Encore Data Products Carries the New Soundnetic Products

As your number one resource for quality listening and learning equipment, we are always thinking about how to serve our customers. Each buyer comes with a particular goal, whether it’s to service an entire school district moving to classroom Chromebooks, or an office looking to expand its in-house services with quality headsets for their workers. Hearing these goals has led us to seek out equipment and accessories suitable to our clients, in all their diverse needs. That’s why Encore Data Products is pleased to announce that we will carry the new Soundnetic brand of headphones, earbuds, and headsets in our stock.

The Soundnetic brand provides top-quality technology products for a wide variety of industries, at a price point that is budget-friendly in every scenario. Soundnetic products are designed with comfort, durability, and dynamic application in every type of listening environment. From the classroom to the library, hospital to the office, these headphones, headsets, and earbuds were created with Encore customers and their needs in mind.

Soundnetic headsetThe first Soundnetic product offering is a stereo headset with volume control. The headset uses 40mm ferrite speakers, and is made with leatherette on-ear earbads, which gives a comfortable fit to all users, while blocking out environmental distractions.  The earpads are also easy to wipe clean after use, allowing general ease in maintaining sanitary listening environments for multiple users. The PVC headband adjusts on both sides, and includes a top, padded band so that the band does not feel uncomfortable as the user wears it for long periods of time. The microphone is also flexible, making it easy to place it in the most opportune angle for various users. The single, 3-insulated TRRS plug allows the headset to be plugged in directly to many computer and laptop models, including Chromebooks, tablets, laptops, and more. The braided 6-foot long cord is durable, allowing it to withstand constant use while giving the user mobility over greater distances in an office or board room. The cord also includes an inline volume control, giving the user more ability over adjusting the sound in various environments.

These headsets comes in 3 different colors–red, blue, and white–which can help differentiate between users or make for easy organization. They are also perfect for color-coordinated learning differentiation systems in the classroom. And due to its compatibility with multiple devices, it is easy to match headphones to various devices. The headsets also all come with a limited 1 year warranty, in order to make sure you receive a quality product.

The Soundnetic headset is great for changing, dynamic environments that need quality sound. Public facilities, like libraries, testing centers, communications labs, and more, will love the ease and self-adjusting qualities that the headsets provide, giving users better ease at troubleshooting their listening and learning goals. They are durable for environments that require your equipment to change hands frequently, but will last longer than disposable alternatives. And, at only $10.99 each (with free ground shipping when you order 5 or more headsets), you’ll have a quality set of headsets without breaking your institution’s budget.

Overall, the Soundnetic headset should meet all your listening and learning needs. It is a great tool for classrooms, call centers, boardrooms, customer service operators, and in situations where quality conversation and recording is needed. Its flexibility and comfort meets the needs of all users who demand quality sound. Look for more Soundnetic products to be released in the near future. To learn more about Soundnetic, or receive new news regarding this line, contact us.