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Steps for Setting Up a 1-to-1 iPad Program in Your School or District

Setting up a 1:1 iPad program at your school can expand the educational programs that your school provides, but involves a lot of preparation. From ordering the iPads and accessories, to establishing the a network that can support peak usage, to ensuring responsible usage, schools and districts have to consider a lot of factors before deployment day. Here’s our checklist for how to set up a 1-to-1 iPad program in your school or district for the smoothest deployment come distribution day.

Planning and Preparing for a 1:1 iPad Program

1.Make sure your networks are capable of handling the number of connected devices. Be prepared to order enough bandwidth for devices, especially during the first days of deployment. Those days are crucial, since students, educators, and administrators will be utilizing their iPad for various tasks. One of the biggest mistakes that districts make include not having enough bandwidth for all their devices connected at peak times, which leads to downtime and frustration. And for many schools that must request funding before changes are made to their bandwidth plans, requesting more money initially to cover a higher gig bandwidth plan is better than finding out later that you need more bandwidth and having to get additional budget approval. In addition, consider the expansion of WiFi coverage, and the ease of use and responsiveness of your WiFi provider.

2. Purchase protective cases. When considering what other accessories your iPad will need, protective cases and screen covers are a must. This is especially important for 1:1 iPad programs that allow students to take their devices home. By buying cases and installing them before deployment or the day of deployment, you’ll drastically reduce your need for repairs or replacements when placed in students’ hands. Lengthening the life of the devices will save your budget in the long term.

3. Prepare usage policies and tutorials for day of deployment. Many districts require that students and parents sign-off on user agreements and disclaimers. Have your teachers and staff ask these questions in order to develop these policies: What is considered inappropriate use of the device? What limits do students have when downloading online material or installing their own apps and customization? What security features should devices have? How much administrative control can teachers have? Having these policies in place, and their documents ready for the day of deployment, is important to clarifying the use and care of the devices.

In addition, it can be helpful to have instructional tutorials about using the iPad or particular programs that are downloaded on them for the students. Work with teachers and your IT team on organizing tutorials to teach students about their iPads and other necessary equipment. You should also consider providing information and training for the parents so that they can set up parental controls and learn how to monitor their child’s iPad use and school coursework progress.

4. Have a labeling system in mind. Identification will be important for keeping your iPads accounted for and organized. Some schools might benefit from utilizing barcodes, while others might find that removable labels placed on cases are more helpful for the classroom’s needs. Whatever you decide, make sure that you’ve detailed this process so that all your iPads will be accounted for under the same standards.

Day of Deployment and Onwards

When it comes to the day of assigning iPads, having a set timeline and area for deployment will allow for smooth assignment of the iPads. Create a game plan with teachers and iPad administrators to organize times and places for the iPads to be distributed.

If you did not pre-install and label iPads before deployment, the day of deployment is a good time to teach students and teachers how to put on a protective case and label them. An iPad safety and care tutorial would be a welcome time for case assignment to happen.

After each student and teacher has his or her iPad, the upcoming days are a an important time to monitor bandwidth usage, and also get feedback on the connectivity of your network. This can help you understand and anticipate for when you consider growth down the road.

Deploying a 1:1 iPad program at a school or district invovles a lot of planning and effort, but the trade off in educational and technological expansion pays off in the long run. To get a hold of supplemental materials for your iPad program, contact us. We can help you prepare and support your iPad program, no matter its size.

Acer Chromebook Hard Case C720/C740 by Gripcase

EDP New Product Showcase (Acer logo, Chromebook logo). Affordable, secure and easy to use, more schools than ever are turning to the new Acer Chromebook C720 & C740 models. Now- the next question… What’s the best way to protect your school’s investment? Introducing the new Gripcase Asset Armor case for Acer C720 & C740 Chromebooks. Asset Armor cases are constructed of super-lightweight yet impact-resistant materials and feature textured surfaces for improved handling. Slim overall dimensions ensure easy portability and charge cart compatibility. The “Always On” design ensures maximum 360 degrees of protection while allowing access to all ports. With unparalled portability, handling and protection Asset Armor is designed to enhance and expand your digital curriculum. So how do you get your Gripcase? Encore Data Products. Call us at 866-926-1669 or visit us on the web at Don’t delay! Protect your investment today!

Gripcase Asset Armor to Secure Acer C740 and C720 Chromebooks

Asset Armor cases are designed to provide the highest level of protection for Acer C740 & C720 Chromeboooks. The cases feature textured surfaces for improved handling, while the slim overall dimensions make for easy portability and charging cart compatibility.

Asset Armor cases offer 360 degrees of protection. These lightweight cases are made with impact resistant materials to improve durability. The case is manufactured with 2-ply EVA foam and high-impact plastic to provide rigidity and energy absorption for the screen and sides. To improve strength, a second high-impact peice wraps and protects the chassis. The “Always On” design improves protection during use and transport. This styling assures access to all ports, unrestricted ventilation, uncompromised sound quality, and asset tag visibility.

With unparalled portability, handling and protection Asset Armor is designed to enhance and expand your digital curriculum. Asset armor provides the protection needed for your Chromebook, while also offering convenience and ease of use.

Gripcase: Full Protection and Convenience

Gripcase Encore Data ProductsiPads are prevalent in daily work and life for libraries, schools, businesses, and likely yourself. Gripcase has invented iPad accessories that protect your investment in this rapidly expanding technology and improve proficiency for education, work and during presentations. The Gripcase is convenient and ergonomic and some models will even help your iPad function more like a laptop, so you can work in places you couldn’t before. Here at Encore Data Products, we carry a wide variety of Gripcase products with options to help make your iPad work more efficiently.

The Ergonomics of Gripcase Products

One thing many iPad owners don’t always take seriously enough is the ergonomic factor. Most people use their iPads in their laps or held upright with one hand. This can sometimes put a strain on your wrists or hands if you use your iPad for hours at a time at work or at home, especially for students. It’s also uncomfortable to work on an iPad without proper grips available or enabling it to stand up on end. The Gripcase is the perfect device with a four-handle design on the case for easy carrying or holding. Each corner of the grip is durable so you don’t have to worry about your iPad getting damaged if you drop it or run into something. Plus, you have a 360-degree raised bumper to help protect the screen when the device falls flat. Gripcase is available for all models of the iPad.

The Gripcase Scribe

GCA_Slider_LibraryScribeTouchThe new Gripcase Scribe provides the same high level of protection that you’d expect from Gripcase and pairs it with a highly functional, durable keyboard and integrated pen/stylus. Many wireless keyboards are very small and aren’t easy to use. The Gripcase Scribe keyboard is an oversized folio keyboard, measuring 1.25 inches bigger than the standard folio keyboard. On the Scribe keyboard, you will have better responsiveness for improved typing accuracy, no matter where you are. The keyboard snaps onto the case when not in use, providing added screen protection on the go. When you want to prop your iPad up to watch a movie, you can with the integrated Gripcase Scribe stand. Gripcase added Sound Forward technology to the Scribe case. This case positions the speaker at a better angle so you’ll have an improved audio experience. You will appreciate this when showing a video or other media during class or business presentations.

Gripcase Accessories

Gripcase offers a number of accessories to maximize your comfort and efficiency while working on your iPad. These include a sling shoulder strap for securing your device while working in the field and the Gripcase base for keeping your iPad upright and secure on your desk or workspace.

Contact us here at Encore Data Products to learn more about Gripcase many other media-related products that make your work, home, or educational life easier.