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How to Incorporate New Technology: Address Wi-Fi First

New standards in education that expand and incorporate more technology are leading to a new educational environment. But before schools begin purchasing Chromebooks and iPads on a large scale, it is important for school administrators and IT professionals to address one of the most important components to a school-wide technical infrastructure: the Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi networks are at the heart of working technology education devices. From allowing a Chromebook to save documents and access new materials properly to completing a cycle of syncing for your devices with a charge and sync cart, your Wi-Fi plays a significant role in ensuring quality use out of your devices. And with the Federal Communications Commission E-Rate application just starting for schools this season, Wi-Fi should be a top consideration for most public schools.

According to EdTech, 63% of schools will need to replace their Wi-Fi equipment due to their age, in order to meet the demands of increased device-use. Fortunately, federal funding is available for these schools that want to improve and upgrade their Wi-Fi networks and educational devices.

For IT decision-makers, the first step to a successful, connected classroom is to address the strength of your Wi-Fi network. Many schools forget to upgrade their Wi-Fi service, especially after purchasing new mobile devices or implementing a bring-your-own-device policy. And though E-rate applications make Wi-Fi more accessible, only a few applicants remember to account for the growth of their network when writing a budget.

When possible with your school or district’s budget, having fiber optic Internet connections will provide the fastest and most reliable service for a busy school. In addition, it allows for a stronger, safer network. For schools that are adjusting their current Wi-Fi networks, make sure that it can cover your typical bandwidth needs and not slow down during surge times, especially when classrooms rely on cloud-based applications.

Wi-Fi might also be key to IT offices when it comes to device management. For example, IT administrators will need a reliable Wi-Fi connection in order to manage tablets or Chromebooks through a sync-and-charge cart or hub. Or, if IT administrators opt for cloud management, a steady Wi-Fi connection 24/7 will ensure the best results for recovering, saving or installing new apps or data. Overall, a strong Wi-Fi service is beneficial beyond classroom instruction and education.

Modernizing the Wi-Fi connection is only one part of the puzzle, however. Outdated computers and devices can waste time with a lot of troubleshooting and increase the number of malfunctions during the school year. In addition, late-model devices will continue to save upgrades. As we’ve learned from recent announcements from Google on Chrome for old-model Macs and Twitter ending Tweetdeck for new Windows, there’s no guarantee that your devices will work with specific applications later in life. For a longer shelf life out of your technology inventory, it’s best to invest in a plan that slowly integrates late models into your existing inventory. This way, you can take advantage of new applications, stay on top of updates, and get the best longevity out of your current systems.

Our service can help you determine which technologies you should bring into the classroom and the accessories to support them. Whether you need sync and charge carts for all your devices, or a better system for storing and securing your mobile technologies, we can help you find the best solutions fit for your classroom. By having the right accessories and storage options, you can deploy new technology with ease and speed.

In addition, our products can allow you to take advantage of every feature your devices provide. Contact us today for your education technology needs.


Upgrade Your Mobile Electronics With Califone Bluetooth Smartphone & Tablet Peripheral Pack with Earbuds

Tablets and smartphones are a great alternative to large laptops or home computer systems: as a mobile tool, they are convenient for all sorts of users and uses. But still, a tablet or smartphone on its own has its limitations: from a small on-screen keyboard, to its inability to prop itself up, most tablet and smartphone users need a set of accessories to fully appreciate their electronics in various settings and situations. If you are looking for a great set of accessories that will improve and broaden your smartphone and tablet’s capabilities, look no further than the Califone Bluetooth Smartphone & Tablet Peripheral Pack with your choice of Earbuds or Headphones.

The Califone Bluetooth Smartphone and Tablet Peripheral Pack with Earbuds comes with three key accessories:

KB4 Keyboard: Bluetooth connected, its full-size keys not only make it comfortable for users to type, but also frees up screen space on a smartphone or tablet by removing the virtual on-screen keyboard. It’s operation range is as far as 30′, and can provide as much as 44 hours of uninterrupted work time, with a battery charge time of 4 hours.
E3T Stereo Earbud: These stereo earbuds include an inline volume control and microphone, allowing users to answer or conduct calls on their mobile devices. It also comes with ear cushions to help provide a comfortable fit.
TPT Stand: With a base that fully extends to 6″ and a height of 7″, any smartphone or tablet can be fitted and propped up, making it a versatile stand for anyone with multiple devices or a desire to switch from landscape to portrait.

The peripheral pack with earbuds can become a great asset in various settings. For example, the keyboard, stand, and earbuds are perfect for:

1. Businesses. As more and more offices and businesses provide or encourage tablets and smartphones for work, employers can help improve productivity by providing the Peripheral Pack. These packs can create great stations on small surfaces, and when employees are on the move from each other’s desks, conference rooms, and more. The earbuds also offer inline volume and a mic, which helps make business calls and even video conference meetings possible, without disturbing (or becoming disruptive) to neighboring workers.

2. Educational settings: Classrooms, libraries, labs, and other related departments using tablets for educational purposes will love the set up that the Peripheral Pack can give. Easy to assemble or store away, the stand and keyboard also do not take up much surface space, making clean up and organization quick and effortless. Purchasing the pack from us also guarantees a warranty for your school on these products, which means your equipment will always be protected from any mishaps or technical problems.

Individual students will also love this package, as it can make note taking easier in a lecture hall that offers little desk space, or when one is on the go from one class to the next. The versatility that the package offers will make any student happy (and maybe more successful).

3. Commuters or travelers. For anyone that travels for their work, the peripheral pack is slim and easy to pack up in a small bag, making it ideal for even the most light-weight of packers. Commuting employees and even students can finish last-minute assignments or check emails with the fully adjustable stand and bluetooth connected keyboard on their short trips to their respective offices or campuses. Those who travel extensively on airplanes, trains, or buses, will also find the package suitable for their on-the-go work.

If none of these considerations convince you, know that we are offering our Califone Peripheral Pack at just $37, with a savings of almost $30 off the retail price. Buy a set for your office or classroom while the deal still lasts, and contact us for more questions.