Reasons Why Headphones Are Better Than Earbuds

Picking between headphones and earbuds will always depend on the quality and model of either type, but there are a few ways that headphones in general comes out on top as providing a better listening experience. While earbuds tend to be cheaper and more convenient in situations like travel, they might not provide the technical advantages that headphones can in the classroom. Here are a few reasons why headphones are better than earbuds, depending on their use.

For one, headphones are more durable in classroom settings: headphones like the Califone 3068-AV, are made with rugged ABS plastic, making them sturdy for even the busiest, chaotic classrooms with young children. In contrast, earbuds are more likely to tangle together, get trampled on, and easily damaged. If you have a limited budget, spending money on durable headphones will prove to save you money over time. For a quality, long-lasting listening experience, you’ll want something durable.

Headphones can also provide better noise-canceling effects, since they are built with more electronics to process sound. Earbuds, due to their size constraints, aren’t as capable at noise-canceling than their larger brothers. Many over-ear headphones are also made with noise-reducing earcaps (such as the Califone 3068-AV), which help reduce the interference of environmental noises, and allow listeners to hear their audio recordings without distraction. Ill-fitting earbuds, on the other hand, tend to not block out environmental noises as well on their own. This could be distracting to users, and therefore might not provide a much-needed immersive listening experience. Therefore, while headphones are physically bigger than earbuds, the build of headphones lends well to creating a better listening experience.

When it comes to comfort, picking between the two largely depends on personal preference. However, many people find that they do not like the feel of the earbud sitting against their ear canal, or cannot fit them comfortably. Over-ear headphones like the Hamilton SC-7V with its leatherette ear cushions can provide a better fit, especially if one uses them for a long period of time. Most people are able to use on-ear or over-ear headphones without feeling uncomfortable, so you should consider them an option over earbuds if you want to serve a diverse group of people.

Next, when taking sanitary measures, headphones are overall easier to clean and maintain. To ensure clean earbuds, users would need to buy and frequently switch out disposable foam covers, which can be inconvenient. Headphones with cushioned earpads, however, can easily be wiped down after use, and switched out once they begin to show wear after heavy use. Even the life of these ENC-CCV budget headphones can be extended with a sanitizing wipe or spray after use. For classrooms worried about the spread of lice, our set of Hamilton SC-7V also comes with a bag that kills lice within 24-48 hours when headphones are sealed inside.

Even if you are on a budget, there are many headphone models that are suitable for a smaller budget without compromising sound quality. While many assume that earbuds are the only cheap option when they need to serve a large body of audio users, there are many types of on-ear and over-ear headphones that match the price tag of earbuds. Models like the ENC-CCV Stereo Budget Headphones include leatherette earpads that help reduce outside noise and are easy to clean. Other kinds of bulk heapdphones may also be the perfect choice.

Overall, headphones are the way to go for when seeking a quality, immersive, audio experience. While earbuds are can be more convenient, especially for commuters, headphones do tend to provide a better listening experience. To learn more about our headphones, contact us.