Different kinds of plugs for classroom headphones

Times have changed; the life is under the great influence of technology. There is not a single day or single moment where we don’t apply the technology. From our small bedrooms to the offices, from your railway stations to the banks, from the kitchen to the airports nothing remains detached from the technology. The same is happening with the schools these days. The traditional ways of dealing with the students through the books is almost over now. The students have become more exploring and enjoy discovering out of the world of books. This has brought about a considerable change in the methods of education. Today the students require enough time to be spent in the audio visual rooms, along with the time they need to spend in the classroom. Due to this addition to the curriculum the school stuff has changed a bit. Along with the basics tools including the pencil, pens, colors and crayons the students need headphones too. Today almost all the schools have changed their mode of education, and opted for the modern ways like iPads, laptops and computers as a part of their curriculum. The lessons are no more confined to classroom now. The teachers can prepare the audio and video records that can be played anytime while me the school. One important add-on in this regard is the headphones. The students who want to study in silence just listening to what is being delivered as a lecture can put on these headphones. For the proper working of the headphones they have to fix in the output device with the help of plugs. The better the plugs fix in, the better will be the performance of the headphone leaving no room for the interruption.

What is a plug?

The plug is the small equipment added to the headphones to make them connected with the source of the sound. Just like the ear pieces are important part of the headphone, for the better fixing and connection plug is equally essential. Generally, it ensures that a stable, non interrupting connection is being set up between the headset and the media source or the computer. You will find different types of plugs attached to the headphones. For the systems running in the school it is essential to have secure connections to guarantee the safety of the equipment being used by the young students. When you purchase the headphones the common types available in the market are of six types. These types are distinguished on the basis of the applications too. The attachment is either a headphone that facilitates listening only or it is the headset that can be used for both speaking and listening.

Styles of plugs:

  1. Double plugs: Before the advent of the digital learning the headsets were being used. For these headsets the generally, two plugs were in use. One of the plugs was used for the listening while the other was meant for carrying out the function related to speaking. These types of plugs included the 2964AV type monaural and the 306AV stereo type of the plug.
  2. Single plug: most of the headphones in practice today need to be connected with a single pug only. In the language classrooms where monaural activities are at the top of the list a single plug measuring ¼” with 2924 AV is commonly used. For the headphones that are stereo or computer based a solitary plug that measures 3.5mm is enough. One such commonly used plug is 2800-BL. These single solitary plugs come in two sub classifications: the straight plugs and the right angle plugs. Although both plugs measure the same that is 3.5mm, but there is a little difference of shape. These plugs are the connecting devices for the listening lesson series and the sound alert headphones. They were solely created for the young ones. The experts and the conscious school owners prefer that the right angle solitary plugs must be used. These plugs fix in the device well and it is not easy to pull them out. This makes them a secure preference for the young kids. Another modification currently available is the switchable headphone that comes in both versions that is the monaural and the stereo. These kinds of headphones are fitted with a plug measuring 3.5mm which also is attached with the snap-on adapter measuring ¼”.
  3. USB plugs: it is one of the recent versions. Today when all devices are depending on the USB technology, the headsets are being introduced with the USBs also. There are numerous kinds of USB plugs that are easily available in the markets. This includes 3064USB, 3068MUSB, 3066USB, 4100USB and the most recent ones in the line known as the Titanium series. Today, the USB technology has proved its worth as a fast growing technology in the field of data transfer. They are preferred because they take less time to transfer the data as compared to the earlier devices. Thus, the headphones fitted with the USB plugs are commonly suggested for the distance learning and for the entertainment applications especially games.
  4. To Go plug: this is the product of the most recent technology. the only use is in the headsets. The commonly equipped headsets include 3068 headset, 2800-xx Listening First headsets that comes in two versions solid color and the animal-themed), Discovery headset also referred as DS-8VT, Lightweight Stereo multimedia headset available in the market as 3065AVT, 3066AVT commonly known as Deluxe Multimedia Stereo headset, and the most advanced version that is the Titanium (HPK-1010T) headset. Unlike other pugs it has a third circle too which means that it can be used as a microphone too. This latest version is highly beneficial for the students who need to listen and then speak back what they have learnt. It can be connected to the mobile phones also.

Point to ponder:

When you intend to buy the plug it is important to count the rings on the tip. These small rings appear in black color. The plugs are identified with the number of rings on them. A single ringed plug is for the monaural functions. In case it has two rings, it would be a stereo.