For Small Budgets, Disposable Headphones are an Excellent Solution

Let’s face it: classrooms and learning labs do not always have an unlimited budget. In fact, it’s rare to find one that does. However, supplies that are quality yet still affordable are available and if your school or learning center is looking for headphones at a budget conscious price, disposable headphones are an option that costs less.

Budgetary issues are a major concern for almost every establishment. Education funding cuts really affect the amount of money allotted to a variety of programs and sometimes something as simple as headphones for students to use, are simply not affordable. By buying disposable headphones, they’re more affordable but easy to use, hygienic, and you don’t have to worry if someone accidentally breaks one.

Headphones are used for a variety of needs such as testing, learning, watching informational videos, and having fewer distractions from outside noise. And while having good, quality headphones are important, these headphones are not only quality made products but also the price cannot be beat. They allow schools and learning centers to focus on other needs while saving money at the same time.

Here are a few reasons why disposable headphones are a lost cost yet quality option:

  • With disposable headphones from Encore Data Products, you still have numerous choices so that you can find the perfect sets for your needs. For instance, you may like the ENC-08P, which has a 6′ cord and plastic headband and even comes with a resealable classroom bag. Or the ENC-CCV comes with volume control right on the 4′ cord and is an ideal solution for using with laptops, PC’s, and more. It has easy-to-clean leatherette ear pads and also comes in an individual bag.
  • Bulk Options. With your choices of disposable headphones, you also get bulk pricing, which means you save a lot more money. Some examples include an original price of $2.99 each. However, if you buy 100 – 999 you get the headphones for $2.49 each and if you buy more than 1000, you only pay $2.29 each. Buying 2000 headphones will save you an amazing $1400 and that’s just one example.
  • Brands Galore. There are quite a few brands to choose from including Hamilton Buhl, Avid Education, Califone, Soundnetic, ConSet, Buhl, Datamation, and Encore Data Products’ own personal brand. So even while saving money, the choice in brands is not compromised. You get quality equipment at prices that won’t hurt your budget.
  • Free Shipping. Free shipping is included in most orders over $49 to the lower United States. For freight shipping, the charge is included in the price shown. International and expedited shipping is available as well.
  • More Sanitary. A disposable option in headphones means that a fresh pair is available at any time. If there is every an issue with something going around like a virus, headphones can be cleaned. However, it is a nice option to open a brand new never used package if the need arises. Plus, if there is a new student then they can have their very own new pair. Having each individual headphone in a bag makes it easier to sort through and give out to the student. It keeps them free from germs and you know that you are getting a brand new product.

If you’re ready to check out our disposable headphones and have questions or want to place an order, simple contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help. Ordering is simple and easy and 99% of our orders ship out the same day and best of all, there is no minimum order to worry about. Simply choose what product or products you need and we will get it ready for you.