Common Core Initiative: a better tomorrow for the students

The Common Core State Standards Initiative or CCSSI in short is a step taken in the United States which specifies as to what the K-12 students should know in English language arts and mathematics at the end of each grade. This initiative has been taken by the National Governors Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) and it tends to establish proper and stable educational standards throughout the states. This step also ensures the fact that the students who are graduating from the high school are well prepared while they enrol into the credit bearing courses or the work sector.

headphones-for-parcc-common-coreThe objective of the CCSSI is to ensure that the students are ready for entering in the college and career as soon as they complete their high school. There are five major elements for the standards namely, reading, writing, speaking and listening, language and media and technology. As the students advance step by step through each grade, there is a greater level of complexity in terms of what the students are expected to do. Students are expected to go through a great range of knowledgeable books and study materials. The students are made to improve their writing skills so that they can perform standardized writings based on claims, proper reasoning along with relevant evidence. This standard also states students should learn to gain, evaluate and present complex information, ideas and evidence specifically via listening and speaking.

In terms of vocabulary, the CCSSI states accurate vocabulary standards via the combination of conversations, direct instructions as well as reading so that the students can determine the meanings of the words and also expand their usage in their day to day life. The standards require the students to use formal English in their speaking and writing as well. Since media and technology have get tangled with the life of every individual student. In the 21st century, the skills related to the usage of media comprises of the analysis and production of various forms of media. These standards also specify that testing may require headphones.

The Common Core State Standard Initiative aims at improving the educational system in the United States so that the children can be ready for getting them enrolled in various courses or jobs. The CCSSI has drawn support and criticism from various representatives as well as educational commentators. The Common Core initiative only specifies what students should know at each grade level and describes the skills that they must acquire in order to achieve college or career readiness.