Testing Standards in Delaware

If you are a parent with kids in the state of Delaware, you may be wondering exactly how Common Core State Standards has changed education within your state? Even if your child’s school district has not adopted Common Core, they are sure to be a few changes since the standards have been introduced to the nation.

New Standardized Testing Standards

Even if your school has not adopted Common Core, the new testing standards apply to all students in all schools within the state of Delaware. This means that many teachers will spend more time focusing on that the areas that are now of greater importance when it comes to tests, otherwise the schools rate of success for standardized testing may begin to decline.

Increased Use Of Electronics

Electronic communication, and turning to electronics to conduct work is truly the future of education. Common Core is designed to have an increased level of in-school and at-home assignments, all schools must increase electronics use in order to remain competitive. For this reason, many students purchase educational headphones for classroom work—to keep the combined noise from all students audio from getting too noisy. Many students even have a second pair or educational headphones at home too.

Changes In Curriculum

Since standardized testing is now designed to measure the success of the Common Core curriculum, teachers are likely to make some adjustments to their curriculum to ensure students are best prepared for success.

The changes above will continue to evolve, and are all are result of Common Core.