STEAM Education: HamiltonBuhl Invent! Kit

The HamiltonBuhl Invent! Kit is a great introduction to the world of engineering and coding.  Designed for STEAM classrooms, this kit is ideal for ages 8+.

From HamiltonBuhl:

HB Invent! Kit – STEM Education – Engineering and Coding!

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, jobs in STEM fields are growing at 17%, while others are growing at 9.8%. STEM education creates critical thinkers, increases scientific thinking and literacy, and enables the next generation of innovators.

A STEM-based curriculum includes engaging, hands-on lessons providing opportunities for the students to see real-life implications of STEM and its benefits to our society and the world as a whole.

The “Invent!” Kit, presented by HamiltonBuhl, is developed precisely for such STEM-based curriculum. The kit comes with all the components needed to create a variety of fun, programmable inventions – a wheeled robot – complete with collision sensors, buzzers, color-changing lights, line sensors and even infrared sensors that can detect fire!

As students assemble the robot, they will be learning a multitude of subjects including robotics and general science concepts such as sensors, engineering and math.

As students program the robot to complete various tasks, they will learn coding in Crumble – drag-and-drop programming software – similar to Scratch. Easy for elementary grade students to use, yet robust for older students, Crumble allows the older, more experienced students to investigate much more complex algorithms and provides access to more advanced components.

This custom-designed “Invent!” Kit comes with top-quality components, including metal-geared motors and reliable sensors, along with variety of challenges and competitions – from robot sumo wrestling, to navigating a distant planet with solar panels.

The “Invent!” Kit opens up a new world of experimentation, innovation, problem-solving and learning, impossible to achieve from current textbook-based learning.

Why HB Invent! Kit?

  • Programmable – free, open source graphical programming software
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to follow coding instructions
  • Multiple Lesson Plans and Curriculum Guide
  • High-end components
  • Ages: 8+

PowerGistics: Charge & Store. Free Shipping!

Almost every student today is using a chromebook or laptop in class.  These have to be charged and stored.

PowerGistics:  “Wall mounted, free-standing and mobile solutions built for the modern classroom.”

MADE IN WISCONSINFREE SHIPPING in the lower 48 states from Encore Data Products.

Sizes available:  6-20 slots for 11″ (Tower) – 14″ (Tower Plus) devices.





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TELPAS headphones or headsets for testing

Are you gearing up for TELPAS testing? Encore Data Products has a variety of headsets to fit your testing needs and budgets.

Things to think about:

  1.  Plug type:  Single TRRS for chromebooks, dual plug for PC or USB?
  2.  Microphone location:  Boom mic or mic on cord?
  3.  No volume control or mute needed?

We have products from AVID, HamiltonBuhl, Thinkwrite, Andrea Communications, Califone, Cyber Acoustics and more.

Please call us at 866-926-1669 or email with any questions; our staff is here to help!

Broken Smartboards…can still be used.

When Smartboards fail, transform them with BoardShare!
BoardShare is a completely portable device that, when paired with your existing laptop and projector, can turn any surface imaginable into an interactive work space. No maintenance and no bulky boards to install. Even better? No licensing or maintenance fees. All you need is a laptop and projector.

Clear Earbuds in stock!

Just added:  EB-CLR clear Stereo earbuds.  These are a bit sturdier than the normal disposable style earbuds used for testing, gyms, give-aways and more.  The 3.5mm plug is the standard size more chromebooks, iPods etc.  Some facilities like jails require a clear product, other places just like the clear look.

Clear earbudsEach earbud is individually packaged.  The cord length is 4 feet.

Available now at Encore Data Products.

Portable tablet charging station with 15 slots: HamiltonBuhl CNR15

HamiltonBuhl recently debuted their new Charge N Roll rolling tablet charging & storage case.  This product offers schools, hotels, businesses and more a way to easily charge, store and move devices from place to place.

Charge ‘N Roll is compatible with smartphones and tablets up to 9.4″ x 6.67″ x 0.24″.

With its custom foam interior slots and cover, Charge ’N Roll™ safely and securely stores and transports up to 15 tablets, sized up to 9.4” x 6.67”x 0.24”, and mobile phones. The number doubles to 30 when storing mobile phones only.

Designed to make charging a snap, Charge ‘N Roll™ plugs into an outlet and powers the USB 2.0 ports, with LED light indicators for standby/charging mode, located along the rim for each of the 15 storing slots. The built-in, whisper-quiet fan ventilates and cools the unit for optimal usability and prevents overheating damages.
Built for easy mobility, Charge ‘N Roll™ has a rugged tough exterior, two easy glide wheels and a retractable pull handle. With four secure latch locks (two of which are padlock capable), Charge ‘N Roll™ will be your most trusted transporting, storing and charging case for years to come!  This case is for charging and storage. It does not sync devices.

For more information please visit Encore Data Products.

More info on the HamiltonBuhl Flex Phones

We wanted to show the difference between the two sizes of flex-phones now available.  The new XL size is a bit longer and will fit older students and adults.  The original version is ideal for younger students.  Here is a pic showing the size difference:

Both versions are constructed from the same non-toxic, BPA free EVA foam.

For more info and ordering please visit


This is about as close as you can get to an indestructible headphone.

HamiltonBuhl manufactures  Flex-Phones for kids and teens that is constructed from a single piece of safe, non-toxic, BPA-free EVA foam.  Along with a chew-resistant dura- cord these are built to hold up to the rigors of your toughest students.

The newer XL version fits older kids and teens and is available in both a headphone and headset (with mic) version.

Check out the Hamilton Buhl’s Flex-Phones™ full selection at Encore Data Products.

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littleBits: STEAM learning fun

We recently added the littleBits line of products after seeing them in action.  Students can get creative and invent a never-ending list of devices.  littleBits are easy to use and will bring out the best in students.

Kits are available for under $100 and go up much higher for the full Pro library.

Free shipping at!