Multi Packs

Looking to create a media center or learning lab within your school? Allow Encore to provide you with package options to meet your budget and learning and testing needs. Encore brings you the best options from Hamilton and Califone. Choose from on-ear or over-ear headphones and headsets in sets of 5, 10 or 12. Each set comes with a unique carry/storage kit.

These sets are also great for libraries, testing center, museum tours, office environments, hotels, spas, gyms, airlines, touring companies and more.

As low as $69.00
$109.00 $75.00
50 Pack
$272.10 $169.00
White or Blue

Free Ground Shipping
$179.00 $139.00
Pick your colors

Free Ground Shipping
$299.00 $169.00

Case of 50 Headsets
$1,049.50 $594.50
As low at $149.90
$227.00 $159.00
As low as 63.90
$93.50 $68.90
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FREE Shipping over $49.99
$599.00 $299.90
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