Why Disposable Headsets Benefit You In Your School, Business, or for Private Use

There are many choices when it comes to buying headphones for yourself, your business or your school. Whether you decide on more expensive headphones as a more permanent solution or affordable and short term use disposable headsets, the choice comes down to what the intended use is. Many people decide to buy more expensive headsets for personal use, though you’ll find plenty of good reasons why disposable headsets may be a good fit for you and your family.

Schools, libraries and businesses usually have more reasons to invest in disposable headphones based on their particular circumstances and price. Here at Encore Data Products, we provide disposable headsets at prices that fit any budget and with features that show why disposables don’t have to equate to a lack of quality.

Take a look at the various places where disposable headsets could help you save money and provide more safety for customers, tourists, patrons and students.

Educational Purposes

Disposable headphones are ideal for schools and any type of educational environment where headphones need constant use with interactive media. If you operate a school, college, university or library these headsets are essential when it comes to safety and hygiene. When the flu and other viruses start spreading among students, you won’t want to be sharing headphones. Germs can easily spread through the ears as well as by hands, so buying disposable headsets in bulk is a great investment. The good news is that they don’t cost a lot, including a everyday low prices when you buy from us. You can get 200 headsets per box, which should last you for months if using them for testing with small groups of students. When the time comes for Common Core standardized testing, these disposable headsets will provide excellent stereo sound, complete safety and the durability you need. You can even extend the life of the headphones with replaceable ear cushions.

For Business Use

Whether for internal corporate use or for customers, disposable headphones provide the same benefits as they do for students. Companies may use headphones for their training and development departments in technical and soft skills training sessions. In a hotel, many visitors want headphones to use in their rooms to watch TV or listen to music without disturbing their companions or occupants next door. By providing a complimentary set of disposable headphones in every hotel room, you provide an appreciated added amenity. The same goes for a gym where most members enjoy listening to music while they work out. By providing them complimentary disposable headsets, you add a service that not all gyms provide. If you manage spas or operate an airline, disposable headphones provide convenience. This is especially true when most customers want to listen to music or watch movies.

Tourist Sites

Museums and historical sites frequently have self-guided tours available and tourists need a quality set of headphones to listen to information. If you operate such a tourist site, disposable headphones are the best investment you can make, and they can be very budget-friendly. We offer headphones with stereo quality sound so dialogue and music sound lifelike.

Private Uses

Why not buy a box of disposable headsets for yourself, especially if you share headphones with friends or family? An expensive set of headphones can easily break if you regularly share a set among siblings. Going to this much expense becomes a huge waste of money when you consider that just one set of disposable headphones could cost you as little as a $1.89 when you buy from us.

Contact us here at Encore Data Products to see why disposable headsets are the smartest investment for all intended audio purposes.