Why We Love Tablets in School

The tablets are replacing the books in the classroom is a good reason for certain types of lessons. There are many reasons, and figures of arguments took place regarding the increasing use of tablets in the classroom.

There are many advantages of using tablets by the school students. Like:

  1. The new and specially designed application (Apps) getting launched every day relating to the educational subjects with quick learning tips, free and visual coaching for every class.
  2. It helps children to remember thing easy as they can visualize things and even listen to it which keeps children attentive than reading books.
  3. The relationship between teacher and student improves, as with the tablet the student can record the class lectures, and then back home they can replay and recapitulate the subject matter in a very convenient way.
  4. The tablets help students stay up to date with the changing world scenario. It will assist students in to learn about the current events and also much more.
  5. It is portable, and light weighted, durable and easily gets accessed to the web.
  6. The tablets are designed in such a way as to make it very effortlessly. Its apps are planned in a way to provide its users everything that they want in their work.
  7. The tablets are designed in a way to maintain the secure operating system available on the devices. While downloading new apps, it prevents any virus attacks as it provides significant systematic protections for multiple devices.
  8. The tablets have been very useful for specially abled or autistic children. The touch screen capability helps students who are lacking in motor skills or having writing problems they need just to watch their finger move and write directly on the screen which sometimes helps them to improve their motor skills. The use of tablets in the classroom helps them to connect with the classroom activity and enhances the relation between them and their teachers. It helps them to follow class and develops their learning capacity by use of customization option available in it. They can change settings on the tablet so that they can learn the way they can understand.
  9. The light-weight of the tablets helps students from carrying heavy school bags as it replaces books and provides all subject matters loaded in e-book version on the tablets.
  10. The tablets are somewhat environmentally friendly as it saves paper and everything starting from textbook to class assignment to homework to grade test everything and everyone can do it on a tablet.
  11.  The tablet is cost-efficient and comes at much lesser than buying books every year for every new class.


The tablets are useful in one or the other ways. Using tablet in the classroom can be a boon for the students who have difficulty in understanding the class assignments. However, there are some disagreements relating to the benefits of tablets in the school is that students still using textbooks can get distracted towards students who uses tablets. The tablets are for everyone then why some students will use tablets and get to know all right things and set out for many steps ahead and some still following the traditional method of studying and staying few steps back.