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Bring art to life and enhance student learning or simply enjoy art in a new and innovative way.
Introducing Meural,  a digital canvas that allows you to display art and change the image with a wave of your hand.
With the Meural subscription, you will have access to $3 billion worth of artwork to display!  Plus you can easily add your own images!
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Looking for more than one Meural Canvas? Please call or email us for pricing. 866-926-1669 or sales@encoredataproducts.com or order ONLINE
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For #schools -visually engage #students learning about history ,geography ,science as well as #art and art history.
The Meural Membership gives you access to tens of thousands of works, from classic to conceptual and the unknown – or upload your own images to enjoy!
FREE first year license with purchase from Encore Data Products! 😊
Perfect for #hotels , #airbnb #businesses , #conference rooms , #officebuildings , #reception areas , #art galleries, #museums#tourist attractions ,#medical offices , #hospitals , #clinics – and your #home!
For artists too! – display your work and reach a vast new audience.
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