Chromebook Headsets for Distance Learning

Believe it or not, we are already halfway through the first semester of the 2020-2021 school year, and as expected, it looks nothing like the school years we have experienced in the past. Due to the unprecedented events of the COVID-19 pandemic, many students are still participating in remote learning from home, while others have returned to in-person learning, either full-time or on a hybrid, part-time schedule. The fact that so many students are still attending classes remotely at least on a part-time basis means that teachers are using technology more than ever to help their students understand and engage in their lessons.
In both in-person and remote learning scenarios, headsets have become an essential part of the learning experience for students in elementary, middle, or high school. Those who are learning from home need a set that is comfortable enough to be worn all day, with a quality microphone and earphones that will allow them to clearly hear the teacher and respond to questions and in group discussions in a clear, easy-to-understand way. Those who have returned to campus need a set that is durable and can easily be transported to the computer lab and other areas of school without being damaged. Headsets that offer the right blend of affordability and durability can help teachers ensure that their students’ educational experience is enhanced so that they can benefit from their lessons regardless of where or how they are participating in classes. Here are our top choices for headsets that help make distance learning or in-person learning go more smoothly for everyone involved.

ThinkWrite Ultra Durable 90119 – Made to withstand multiple uses from students of all types, this headset is a must-add to your child’s school supply list. Its microphone cancels out noise, making it perfect for teachers who like to record their lessons, or students who like using voice notes to study for tests. Another feature of this headset is that it was designed for iPads and Chromebooks.



ThinkWrite TW120 Ultra Ergo – An ergonomic design helps students perform at their best without straining to see or hear. This headset is comfortable and durable. One of its best features is that it was designed specifically to limit exposure to damaging frequencies, which is a benefit for young ears. It is perfect for audio recording, testing and a plethora of other classroom uses.



Soundnetic SN250M – A lightweight option, the Soundnetic Disposable headset is affordable and perfect for cleaning standards. This headset is designed for personal use, so students can get a pair for their own use. The stereo speakers make it easy to hear audio, and the headset is compatible with many different tablets, phones, and computers. Students don’t have to share them, making them great for Covid protocols.



Cyber Acoustics AC-5008 – A classic look meets modern function in this headset. Its traditional round earphones are reminiscent older models, and also comfortable, durable, and easy to clean. This headset is adjustable with a microphone that can be used on either side. A USB plugin makes it easy to pair with many different computers and other devices, making it a good choice for use in and out of the classroom.


Cyber Acoustics AC-6012 – With a padded headband and padded earphones, this headset is also a great model that can be worn all day. Yet, it is also durable enough to be used in a classroom setting with multiple students. The surface is easy to clean and sanitize, and the volume control is easy to find and adjust, which is great for a multitude of students.


Cyber Acoustics AC-204 – Made with VoIP and gamers in mind, this headset is great for distance learners who need to use the headset for most of the day. It features noise-canceling headphones, which makes it easier for kids in busy households to hear their teachers, and it can be used with a variety of computers, phones, and tablets.


Hamilton Buhl Smart-Trek Deluxe Stereo ST2BKU – Schools that want headsets that are available for multiple uses will love this model. The headset adjusts to fit students of all ages. Its ear cups are soft and comfortable, but they are easy to clean in between uses, helping keep students safe and healthy. The cord is resistant to knots, which is a bonus for students who twist the cords.



Hamilton Buhl Smart-Trek Deluxe Stereo ST2BK – Students who prefer a headset that envelops the ear and cancels noise will love this headset. It offers excellent sound quality with adjustable volume, which is perfect for at-home students with multiple teachers. This headset is adjustable, making it perfect for a classroom setting, as it can be used by students of all sizes. It is durable too, with the ability to withstand multiple uses.



Avid AE-42 – For students who don’t take the best care of their school supplies, a durable headset is a must. This school headset is made to withstand the abuse that is common in classrooms from being dropped to cord chewing. Although it is durable, it’s also stylish and functional, and it can be adjusted for each user. As a bonus, it’s easy to clean, which is perfect for enhanced sanitation requirements.



Avid AE-55 – Not only does this model offer noise reduction and a cord that is easy to store, but the microphone can also be worn on either ear, making it easier for left-handed people to take notes during class. The Avid AE-55 is designed with comfort in mind and contains ergonomic elements to keep students from straining so that they can pay attention to the class rather than become distracted by their personal comfort.



Avid AE-36 – Available in a variety of colors, this headset allows students to express their personalities as they learn! The headset and the speaker are controlled from one jack, making them less bulky and easier to carry. The Avid AE-36 school headsets work with a variety of computers and tablets, including Chromebooks, without the need for extra attachments, and the sound quality makes it easy for a student to hear the instructor.




Though we are all anxious for things to return to normal as quickly as possible, there is a silver lining in all of this: affordable, durable headsets and other technology are more available than ever, which helps make the circumstances more adaptable. With so many available models of headsets, there is sure to be a pair for every student in any situation. Whether they’re being used for test-taking, homework, distance learning, or other uses, the headsets on this list will conform to sanitation guidelines while also being functional for everyday use. Give your student the best chance to succeed this school year via remote or in-person learning by making sure that he or she has the right headset to make this unusual school year as comfortable and productive as possible.