Arizona: In Control with Common Core

Common Core has shaped the educational policies of nearly every school Arizona, since it was first brought up for discussion. Between the goals of improving educational access, and raising standards across the board, Common Core has proven to be one of the most effective quasi-Federal initiatives put forward since No Child Left Behind.

A consequence of this has been the shifting in equipment made available for purchase and use in Arizona classrooms. Tools, textbooks, and instruction guides are all geared towards handling these national standards. Here are some of the things that Common Core has changed, regardless of whether or not the local area has implemented the changes.

Educational Aides are now cheaper, and more thought out.

School headphones were first utilized in hearing tests several decades ago. As educators experimented in the use of recordings in the classroom, the uses of these industrial strength headphones grew.

Thanks to the emphasis on obtaining quality education for all students, regardless of disability, lessons have been formed to help every sort of learner reach their highest potential. School headphones are now used in nearly every subject, personalizing the lesson to the student in a way that does not distract the rest of the class.

Textbooks are now more geared to a national setting

For a long period, Texas controlled the textbooks used in this nation due to their large budget. With national standards dictated by educators in numerous states, this power has been broken. Teachers in Arizona no longer have to fear what one elected official from another state can do to their curriculum. Emphasis is now placed on actual proven content, rather than the political machinations of a select few from towns few have heard of. Since standards can be raised above the minimums, educational policy is now back in the hands of the people of Arizona, rather than other states with larger budgets.