Increase Staff Productivity With Bulk Earbuds

The truth is that every office faces challenges that slow down employees from being at their most productive. Here, we look at the benefits of giving every member of your staff his or her own pair of bulk earbuds to increase productivity. There are times throughout the day when employees donning earbuds will enable them to concentrate more on their work and complete tasks within assigned deadlines. From your managerial perspective, what’s required is a shift in your thinking towards employees. They need some uninterrupted work intervals in a typical busy day. We like these four reasons to make employees in every office more productive by allowing for some adjustments to their work environment. We can all say, that all we want to be happier as we earn a living and feel more engaged in our tasks.

  1. The appeal of music: Research shows that people of all ages work better when they listen to music. Just look at the success of Baby Einstein and you’ll see that the human fascination with music starts with infants and toddlers. Music has a special place in every society because it makes people feel relaxed and inspired. In addition, music has lyrical qualities as well as many kinds of patterns and progressions and predictable beats. The mathematical nature of most music makes it conducive to many kinds of thinking.  Employees focus better throughout the day with increased productivity in the workplace when listening to music. Many workers also feel more creative when they listen to their favorite tunes and can give more attention to brainstorming.
  1. The business need for completing repetitive tasks: Many employees have repetitive tasks in their job description. It’s easy for them to lose their focus and experience lapses in individual productivity. If they concentrate on their work and remove distractions with their bulk earbuds, they can monitor their progress and complete repetitive activities, especially physical and computer-based ones, without dreading them. Happy employees are more relaxed and therefore more efficient.
  1. The endless distractions: In any office with an open floor plan and any specific work area with cubicles, employees have little privacy. While providing large over-the-ear headphones provide the most coverage for blocking out noise, these aren’t always cost-effective. Instead, employees can use bulk earbuds to talk on their cell phone on their break. They can use headphones to block out noise from other colleagues fielding customer service phone calls. They can block out constant distractions during periods of work and during break times.
  1. The importance of natural light: At the same time as employees want to block out noise so they can focus on their tasks, they also want to stay awake and alert. Throughout the workday, employees have different times where they work better. For some employees, this is first thing in the morning, and for other employees there is a surge in productivity after lunch. Allow employees to have some flexibility in planning their workday so they can complete their hardest tasks when they’re most alert. If you have a newer office with an open floor plan, it’s important to provide for lots of natural light. New research from Miriam Muench exhibits that employees working under artificial light get tired earlier in the day.

With a few changes in your mindset on how employees work best, you can create a more harmonious office. Your employees deserve all reasonable accommodations to their work environment as long as they do not interrupt the flow of business activities. We have more ideas on how to help employees become more productive using the latest in office communication technologies.

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