Encore Data Products is committed to providing America’s schools with the latest trends in education technology.

We’re proud to host The Great Headphone Giveaway program, giving schools, libraries and educational organizations across our country the opportunity to receive FREE technology accessories for listening, learning, testing and training.

Each month, one lucky winner will win valuable education technology products from Encore Data Products!

Choose from one of several Encore products to fit your classroom, library or student needs. Participants can re-enter each month for a chance to win, so keep trying and CLICK HERE!


Here are our latest winners describing how the prize draw benefitted their classrooms:

Winner: Aaron Sweet –Newark High School ,Newark, NY 14513. 
selected:  100 ENC-CCV headphones

“I’m a Technology Integration Coach for the district so I will be giving these headphones to 4 classes that use their iPads with Seesaw and other apps where headphones are needed. I’m not quite sure how I’m going to choose the classes. I may ask who is interested and randomly draw names. I will continue to support our teachers with integrating technology.

Hopefully these headphones will encourage teachers to use more technology.  Thanks again! This is great!” –Aaron Sweet

Winner: Jennifer Dyle, West Side Elementary, Picayune, MS
selected:  100 ENC-CCV headphones

“Thank you so much for choosing my school as a winner of the contest! ”
“Our students work daily on a program called i-Ready and use headphones to complete the lessons. This program helps fill in gaps in the student’s learning and prepares them for State Testing at the end of the year.  The new headphones will be replacing broken ones and saving the school money to buy other needed items.

We appreciate your generosity and look forward to receiving the new headphones. Thanks again,” –Jennifer Dyle