Making Life Easier: How to Make Earbuds Stay in Your Ear

Have you ever been jogging when your earbud pops out and conveniently gets wrapped around the grip on your treadmill? Then you lose your focus or fall flat on your face because you’re distracted. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but non-compliant earbuds are a pain. So how can you make earbuds stay in your ear? It sounds like an impossible feat, but it’s not.

Wrap them around the top of your ears. Gravity is your friend, it keeps you, and the things you love, on the ground. Unfortunately, gravity is one of the biggest culprits of earbud annoyances. You move the wrong way and gravity grabs your earbud by the wire and it topples out of your ear. Fortunately, there’s a trick to help defy gravity! Instead of having your buds hanging straight down, bring the wire up over the back of your ear before inserting your phones. This takes some of the weight off the wires and decreases their likelihood of being grabbed by gravity.

Make sure they’re properly seated. You can’t just jam them into your ears like so many people do. No wonder they fall out. They have to be properly seated. Here’s how to do it right: Push both earbuds in a little bit of the way, one at a time. Now reach with your left hand to pull down your right ear lobe, to expand your canal a little. Then, using your right hand, push the earbud in further until you feel it seal. You may have to jiggle it ever so slightly. Repeat on the opposite side, using your right hand to pull your left lobe.

Make sure they’re in the right ear. This sounds like a no-brainer, but that’s exactly why it can be a huge downfall. You’re in a rush and you just pop your earbuds into your ears without looking to see which goes where. Do yourself a favor, take the extra two seconds to identify the correct earbud for the correct ear.

Wear a sweatband or a beanie when you run. Maybe you just have ears that will not cooperate with earbuds. This is most likely to be the case if you’re a runner. Sweat and movement can cause issues for even some of the best brands, especially if your ears aren’t otherwise inclined to use earbuds.  If all else fails, resort to stationary support for your earbuds. In the winter you can wear a beanie and in the summer you can wear a sweatband. This will support your earbuds, keep them snugger and less likely to fall out while you’re running. It will also amplify sound, if you can’t get your earbuds to seal properly.

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