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Looking to avoid broken headphone jacks?

Looking to avoid expensive repairs to your electronic devices caused by headphone jack or pin breakage?

Check out Avid Education flexible breakaway TRRS adapter-which helps prevent pin breakage inside expensive electronic devices when a student pulls mistakenly yanks the cord when standing rapidly or when a device falls on the ground.

Inspired by the swimming motion of fish, the AVID Fishbone bends in the middle across the ribs while rotating in the device’s jack.

This flex-and-bend reorients the AVID Fishbone’s jack in the direction of the pulling force allowing the headphone pin to disengage without causing damage – a perfect solution!
Available in any color as long as it’s green, the Fishbone is part of AVID’s targeted approach to increasing time on learning by reducing technology failure.

This product complies with applicable CPSIA and TPCH regulations.

Perfect for schools , business , tour groups , museums , hotels , conferences – or any where with high usage for headphones/headsets/earbuds.

Very cost effective and in stock.

CALL TOLL FREE: 866-926-1669 – or order online!


Disposable Ear Buds – The TT-1SP Can Be Keepers

If you walk into a modern electronics store looking for earbuds, you will quickly discover that there is a huge range of price, quality and style. Some are $9.99, some are $30, and some are $100. Some have fabric that goes over the bud and easily tears. Some have the rubber plug that some people find uncomfortable. Some brag about noise reduction. Some sound tinny. Some come with a microphone attached.

Decisions, decisions. People have multiple devices and purposes in listening to audio. They can listen to music, audio or video stream of a sporting event, an audio version of a book, newspaper, magazine on an mp3 player, their smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. In the classroom, earbuds are a necessity for online learning and standardized testing. People are jogging or working out while listening to music. Clarity has become a priority with the proliferation of voice activation features.

All of these potential listening activities are driving the need for good quality earbuds.  A global industry analysis for the earphone/headphone market for 2014-20 was undertaken by Future Market Insights. It notes, “The technological advances in headphones have led to the minimization of the weight of the headphone. Additionally, sophisticated noise cancellation features in earphones and headphones have been aiding in the rising popularity of these devices. Major technological developments in wireless such as Wi-Fi, Infrared (IR), SKAA and Bluetooth are expected to continue driving the growth of earphone and headphones market.”

In addition, the study classified the headphone and earphone market as wireless speakers, wireless headphones, and microphones. The headphones can be further categorized into in-ear buds, gaming headphones, over-ear headphones, wireless headphones, and clip-on headphones.

So, with all of the choices available, do you really need the most expensive earbuds/headphones to get quality sound? In an opinion piece on, Ali Pardiwala takes issue with “snob audiophiles” who believe they can detect the slightest sound and the more expensive the product, the better. “What I find most annoying about these militant audiophiles is their choice of music. They seek out new music based on the quality of the recording – as opposed to how good the song is… I’ve had emotional reactions and fallen in love with tracks using budget headphones that aren’t quite as accomplished or capable as big name brands, but still had the right tuning to achieve something that I could enjoy… There are plenty of audio products out there that have varying sonic signatures, and you’re sure to find one that suits you and your listening preferences. But the important thing is to learn to enjoy your music, without worrying about whether you can hear individual (and pointless) details.”

The choice ultimately comes down to taste, preferences and requirements. The answer may be disposable earbuds – TT-1SP. Suppose, you’re going on a trip and don’t want to drag heavy headphones with you. It’s a short airplane flight. You can use inexpensive disposable, but high quality earbuds. If you like them, you can keep them. If you break them or lose them, you haven’t spent a lot of money.

Encore Data Products has a great selection of disposable earbuds including those where the earpieces rest on the outer ear or inserted into the ear canal, and with or without ear pads. They are ideal for Common Core school standardized testing, learning labs, libraries, hotels, spas, gyms, schools, airlines, touring companies and more. The popular disposable earbuds, TT-1SP, has stereo sound and a slim straight plug that fits most iPad, laptop and phone cases. You can use the foam ear pads or not. The small 1/8” 3.5 mm adapter works with tablets, computers, iPods and other media players. The retail price is $4.99, but the Encore price is $1.49. This ear bud has great bulk pricing, with an order of 50-99 costing only $1.19 each. That could outfit a few classrooms.  Other disposable earbuds are also on sale for as low as $1.49. They are cheaper in bulk with a 7-piece variety pack on sale for $12.99. Contact us for more information.

Encore Data Products TT-1 Gets an Upgrade

Though it seems like everyone has headphones nowadays, it doesn’t mean that people know how to take care of and keep track of them. In fact, people lose or break their headphones more often than they do their phone chargers. In light of this, it makes little sense to outfit your establishment with expensive aural devices that can be easily damaged or slipped into a purse and forgotten. Be it for flights, classrooms or even libraries, disposable earphones make for a great way to give your clients what they want without having to worry about their maturity or responsibility levels.Slim Straight Plug Earbuds

On the market today is the disposable headphones TT-1SP. Earbuds in every sense of the word and designed to mimic the famous Apple earbuds of a few years ago, this simple looking device is actually wired for stereo sound, making them ideal for every situation. On top of this, they have integrated a small 1/8” 3.5mm adapter based on customer demand. This is important to note as a majority of disposable earbuds do not have adapters compatible with table and phone cases. This makes the TT-1SP one of the best options available as it works with virtually every form of media currently on the market. Basically, you’ll never have to apologize to upset customers for only carrying headphones that don’t even fit in the devices they are trying to use.

The buds themselves are covered with black foam pads for comfort. These, of TT-1 SP slim plug headphonecourse, can be removed should the wearer not want them or to decrease the size of the buds of the foam makes them too big to fit. The cord measures 4’ in length, giving it ample reach. Each pair also comes pre-wrapped in its own individual plastic package, meaning you don’t have to waste anytime separating the earbuds into different packages before distributing them. Since they are designed to be used by one person only, they can be given away as complimentary gifts. The plastic also works as a sanitary measure, guaranteeing that so long as the plastic bag has not been tampered with, no one else has worn the earbuds, drastically reducing the spread of any infections, such as MRSA.

An important question to ask yourself before investing in earbuds, however, is if they are correct for the clientele you cater to. In the vast majority of cases, the resounding answer is ‘yes’. Aside from being less expensive than their over-the-head counterparts, earbuds are superior in virtually every way. Aesthetically, they don’t ruin a hairstyle or interfere with earrings and glasses, making them a discreet way to enjoy music or watch a movie. Because they lack the extra plastic to hold them on the head, they are lighter, and because they don’t have to encase various skull sizes, they fit every shape imaginable. Also tied to their small size is how portable they are. As these earbuds are disposable, it is assumed your customers will probably take them with, and if they’re easier to store in a pocket or purse, you’ll have fewer to throw away at the end of your shift. The only major downfall is that they tend to fall short in sound quality when compared to headphones, though, this is when they are compared to permanent headphones. In a disposable setting, the difference is negligible.

The TT-1SP is a customer designed earbud perfect for companies that want to outfit their customers with listening devices that actually plug in to their electronic devices. With an adjustable earbud size and more than enough length to ensure users can sit at a comfortable distance from whatever device they’re plugged into, they are the perfect addition to any setting needing a solid, disposable device. Such design makes it an asset that customers will appreciate to have during their time with you and after. Providing them with a smart choice tells them that you care about their needs, further building a sense of appreciation and respect.

There’s an adapter for that

Tablet and phone users everywhere are slowly coming to the realization that compatibility matters – a lot. In fact, it’s a miracle things like headphones and phones even sync up. But problems can stem from the countless case makers on the market. The idea of making customizable covers to fit virtually every electronic is a great idea. However, there was one small aspect the designers forgot to address after figuring out what type of material would work the best. The headphone jack access areas are too small. Probably made small to reduce exposure of the actual device to the outside world, the circumference ended up being a bit too restricting for many headphone plugs. This then led to headphones of any kind not being able to fit in the jack. Instead of getting to listen to music on the way to work or enjoying the sounds of an app game, users now had to accept silence or buy another case altogether. Even the more professional cases ran into the problem of blocking any access to audio.

While headphone jacks are relatively regulated, cases openings are not. So long as they snap around the device and have openings in the proper places, they’re considered good enough. For users that can’t go around buying new cases because of a defect and can’t risk breaking the case, there is a solution.

Adapters have long been used to help bridge the gaps between compatibility issues and the time it took companies to work with one another to find a solution. slim straight plug adapterNow is one of those times. Until all cases and all phones can agree upon a proper headphone jack size, it’s up to the adapter to solve the issue. Costing around $2.00, slim, straight, 3.5mm stereo headphone adapters have been created as a solution for this issue. About three inches long, one end provides you with a jack that actually works while the other is skinny enough to fit into a case’s slot. It’s a plug-in that doesn’t add much extra length, only compatibility. Best yet, the plug does support stereo, meaning the sound quality will be little affected. It is also designed to fit the jacks of cases from Speck, Targus, LogiTech, LifeProof, Griffin, Otterbox and Belkin, case companies are well known for their products.

Individuals aren’t the only ones that can benefit from this tiny piece of ingenuity. Hotels, airlines, schools and libraries are all perfect places to carry extras should their customers require assistance. While most people will have their headphone situation figured out by the time they sit down a flight, there will always be those that need a little extra help in an aural dilemma. Carrying just a few of these means certain accidents can be avoided. People generally buy cases to protect their electronics and if they have to take these out of the protective shell to listen to, there’s a much higher chance of both the electronic and the case itself getting lost or broken in some way.

We live in an incredibly transitional time period in regards to technology. While most pieces seem to have found common ground (remember old AT keyboard connectors?) there is still room to grow, especially with the myriad of portable devices now serving as our own miniature computers. It seems that until case builders begin widening the holes at the top, audiophiles will find no peace as they are unable to plug in their special headphones. Luckily, these skinny 3.5mm adapters are out on the market, providing us with an inexpensive way to connect further with our technology.