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PI-TOP MODULAR LAPTOP – all your questions answered!

pi‑top is a modular laptop that gives students the tools to complete amazing DIY projects and bring inventions to life.

Ideal in a STEM/STEAM curriculum- it’s the perfect tool to help students learn to code, create devices, and empower them to innovate and design.

Available from Encore Data Products – here is a summary of commonly asked questions.

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What is pi-top?

pi-top is a build-it-yourself laptop powered by the Raspberry Pi. It has a modular rail. The pi-top is designed for anyone with the hunger to expand their knowledge. Express your creativity through technology by becoming a maker and inventor. It is the easiest way to start using your Raspberry Pi.

What is the difference between pi-top and pi-topCEED?

The pi-top is a modular laptop and  pi-topCEED is a modular desktop.

pi-top fully portable and thus will allow users to deploy the Raspberry Pi in any location with the use of its exceptional 10-hour long-life battery.

The pi-topCEED is an all-in-one stationary desktop with a 14-inch screen ideal to be used as a workstation. It provides all the functionality of the pi-top at a fraction of the cost; allowing schools and enthusiasts to learn how to code, and create using the Raspberry Pi, with ease, at home or the workplace.

Both have our full pi-topOS package on them and easy frontal access to the modular rail for your hardware projects.

How do you code on pi-top?

Using pi-topOS which is bundled with our educational game CEED universe the gamer will learn how to code and create hardware as they progress through the game with the opportunity of enhancing their gaming experience with the use of DIY add-on boards that the user will be instructed on how to build, create and play with.

Do pi-top and/or pi-topCEED have an Audio System?

The pi-top range is steadily increasing.

We have the original pi-top speaker, and now we have the pi-top PULSE.

The speaker board that can be configured for left, right and mono sound via a switch on the bottom of the board.

This attaches to the rail area you will attach the raspberry pi and the pi-top hub boards in the assembly of either the pi-top or the CEED.

The pi-top PULSE has a programmable LED array with lessons available via pi-top CODER

What can you make with pi-top?

All software and hardware creations made with the Raspberry Pi are fully-compatible, and transferable, with the pi-topand the pi-topCEED when used with the proto-board.

This might include stations, flickering LED candles, gaming emulator consoles, wireless music stations and many more other fun maker projects.

Who is pi-top for?

There are no boundaries – the pi-top kit is for anyone wanting to get a greater understanding in computing and become a maker! However, we found the recommended starting age to be 8+.

Does pi-top work like a regular computer?

The pi-top and the pi-topCEED provide the office tasks of a regular desktop with the use of Libre office (compatible with Microsoft office) which allows the user to create:

  • Documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • Powerpoints

As well as the standard features of an office desktop; pi-top and pi-topCEEDallow the user to create software and hardware with ease using the following bundled features:

  • 3D Slash
  • Scratch
  • Raspberry Pi Resources
  • Minecraft Pi

All of the features above have been combined to allow creators to easily and affordably bring their creations into the world.

What is pi-topCEED?

The pi-topCEED is a ‘plug & play’ desktop powered by the Raspberry Pi with a magnetic modular rail. It’s a great tool for physical computing or learning how to code – mostly used in the STEAM education classroom.

STEAM is an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking. The end results are students who take thoughtful risks, engage in experiential learning, persist in problem-solving, embrace collaboration, and work through the creative process. These are the innovators, educators, leaders, and learners of the 21st century!

What is a pi-topPROTO Board?

pi-topPROTO is a super-charged breadboard for your pi-top or pi-topCEED. Breadboards allow you to build and connect electronic devices to your computer via the General Purpose Input and Output Pins (GPIO). The pins provide power and allow students to write code to operate the devices remotely. They can easily run robots, make traffic light systems with LED’s, even build a heart rate monitor.

It’s the perfect tool to teach physical computing. Simply slide the pi-topPROTO into the Modular Rail and go!


NutKase Accessories offer innovative ,stylish protection products for iPADS , Tablet computers and laptops – that are now available from Encore Data Products.

With intuitive and feature rich designs, NutKase has sold products to schools and corporations in over 35 countries on 5 continents since 2011.

They have garnered a respected following, receiving accolades from many prestigious companies and education faculties along the way.

Oliver Page – Co Founder of Nutkase offered his insight into the unique NutKase story and what they offer to every user of  an iPAD , Tablet computer or laptop – be it a student or business user!


The company is  a combination of Italian design aesthetics and American innovation.

The quality and durability of fabric, stitching and color options of the products – makes it aspirational as well as a practical solution to device protection.

For example the NutKase BumpKase for iPad is available in 11 different colors enabling organization in a school district:








Different buildings or faculties could use certain colors , grade levels can be differentiated and staff could use another color.

This provides security for tracking devices and practicality for lessons and classroom instruction.

There is also a 10 year limited warranty with free replacement on all products .

The BumpKase products are tested for 4 foot drop protection in a slim reinforced TPU custom engineered shell.

Designed to withstand the rigors of the classroom and student users!

There are also customization options available and users can have their logo embossed for orders of 100 units plus.


Another unique feature that sets NutKase apart- is free shipping in the USA to all customers !

Typical delivery in 4-6 days .

Allow slightly longer for custom order with logo embossing (typically 30 days).


Innovation in the supply chain makes customization for your school or business simple.

Minimum order 100 units

Leadtime – typically under 7 days for BumpKase  – and ChromeBook case 30 days.

Cost is FREE with 100 unit order!

PNG and AI files are the preferred artwork files.

For more info CALL TOLL FREE 866-926-1669 or to prepare a digital rendering of your logo click online HERE


All products are recent innovations and the company is focused on constant improvement in the design , durability and supply chain.

For example: The patented V-Strap on BumpKase for iPad- offers a comfortable hand grip and helps people with disabilities.

The simple customization options are another example – as well as the broad range of colors that helps customer organization in schools , colleges , universities and businesses.


Thats easy !

Keep innovating and have a larger presence in the USA.

Oliver and NutKase will be at all the main US education technology shows : ISTE , TCEA , FETC , OETC etc.






Encore Data Products is happy to be a proud partner and will be exhibiting at those shows too.

Shop for NutKase products : CALL TOLL FREE 866-926-1669 or click online HERE

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