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Using A Portable PA In The Classroom

If you have a larger classroom or teach after school activities our portable water resistant PA might be the answer you’re looking for. Sometimes projecting can be an issue but with a portable PA you can get the right volume and get a ton of extra benefits. You wont have to worry about students spilling water on your PR because it’s waterproof! With noise levels increasing in the classroom it can make focusing hard for some students, especially ones with concentration issues. With our help you can put those problems behind you!

Our HamiltonBuhl Water-Resistant (IP54) PA System with USB Port has a ton of features you can optimize during your lesson plans. With two wireless microphones you can have one for student questions and use yours to keep the lesson plans going smoothly. With a rechargeable battery that lasts up to seven hours and the ability to project pre-recorded material through the USB  and Bluetooth features you are set for lesson plans. Coaches will love using this for any sporting event or during practice.

Studies show that 44% of students have good concentration skills, 46% have average attention skills, and 10% have poor attention skills. With any number of distractions including background noise and talking, students can become distracted easily and regaining focus can be hard. On top of exercises you can always incorporate our HamiltonBuhl Water-Resistant (IP54) PA System for extra volume, ease, and attention grabbing. Here are a few exercises you can implement to keep kids focused and ready to learn:

  • Mazes
  • Puzzles
  • Story based games with quizzes
  • Distraction blockers (like our educational headphones)
  • Include visual, auditory and kinesthetic facets to all lesson plans

Besides the distraction blocking benefits, our PA can help you share lesson plans from colleagues, online materials and more! With the Bluetooth enabled feature you can share TED Talks or anything you wish to your students or staff. It’s super easy to use and you will save lots of time with the USB and Bluetooth features. Think of all the extra time for lesson plans, grading papers, and keeping your classroom organized! If you’re ready to take back your classroom we’re here to help with many educational classroom items, you can incorporate today! Shop now


Portable PA systems are a cost effective solution to providing quality sound projection on a budget.

Perfect for classrooms , school , media rooms , sports coaching , drama coaching , field trips ,colleges , universities , hotel conference rooms , businesses , museums , art galleries and tourist attractions.

Different feature sets and performance – we carry a selection from a variety of quality manufacturers.

Sound input is available from Bluetooth devices , RCA  , Aux input, microphones etc

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For Media Carts and AV Systems.

Designed specifically for the educational environment, the Media.VOX CA7100-BT Bluetooth media speaker is engineered to provide room filling sound from low media carts to high wall mounted locations.

The bass port enhances sound quality, while tone controls allows the system to be dialed in for best performance in any classroom.

Microphone input on the side enables a PA function – to boost speaking performances. Sound inputs from either Bluetooth devices, 3.5mm inputs, or RCA sources. Lighted speakers indicate system on and ready, receiving sound from DVD players, Smart TVs, computers, smartphones and other common classroom sources.

• Powered classroom speaker system
• 60 watts peak power / 30 watts RMS
• Lighted 3” speakers behind protective wire mesh grill
• Controls:
– On/Off
– Bluetooth Pairing
– Volume
– Tone Control
– Speaker Lighting On/Off
• Headphone output jack
• Auxiliary input jack
• 6.3mm (1/4”) microphone input jack
• Includes:
– 4’ 3.5mm male to male cable
– RCA to 3.5mm Y-adapter
– IR Remote

– PCs, Macs, and Chromebooks
– Tablets, smartphones, iPods, MP3 players, and more
– DVDs, VCRs, and Smart TVs
– 6.3mm (1/4”) microphones
– Wall mount ready

Speaker Dimensions:
(H) 5 in. x (W) 12 in. x (D) 7 in.

Weight:  7 lbs.









The PA-216 is AVID’s most powerful portable audio system.
It is perfect when portability is key in open spaces: such as during field trips, sports coaching , recess duty and larger conference halls.
With its provided handle and shoulder strap it is easy to carry, giving flexibility to the speaker to move around the podium or stage.
The PA-216 is equipped with a 5-inch speaker so it can project up to 128dB of strong quality sound, which can be heard from all around the room. It comes with a wireless handheld microphone and a clip-on lapel microphone.
It is equipped with a USB port for playing back audio from a flash drive.


Purchase 200 of AVID AE-66 Foldable Classroom Computer Stereo Headset and get:

AVID Education PA-216 35 Watt Portable PA Amplifier For free!

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Rechargeable Battery with Built-in Charger
USB port for audio playback
Volume Control
Tone Control
Microphone input jack
Built-in handor or shoulder strap

Power Source:  AC110V ~ 50Hz / DC12V ~2.2AH(rechargeable)
Weight:  4.5 lbs
Rated Consumer Power:  35W
Loud Speaker:  16CM(6.5″)
Sensitivity:  10dB V(S/N.60dB)
Surge Mode:  Quartz Crystal Locked 3 0.005%
Cover Range:  35M
Size:  6″ x 11″ x 7″

In the Box:
PA unit
Wireless handheld microphone
Clip-on label microphone with transmitter
Adjustable Carrying Strap









Simple and effective:

Hamilton BTD- CUBE7 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Amplifier

Bluetooth pocket size speaker
4″ W x 2″H x 1.25″D
Rechargeable Li-ion battery
Line in
TF card reader
Micro USB charger
Frequency response:  90Hz-20KHz
Sensitivity:  80db +/- 2DB
Distortion:  0.3%
USB cable supplied for charging

Dimensions:  4x2x1.25 inches
Warranty:  1 year


The Venu-80A from HamiltonBuhl is a compact, lightweight yet powerful, extremely versatile PA system, with a full feature set.

The powerful, high quality amplifier with a high-capacity, built-in, lithium rechargeable battery will deliver up to 5 hours of continuous operation. Along with the high-quality wireless microphone, this lightweight and compact PA system, will become your go-to solution for convenience, flexibility, and freedom.


Featuring SD and USB inputs, VENU-80A is an economical, compact and portable PA System, great for large indoor and outdoor events such as press conferences, sports venues, graduation ceremonies, musical productions or any other setting that needs quality portable sound!









The HamiltonBuhl PA-15W Waistband Amplifier is a powerful and versatile portable 15 watt waistband amplifier with a headset microphone, TF card slot and USB port.

This ultra-portable is great for hands-free public speaking; just put on the headset microphone and start talking! With its rechargeable lithium battery, you will have 6-8 hours of continuous operation!

Use it indoors or out – at meetings, school programs, sporting events, field trips, assemblies, lunch, playgrounds and more.

Features and Specifications:

  • Frequency Response: 100Hz-10kHz
  • Output Power: 15w
  • Max Power: 25w
  • AC Power: 110-240v
  • Input: 3.5mm Microphone Jack
  • Input: USB
  • Input: TF Card Slot (MicroSD)
  • Impedance: 4Ω
  • Working Temp: -10C-45C
  • Working Voltage: 7.4v
  • Recharge Time: 8 hours
  • Continuous Work Time: 6-8 hours
  • Function: USB+SD+RADIO