We have classroom headphones available in all fun shapes ,colors and features.
Make teaching fun and classroom/task organization more efficient!

#HamiltonBuhl KIDSBLU Flex-Phones are virtually indestructible, made from a single piece of EVA foam. EVA foam is safe, non-toxic, BPA-free, soft and an extremely flexible material.

Flex-Phones are certified for all major USA and international child safety testing standards.

Previously awarded the Scholastic Teacher’s Pick as
“The Best of 2015”.

Recommended for children ages 3 and up, Flex-Phones deliver high quality sound that will never exceed 85 decibels, ensuring young developing ears are protected.

Available in red and black too.

AVID EDUCATION knows that the classroom environment is one of the roughest places for school headphones.

That’s why the #AVIDEDUCATION AE 42 headphones / headsets are designed to be one of the most durable headphones / headsets on the market.
The headset has minimal moving parts and a ruggedized headband to withstand even the toughest mechanical abuse.
The braided nylon cord is woven to exacting specifications that are designed to prevent even the most tenacious child from chewing the cord apart.
Great choice for school headphones.

Designed for a Comfortable Listening Experience
The AVID AE-42 headphones / headsets feature a highly adjustable headband, padded headband, and repositionable ear cups which work together to provide an incredibly comfortable fit for children of all shapes and sizes.
In addition, the soft-touch surface finish prevents scratches and other signs of wear from becoming noticeable ensuring that the AVID AE42 looks as good in green or anthracite gray on the first day of use as it will during its whole lifespan.

This product complies with CPSIA, CP65, and TCPH regulations.

#CALIFONE First Bear Design Headphones

Designed for young learners with a fun design.

1. Adjustable headband comfortable for extended wear
2. Permanently attached cord with reinforced strain relief connection which resists accidental pull out
3. Volume control for individual preferences
4. 6′ straight cord with right angle 3.5mm plug reduces accidental pull-out