MAM-A 83437 Gold DVD-R 8x 4.7GB Unbranded 50pk Spindle



Part #: 83437
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Part number: 83437

The MAM Archive Grade Gold DVD-R is designed for applications requiring long-term storage of sensitive data, video or music files.
The reflective layer is comprised of 24 karat gold, which allows maximum resistance to chemical breakdown -- one of the major causes of disc failure.
Along with choosing the right recording dye material and bonding agent (Note: A DVD-R is made of two polycarbonate discs bonded together) the long-term stability of the reflective layer is crucial. Reflective layers using your standard silver surface are subject to oxidation (rust) over a long period of exposure to moisture. Unlike silver jewelry, a gold ring won't rust and neither will the reflective layer in this gold DVD. In optical discs, the use of gold can triple the life of a standard disc.

Part number: 83437
Capacity: 4.7GB
Write Speed: 8X
Top Surface: Unbranded (no logo)
Packaging: 50 discs in Beehive