How Common Core Has Changed Education in Arkansas

The Common Core standards help in ensuring that students are better equipped with the basic skills and knowledge to prepare them for postsecondary education and life in general. Graduates from Arkansas schools compete with students from around the world for employment opportunities. To be able to meet with the demands of college and the working environment, Common Core has been introduced to provide students with the critical thinking and problem solving skills they’ll need to become successful in life.   As students in grades 3 through 8 begin a new school year, teachers are set to ensure an improvement in their academic achievements.

Arkansas officially adopted the standards in 2010. The Common Core initiatives are the latest step in Arkansas to improve educational standards. These standards are state-led efforts that ensures the skills and knowledge required for real-world success are taught in schools. With the adoption of the Common Core State Standards in Arkansas schools, teachers are becoming more effective and efficient.

Knowledge and skills enhancement

Most graduates are not equipped with the basic knowledge and skills to succeed in college or enter the work force. These standards provide supports for teachers in ensuring that all students, regardless of their location, will graduate with the necessary skills and prepare them for college and citizenship.

Enhances Cross Curricular Learning

These standards has made teachers learn new methods of teaching and ensure students learn more about other subject areas. It’s all about integrating these subjects with other disciplines such as English and Literacy, or science, social studies and math. The Common Core standards are designed to promote cross-curricular learning. It offers teachers the chance to share ideas with colleagues in different classrooms.

Provision of quality resource tools

The Common Core standards has made provision for a wealth of online tools and resources for teachers. These tools will enhance the learning process and also allow for proper implementation of the standards. Arkansas teachers and will be able to benefit from and have good knowledge of the wide-range of teaching resources. Some of the highly advanced tools that may be used in a variety of setting include software, internet, iPads and education headphones. For instance, many districts that have adopted the Common Core, including Arkansas, make use of technological devices such as laptops and tablets in classrooms. These computer based programs taught in common core lessons makes the use of headphones very important to complete several online tests that incorporate videos.

Increased accuracy for students in Arkansas

Ever since the adoption of the Common Core State Standards, there has been an increase in the level of academic accuracy. The use of technology and authenticity of lessons has brought an improved performance in students’ academic achievements.

Comparing schools test

These standards compare the performance of students in schools, across several states in the country based on their test results. Before the initiative, results cannot be compared beyond the borders of Arkansas. The assessment is done using the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) data.