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Document Camera

In a perfect world, your students would be in class every day and every student would be at the same stages of your lesson plans. But life happens. Sometimes students can be out for athletic activities, sick days, or suspension. Keeping track of where every student is in your lesson plan can be tough, making it difficult to know which students may need to take home assignments. They may have missed out on key information that even make up work cannot help. The Boardshare High Definition Document Camera can help!

With the Boardshare High Definition Document Camera, you can record videos, turn captured images into video, and use a time-lapse feature that allows you to digitally annotate. These features can be useful in the classroom in multiple ways:

  1. Record Videos- Sometimes students need extra help they can’t get at school. You can use your Boardshare High Definition Document Camera to record lesson plans or live classroom days. Students who are absent will be able to watch these and feel like they were in class while catching up. They will enjoy the benefits of seeing first hand what the conversation was around and can pause or stop while doing assignments. You can also share with other teachers, staff, or parents. With the help of parents and your videos, they will be up to date.
  2. Captured Image to Video- Some students are visual learners while others are verbal learners. Turning your PDF assignments into a video with side notes and voiceover narration can bring a full picture for both types of learners.
  3. Time-lapse- Some students need to see someone else work out a problem to know how to solve the one they are working on. If you’re working through something on paper, you can use the time-lapse feature to make a video working out an equation or creating a drawing. This would help students see fast-paced versions of what they are working on.

As you can see, the Boardshare High Definition Document Camera can be used in the classroom in various ways. With the USB feature, it can hook into your computer, laptop, or projector making it run throughout your entire lesson. And this high-resolution camera is incredibly affordable compared to other makes and models.

On top of all the ways this can incorporate into the classroom the Boardshare High Definition Document Camera is also great for business settings. It can be used for business presentations, webinars, lectures and more!

For more information or to order your own Boardshare High Definition Document Camera, the fine staff at Encore Data Products, Inc. will be happy to help!


NutKase Accessories offer innovative ,stylish protection products for iPADS , Tablet computers and laptops – that are now available from Encore Data Products.

With intuitive and feature rich designs, NutKase has sold products to schools and corporations in over 35 countries on 5 continents since 2011.

They have garnered a respected following, receiving accolades from many prestigious companies and education faculties along the way.

Oliver Page – Co Founder of Nutkase offered his insight into the unique NutKase story and what they offer to every user of  an iPAD , Tablet computer or laptop – be it a student or business user!


The company is  a combination of Italian design aesthetics and American innovation.

The quality and durability of fabric, stitching and color options of the products – makes it aspirational as well as a practical solution to device protection.

For example the NutKase BumpKase for iPad is available in 11 different colors enabling organization in a school district:








Different buildings or faculties could use certain colors , grade levels can be differentiated and staff could use another color.

This provides security for tracking devices and practicality for lessons and classroom instruction.

There is also a 10 year limited warranty with free replacement on all products .

The BumpKase products are tested for 4 foot drop protection in a slim reinforced TPU custom engineered shell.

Designed to withstand the rigors of the classroom and student users!

There are also customization options available and users can have their logo embossed for orders of 100 units plus.


Another unique feature that sets NutKase apart- is free shipping in the USA to all customers !

Typical delivery in 4-6 days .

Allow slightly longer for custom order with logo embossing (typically 30 days).


Innovation in the supply chain makes customization for your school or business simple.

Minimum order 100 units

Leadtime – typically under 7 days for BumpKase  – and ChromeBook case 30 days.

Cost is FREE with 100 unit order!

PNG and AI files are the preferred artwork files.

For more info CALL TOLL FREE 866-926-1669 or to prepare a digital rendering of your logo click online HERE


All products are recent innovations and the company is focused on constant improvement in the design , durability and supply chain.

For example: The patented V-Strap on BumpKase for iPad- offers a comfortable hand grip and helps people with disabilities.

The simple customization options are another example – as well as the broad range of colors that helps customer organization in schools , colleges , universities and businesses.


Thats easy !

Keep innovating and have a larger presence in the USA.

Oliver and NutKase will be at all the main US education technology shows : ISTE , TCEA , FETC , OETC etc.






Encore Data Products is happy to be a proud partner and will be exhibiting at those shows too.

Shop for NutKase products : CALL TOLL FREE 866-926-1669 or click online HERE

Follow us on social media as well and stay tuned for new developments!







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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Mobile Employees and Freelancers

Mobile technology has allowed for many of us to work on the go. Whether working at home full-time or traveling the world, mobile technology is making it easy to have a flexible workplace. This has made it easier for employers to meet the demands of a flexible office, and it has also given people the power to freelance from anywhere in the world.

So what makes a better gift than something mobile workers and freelancers can use for fun and for work? Here are a few great gift ideas to give to a hard-working, traveling employee, or a freelancer you know.

  1. A durable laptop case.

Having a bag that can protect and hold multiple devices at once is a must-have for any freelancer or mobile worker that makes frequent trips. But traveling can be hard on some devices, especially when there’s a lot of movement from one transportation mode to the next.

A traveler bag like the EMTEC Traveler bag is our favorite option: the large size can fit a 15.6″ laptop (like the 15″ Macbook Pro), and can carry a tablet, phone, and accessories in its many versatile pockets. The bag also features a removable shoulder strap and a back trolley pocket so it can rest securely on top of a suitcase. The hard bottom shell also keeps the bag upright, so you don’t have to worry about your laptop and devices from falling over and out.

  1. Rugged tablet or smartphone case

A strong, protective case is a thoughtful gift for any frequent worker-traveler that’s always taking her gear on the go. Cases are great for protecting a mobile device in storage or in movement.

We recommend the Gripcase Scribe, which provides superb protection on an iPad. The case is lightweight, shock absorbent, and even UV, germ and mildew resistant, making it a great case for an iPad that is exposed to different types of environments. The Scribe also comes with its own stylus and a built-in stand, making it easy to prop up on any level surface.

  1. High-end headphones

Know a freelancer who loves to listen to music while he or she works? How about someone who works hard and plays (video games) hard?

Gifting a great pair of high-end headphones or headsets can be the ultimate tech lover’s desire. Many of these headphones or headsets are noise-cancelling and feature special effects, such as the vibrating and light-up AVID Education CD-858 headset.

  1. Tablet or smartphone stand

Many mobile workers carry a number of mobile devices: if you look into a traveling freelancer’s bag, you might find an iPhone, a tablet, and a Macbook. And when you see him at work, you’ll immediately see all devices splayed across a table or desk and a lot of switching among the devices.

A tablet or smartphone stand that collapses to a small size can be a great addition to a mobile worker’s travel bag. The stand could help a mobile worker use a tablet and laptop in tandem, without having to hold on to one device.

If you’re thinking about gifting multiple items on this list, why not bundle them into the ultimate mobile tech gift basket? You can do this easily by purchasing a Califone peripheral pack, which comes with a stand, Bluetooth keyboard, and earbuds or headphones.

At Encore Data Products, we can get you some of the best mobile technology products on the market and at a great price. If you need help picking out a great gift for the mobile worker you have in mind, contact us. We can help you find an awesome gift that would be useful and fun.