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Ensuring High Standards in Hawaiian Schools

All schools within the state of Hawaii are committed to improving graduation rates, and ensuring that students are ready for their secondary education. While Common Core State Standards are designed to improve these success rates, some schools feel that they have already achieved significant success in this area—and have yet to adopt the new curriculum. Nonetheless the new standards are likely to have an effect on all schools, regardless of whether or not the new standards have been adopted. A few ways that Common Core has changed education in Hawaii is discussed below.

New Standardized Testing

The success of Common Core is designed to measure by the standardized testing that your kids already complete each year. Even if your school has not adopted the new curriculum, their standardized testing will be the same as schools who have. What this means is that all schools must ensure that they have a clear understanding of the areas of importance within the new standardized tests, to ensure that their students are best prepared for success.

Changes In All School Curricula

Although the Common Core curriculum may not have been adopted, many schools and teachers will adjust their curricula to address the new areas of focus within standardized tests. While the changes may not be as extreme for schools who have not made the move to Common Core—adjustment to curriculum are highly likely. For schools who have adopted the new curriculum, almost all of their lesson plans must be revised.

Increased Electronics In The Classroom

All schools within the state of Hawaii have increased the use of electronics in the classroom. With the advances made in electronic learning for both the general classroom assignments, as well as testing—most students require educational headphones so that the audio does not overpower the room. One of the many advantages of utilizing electronics for daily classroom use, is that many electronic assignments are designed to be interactive—and appeal to a wide range of learning skills. By creating interactive assignments with audio, the hope is that more senses will be access while learning—and that retention will improve.

Increased Electronic For Homework Assignments

With the increased need for computer efficiency, many students will require the use of a computer for their homework assignments too. For this reason, many students also keep a set of educational headphones for home use. This way they do not have to remember to transport their educational headphones to and from school each and every day.

Common Core State Standards have been introduced to many schools throughout the state of Hawaii, but not all. Whether your child’s school has adopted Common Core or not—the new curriculum is changing education across the state. By understanding the ways the curriculum has changed education—teachers and parents can best prepare their students for success.