Portable tablet charging station with 15 slots: HamiltonBuhl CNR15

HamiltonBuhl recently debuted their new Charge N Roll rolling tablet charging & storage case.  This product offers schools, hotels, businesses and more a way to easily charge, store and move devices from place to place.

Charge ‘N Roll is compatible with smartphones and tablets up to 9.4″ x 6.67″ x 0.24″.

With its custom foam interior slots and cover, Charge ’N Roll™ safely and securely stores and transports up to 15 tablets, sized up to 9.4” x 6.67”x 0.24”, and mobile phones. The number doubles to 30 when storing mobile phones only.

Designed to make charging a snap, Charge ‘N Roll™ plugs into an outlet and powers the USB 2.0 ports, with LED light indicators for standby/charging mode, located along the rim for each of the 15 storing slots. The built-in, whisper-quiet fan ventilates and cools the unit for optimal usability and prevents overheating damages.
Built for easy mobility, Charge ‘N Roll™ has a rugged tough exterior, two easy glide wheels and a retractable pull handle. With four secure latch locks (two of which are padlock capable), Charge ‘N Roll™ will be your most trusted transporting, storing and charging case for years to come!  This case is for charging and storage. It does not sync devices.

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More info on the HamiltonBuhl Flex Phones

We wanted to show the difference between the two sizes of flex-phones now available.  The new XL size is a bit longer and will fit older students and adults.  The original version is ideal for younger students.  Here is a pic showing the size difference:

Both versions are constructed from the same non-toxic, BPA free EVA foam.

For more info and ordering please visit encoredataproducts.com.


This is about as close as you can get to an indestructible headphone.

HamiltonBuhl manufactures  Flex-Phones for kids and teens that is constructed from a single piece of safe, non-toxic, BPA-free EVA foam.  Along with a chew-resistant dura- cord these are built to hold up to the rigors of your toughest students.

The newer XL version fits older kids and teens and is available in both a headphone and headset (with mic) version.

Check out the Hamilton Buhl’s Flex-Phones™ full selection at Encore Data Products.

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littleBits: STEAM learning fun

We recently added the littleBits line of products after seeing them in action.  Students can get creative and invent a never-ending list of devices.  littleBits are easy to use and will bring out the best in students.

Kits are available for under $100 and go up much higher for the full Pro library.

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New Parasync cable free Charging & Syncing for iPad 9.7″

Parat Solutions recently launched 2 new products for the Apple iPad 9.7″ tablets.  Ideal for schools, museums and more, these devices ship with protective cases for your 9.7″ iPads and allow you to dock, charge and sync without cables.

PARASYNC is the only cable-free docking system licensed by Apple designed specifically to charge and synchronize institutional deployments of iOS devices. PARASYNC i10 is designed specifically for use with iPad 9.7” (2017) devices. The dock’s built-in power supply charges up to 10 iPad devices by simply connecting to a standard wall outlet. To synchronize content to the devices, connect the dock via the supplied data cable to your Mac and open iTunes or Apple Configurator where you will see all devices appear.

No Cables & Syncs Automatically
Insert the iPad 9.7″ with the included case into a slot to charge and sync. Detects USB connectivity to the host computer and automatically begins the syncing process.

Protective Cases Included
Comes with 10 protective device cases that feature a shock-absorbing silicone jacket inside of a durable plastic shell with a raised rib design on the back, giving the device a good tactile grip. A built-in two position stand allows for hands free viewing in landscape mode and offers an ergonomic typing angle. Attach an optional lanyard.

Easy To Use
The dock features support receivers that are “keyed” to accommodate devices with our purpose-built case left on or without any case. The receiver does not accommodate a third party case.

Charge Status LED’s
Visually monitor the charge and sync status of your devices.

Compact, Lightweight, Neat & Versatile
Fits well in many cabinets and other enclosures. Makes a great impression at a reception or other public device distribution area.

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Adjustable table that is a sit & stand desk

The Luxor STAND-NESTC-72 flip top table solves your space problem.  These versatile tables are popular for conference rooms and libraries where furniture might need to be moved after use.  The crank handle lets you raise and lower the desk top for desired use and the flip top allows you to store the unit against a wall when not in use.

Easy to roll, easy to adjust.  No power needed.  For more information please visit encoredataproducts.com.

TAPit: Touch Accessible Platform Interactive Technology

The first “intended touch” technology assistive technology learning center in the market to serve each individual’s special needs.  What a great product!

TAPit is the first ADA compliant interactive learning station designed to recognize the difference between an arm resting upon the screen and a finger or assistive device intentionally tapping an image.

The TAPit platform is within reach for people using wheelchairs, walkers or other mobility devices, providing full access to the screen with easy adjustments that adapt to individualized needs.

With the touch of a button, the TAPit platform can move up or down and the 42″ interactive LCD panel can be tilted from 0 – 90 degrees.


The TAPit platform works with virtually all educational and assistive software programs that you’re currently using on your classroom computer. Name a program, and TAPit makes it better in a big way. The large, touch-sensitive screen supports the use of on-screen keyboards or voice recognition for typing; switch/scanning for mouse control or cause/effect programs; screen readers for text-to-speech capability; as well as screen magnification programs. We also offer software from three of the world’s leading educational software developers.

Encore Data Products is happy to offer the TAPit interactive screen.  An ideal solution for those with fine motor delays, the visually challenged, hearing impaired and those with developmental delays.  Please read more about this amazing screen here.


NoiseOff by HamiltonBuhl lets you buffer sounds but still hear

Block out the outside world and distractions with NoiseOff™ from HamiltonBuhl!

When it comes to reading your favorite book, studying, focusing on important work, or simply looking to unwind, drowning out the noise around you and turning off the hustle and bustle can help create the ideal environment for the task at hand.

This is where the NoiseOff™ from HamiltonBuhl comes in. This elegant, intelligent and simple solution – developed by scientists and backed by audiologists – is a unique battery-less device that uses patented technology to block out distracting sounds to increase concentration and focus, while still allowing you to clearly hear speech without distortion.

Ideal for on/off situations where noise comes and goes, NoiseOff™ enables you to have conversations in noisy environments without the need to remove the unit to hear important voices and sounds.

Designed for comfort, with a superior Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 26 decibels, NoiseOff™ is lightweight and compact, has an adjustable headband, and comes in 3 stylish colors – black, blue or green.

You’ll not only feel relaxed, but you’ll finally be at ease and ready to focus on what matters most.

NoiseOff Benefits:

  • Revolutionary chamber technology for superior noise buffering and easy communication
  • Simple, patented and proven non-electronic design
  • Hygienic and impervious to mold, mildew and bacteria
  • Clearly hear speech and other useful sounds in noisy environments
  • Minimizes fatigue and distraction
  • No disposable plugs or awkward muffs
  • No batteries or power requirements
  • Lightweight, compact easily hangs around your neck or folds for storage

Free Classroom Headphones

The Great Headphone Giveaway!

Encore Data Products is continuing our program to give away free classroom headphones every week!   Schools around the country have a chance to receive free headphones, no strings attached, just by entering online.  We love hearing from the winners and how happy their students are to get some new stuff in the classroom.

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