HamiltonBuhl ALS700 Assistive Listening Dual Frequency System

At Encore Data Products we strive to meet all of our customers technology needs.  We aim to enable them to best meet the needs of their business requirements and clients.  One such need for many of our customers is to remain in compliance with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) while improving the customer experience for those who have hearing disabilities.  According the ADA, Assisted Listening Systems (ALS) must be provided in public places, unless the venue can prove it is an “undue burden.” Thus, churches, museums, tourist attractions, auditoriums, schools, and various other public sites must use ALS’s.  Further, the ADA states the receivers must be free to the user and specifies the number of receivers that must be provided depending on the number of seats (4% rule).[1]

ALS’s are necessary for individuals with hearing disabilities because they aid in decreasing the “speech to noise ratio.”   According to research, those with hearing disabilities require a higher volume (15-28 dB) to have the same level of understanding as those with normal hearing.[2]  ALS’s help to increase the volume for those who need it without making it too loud for those around them.   ALS’s act as amplifiers in the ears and allow the listener to separate the sounds they want to hear from background noise.

Assistive Listening SystemWe offer the Hamilton Buhl ALS700 Assisted Dual Frequency system at an unbeatable price to allow our customers to affordably serve their patrons while remaining ADA compliant.  The system consists of:

  • 6 Receivers
  • 6 Ear buds
  • 1 Transmitter that can serve unlimited number of receivers in a 150-foot radius.
  • Carrying case (batteries are included)
  • Optional on-ear headphones on Model ALSH700

The ALS700 allows users to broadcast 2 simultaneous transmissions, on different frequencies, in the same room (with an additional transmitter).

The ALS700 will be ready to ship at the end of July.  Pre-order your device at our low price of $333.37  (with free shipping) on our product page: https://www.encoredataproducts.com/assistive-listening-systems/hamilton-buhl-als700-assistive-listening-dual-frequency-system/.

[1] https://nad.org/issues/technology/assistive-listening/systems-and-devices
[2] https://nad.org/issues/technology/assistive-listening/systems-and-devices