Gripcase: Full Protection and Convenience

Gripcase Encore Data ProductsiPads are prevalent in daily work and life for libraries, schools, businesses, and likely yourself. Gripcase has invented iPad accessories that protect your investment in this rapidly expanding technology and improve proficiency for education, work and during presentations. The Gripcase is convenient and ergonomic and some models will even help your iPad function more like a laptop, so you can work in places you couldn’t before. Here at Encore Data Products, we carry a wide variety of Gripcase products with options to help make your iPad work more efficiently.

The Ergonomics of Gripcase Products

One thing many iPad owners don’t always take seriously enough is the ergonomic factor. Most people use their iPads in their laps or held upright with one hand. This can sometimes put a strain on your wrists or hands if you use your iPad for hours at a time at work or at home, especially for students. It’s also uncomfortable to work on an iPad without proper grips available or enabling it to stand up on end. The Gripcase is the perfect device with a four-handle design on the case for easy carrying or holding. Each corner of the grip is durable so you don’t have to worry about your iPad getting damaged if you drop it or run into something. Plus, you have a 360-degree raised bumper to help protect the screen when the device falls flat. Gripcase is available for all models of the iPad.

The Gripcase Scribe

GCA_Slider_LibraryScribeTouchThe new Gripcase Scribe provides the same high level of protection that you’d expect from Gripcase and pairs it with a highly functional, durable keyboard and integrated pen/stylus. Many wireless keyboards are very small and aren’t easy to use. The Gripcase Scribe keyboard is an oversized folio keyboard, measuring 1.25 inches bigger than the standard folio keyboard. On the Scribe keyboard, you will have better responsiveness for improved typing accuracy, no matter where you are. The keyboard snaps onto the case when not in use, providing added screen protection on the go. When you want to prop your iPad up to watch a movie, you can with the integrated Gripcase Scribe stand. Gripcase added Sound Forward technology to the Scribe case. This case positions the speaker at a better angle so you’ll have an improved audio experience. You will appreciate this when showing a video or other media during class or business presentations.

Gripcase Accessories

Gripcase offers a number of accessories to maximize your comfort and efficiency while working on your iPad. These include a sling shoulder strap for securing your device while working in the field and the Gripcase base for keeping your iPad upright and secure on your desk or workspace.

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