JAR Systems Elevate Max USB-C Charging Cart 36

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The Elevate Max USB-C Charging Cart is the pinnacle of efficiency for charging, securing, and transporting large sets of up to 36 devices. Powered by Quick-Sense USB-C PD, there is no need to plug in and arrange messy AC adapters. Plug devices into the included connectors and enjoy quick and efficient charging. The cart’s slender footprint, double doors, and swivel casters make devices easily accessible—even in small spaces. The high-capacity Elevate Max USB-C Charging Cart has larger device bays to suit a broader range of device sizes, up to 17-inch screen size. Optional USB-C emulator cables are available to connect non-USB-C devices.

Efficient USB-C PD Charging

Quick-Sense USB-C charging identifies the devices’ power needs to deliver a fast and balanced charge.

Stop Wiring Carts!

Wiring carts consumes technology resources. Quick-Sense USB-C is a time-saving, low-maintenance solution.


Charge, secure, and transport large sets of up to 36 devices within a single high-capacity, small footprint cart.