Andrea Communications EDU-455 Over-Ear (Circumaural) Stereo PC Headset

Andrea Communications EDU-455 Over-Ear (Circumaural) Stereo PC Headset


Part #: C1-1027500-1
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The Andrea Communications EDU-455 Over-Ear Headset offers unparalleled speech and sound clarity and includes a convenient in-line volume control. The exclusive noise-canceling microphone with internal windscreens, which minimize breath popping, has been awarded the coveted "6 Dragon" rating for speech accuracy by Nuance. The heavy duty rigid boom and swivel allow for perfect microphone placement. Extra-thick leatherette ear cushions block out surrounding noise. An adjustable dual headband ensures a comfortable fit even on smaller heads. 

Product Features:
          •   Proprietary noise-canceling microphone with internal windscreens
          •   Heavy duty rigid microphone boom and swivel
          •   40mm speakers with deep bass sound deliver crystal clear audio
          •   Large circumaural (over-ear) cups reduce up to 75% of background noise
          •   Plush, extra-thick leatherette ear cushions are easy-to-clean and replaceable
          •   Adjustable dual headband for a comfortable fit
          •   Convenient in-line volume control
          •   Extra long 8-foot cable with dual color coded 3.5mm plugs for PC use
          •   Well-built and cost-effective
          •   Certified safe for use by children in accordance with the United States Consumer Product
              Safety Commission

PC: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10