use of the device? What limits do students have when downloading online material or installing their own apps and customization? What security features should devices have? How much administrative control can teachers have? Having these policies in place, and their documents ready for the day of deployment, is important to clarifying the use and care of the devices.

In addition, it can be helpful to have instructional tutorials about using the iPad or particular programs that are downloaded on them for the students. Work with teachers and your IT team on organizing tutorials to teach students about their iPads and other necessary equipment. You should also consider providing information and training for the parents so that they can set up parental controls and learn how to monitor their child’s iPad use and school coursework progress.

4. Have a labeling system in mind. Identification will be important for keeping your iPads accounted for and organized. Some schools might benefit from utilizing barcodes, while others might find that removable labels placed on cases are more helpful for the classroom’s needs. Whatever you decide, make sure that you’ve detailed this process so that all your iPads will be accounted for under the same standards.

Day of Deployment and Onwards

When it comes to the day of assigning iPads, having a set timeline and area for deployment will allow for smooth assignment of the iPads. Create a game plan with teachers and iPad administrators to organize times and places for the iPads to be distributed.

If you did not pre-install and label iPads before deployment, the day of deployment is a good time to teach students and teachers how to put on a protective case and label them. An iPad safety and care tutorial would be a welcome time for case assignment to happen.

After each student and teacher has his or her iPad, the upcoming days are a an important time to monitor bandwidth usage, and also get feedback on the connectivity of your network. This can help you understand and anticipate for when you consider growth down the road.

Deploying a 1:1 iPad program at a school or district invovles a lot of planning and effort, but the trade off in educational and technological expansion pays off in the long run. To get a hold of supplemental materials for your iPad program, contact us. We can help you prepare and support your iPad program, no matter its size.

Encore Data Products Launches Its First Print and Digital Catalog with Focus on Top Trends in Audio Visual Accessories

Louisville, CO (October 15, 2015) — Encore Data Products, Inc., an international supplier of technology accessories for listening, learning, testing and training, is pleased to announce its first retail catalog for consumers in the education, testing, training, health and fitness, hospitality and tourism industries. This inaugural catalog identifies the top trends for audio visual accessories and provides concise references to the top brand products for listening, presentations, and care and maintenance of hand held learning devices. The catalog is available in both print and digital formats.

Encore actively researches the newest trends in technology and strives to be on the forefront of cutting edge and affordable accessories. The first of many to come, this 24-page catalog eloquently displays the top trending products in a visual and informative format. The selections include headphones, headsets and earbuds, listening labs, media players, sync and charge systems, computer and tablet cases, PA systems, standing desks, imaging devices and presentation accessories.

“With our distribution of over 1000 tech products across 40 brands– we realized that often our customers needed us to simplify their choices,” said Jeff Burgess, Owner of Encore Data Products. “We decided a paper catalog identifying the top trends for listening, learning and testing accessories would be a beneficial touch point and time saver for our current and future customers.”

Customer service and satisfaction are of utmost importance to Encore Data Products. With competitive and bulk pricing, the sales staff is ready and eager to assist in identifying and creating learning and listening packages for classrooms, libraries and learning centers on tight budgets. Encore proudly stands behind its 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy.

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About Encore Data Products

Encore Data Products is a privately held company based in Louisville, Colorado. We supply the education, health and fitness, hospitality, business and government industries with high quality audio visual equipment and technology accessories. With an ever-expanding product selection from top brands, free shipping options, competitive pricing and easy ordering, Encore Data Products enables its clients to maximize their investment in equipment needed to enrich their learning, health and business environments. For more information on Encore Data Products services and products, please visit us online at