Tips For Setting up a Education Testing Site

Taking tests can be a daunting experience for many students who have test anxiety, even after studying hard for an assessment. Many schools have similar ways of providing tests, but is your school prepared to give a test even for those students who are not so familiar with taking standardized tests? It’s important to have the right tools for your classroom when providing standardized and assessment tests.

In addition, testing sites can increase return on investment with good testing software. Whether your testing site is specific to a particular test, or multiple tests, good testing equipment is key. Before purchasing equipment for your testing site, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will you need basic equipment that students use sparingly or equipment that students use often?
  • Will your testing site need tools such as calculators or tablets?
  • Will you purchase high-ticket items that offer a warranty? Investing in a warranty for high-ticket items is a great idea for items that cost a lot of money. Sure, products are made to last, but it’s good to feel comfortable having a warranty. This way, if something stops working within the warranty, you can have it replaced without having to spend money on a new one.

Here are our tips for setting up a classroom for standardized and assessment tests:

Choose products according to usage, durability, and maintenance.

When purchasing products for an assessment test, compare several different options to find which product provides the best return on investment (ROI).  For example, stereo budget headphones work well as a basic listening tool during short training modules because they cost less, are easy-to-clean, and fit well over your head with adjustable volume control.

However, we recommend the Avid education/library headphones for students who use them often for multiple training hours and usage. These headphones have ear pads with a comfortable cushion, are easy-to-clean, and an easy adjustable volume control. The Avid headphones are widely used among libraries, schools, career centers, and universities because they last long, and are more comfortable due to its bigger ear pads.

Spend more on products that provide better features.

In addition, it is helpful to use a projection screen to display testing rules and for going over examples prior to testing. Teachers can use a projection screen to work out problems, explain answers, and help students who may not understand problems. But the type of projection screen you choose may have a big difference in price and features. Colleges and universities are using opaque projectors with projection screens because they’re great for presentations, displaying lessons from a laptop, and showing movies. There are schools still using open head projectors, but it’s important to make a choice based off versatility, and needs for classroom education and training.

Invest in security mechanisms

Another good investment is a product that offers enhanced security. You can add security devices, software, and storage cases to prevent cheating, theft, and unauthorized access before, during, or after an exam. It’s difficult to keep an eye on every student during the entire test. You can feel more secure with security mechanisms in place, as it reduces the risks of unauthorized approval.

Save money by purchasing in bulk.

Once you have decided on the best products to get, choose the option to purchase in bulk. Encore Data Products offers discount rates when ordering multiple items at a time.

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