The Professional Learning Series and Implementation of Common Core Standards in Illinois

Common core standards are important for your child. Colleges and businesses have become more demanding than ever during this age in time. Therefore, today we are discussing the common core standards in Illinois so you can be clear on the common core standards for this state.

Illinois has joined the other states in raising learning standards and making sure that Illinois students are prepared for college and business. The new standards were implementing during the 2013-2014 school year.

Illinois has introduced The Professional Learning Series (PLS), which consists of professional’s resources and tools to aid with implementing common core. More than fifty topics with more than two hundred resources are included.

Since Illinois got on board with Common Core Standards, they have made some updates and changes so it appears to be going pretty well. At one point, however, there was a website that was against Common Core Standards in Illinois yet they no longer have their website live.

It seems as though Illinois is concerned about students getting the best jump-start in life possible and teachers have been implementing Common Core Standards into their lesson plans each week.