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Digital Jukebox Offers One-Touch Entertainment for Young and Old

What if there was a digital jukebox that enabled young children and elderly adults to listen to their favorite music with the touch of a single button? Well, there is! HamiltonBuhl has created an amazing, portable, digital jukebox that lets you listen to your favorite tunes, at the touch of a button, as often as you want! The HamiltonBuhl Juke 24 allows you to load 48 hours of any music or audio from CD, computer, smartphone, laptop or flash drive. You can even read and record songs, poems or books to listen to, anytime.

For Young and Old

For younger children, you can load up their favorite tunes. Encourage them to read and record their favorite books. Put them in control of pushing buttons. They can even sing-along using a karaoke feature which lets kids record their performances. For elderly adults, load up songs from yesteryear or the latest books-on-tape. It’s easily used by both young and old, with no computer programming skills required.

Digital Jukebox

HamiltonBuhl Juke24

“Early learners need repetition, and constantly ask to hear a song, a book or a soundtrack again and again. Juke24™ makes it easy to foster learning through repetition. Beyond that, it safely puts kids in control of their favorites for hours and hours,” says Shelly Goldstein, President of HamiltonBuhl.

Easy Upload & Customization

Easily upload content to as many of the 24 buttons as you like, then create and insert button artwork for easy recall. From cartoon characters to superheroes, or Sinatra to the Beatles, any button artwork can be created. Customized buttons encourage memory and association skills. With a whopping 48 hours of play time, kids and adults can easily control their own listening experience with this media player.

HamiltonBuhl even created a free iPhone app to make creating button artwork fun and quick! Built tough to withstand the rigors of daily use, Juke24 comes with built-in 4 GB of memory, a built-in MP3 digital recorder, and has a back-loading CD player. It also includes a karaoke function with talkover mic, built-in speakers, digital display and translucent button covers.

To learn more about the Juke24 or other portable boom boxes with recorders, simply contact us and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions.