Montana Continues to Support Common Core

Of all the 50 states, Montana has been the most fervent in its support of the Common Core, even having education award winners in the state write opinion pieces in favor of it. This has led to arguably the smoothest adoption and integration of these new standards in the entirety of America. And while it hasn’t been free from backlash, it has nevertheless shown the potential of the Core when backed with support instead of conflict.


Smarter Balanced Results

Even with heavy support from teachers and parents, the recently released statewide assessment scores have shown a severe dip with only 38% of students proficient in math and 45% in English. These results were quickly followed up with the fact that a new test is at fault, not the students. In fact, the dip was to be expected and has been seen across all states that have released their Smarter Balanced results. To make matters worse, the scores only account for 70% of the schools in Montana since the other 30% couldn’t take it due to technical difficulties.

Even so, educators are making the best of the situation, deciding to use the test scores to measure future success. Though the numbers don’t account for every child in the state, they nevertheless give the state something to work off of as educators continue to refine their teaching technique to better fit the requirements of the Common Core. As it stands, Montana will continue its run as the Core’s poster child.