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What Chromebook Case Option is Right For Me?

Congratulations- you’re the proud owner of a new Chromebook! You’re all set up too- you’ve got your reliable WiFi connection, your chromebook headphones with microphone, and the charging cord just in case you need to plug it in after a few hours of use. Looks like you’re all set to bring your Chromebook everywhere you want to go!

But…what are you going to put your Chromebook in? If you haven’t already noticed, there are a multitude of cases specially designed to accommodate Chromebooks on the market, and it can be a bit overwhelming to determine which of these options best fit your needs. Fortunately for you, we did the research, so you can just sit back, relax, and read on about the advantages and potential drawbacks of each of the most popular types of Chromebook case available.

Briefcases and Carrying Cases


Need a little more room for your peripherals, charging cord, Chromebook headphones with microphone, and other accessories? You may be in need of an upgrade to a carrying case! These soft-sided, briefcase-style bags are equipped with a handle, carrying strap, or both for easy transportability, not to mention a number of pockets for your other school or office supplies. We like the NutKase Ballistic Nylon Folio Big Pocket for Chromebook shoulder bag carrying case.


– Slim, compact profile allows for ease and convenience.

– Solid outer clamshell design and quilted padding interior for maximum durability and protection.

– Accessory storage pockets eliminate the need for a second backpack or bag. Students can transport everything in one case!

– Padded shoulder strap provides comfort and ease when on the go.


  • May not be practical for those who rarely have to carry their Chromebook long distances.

Who Should Buy One: Any student or office worker who needs to transport their Chromebook back and forth every day should look into this convenient, all-in-one carrying solution. It is especially ideal for kids on hybrid learning programs.

Gumdrop Cases*

Gumdrop DropTech Case

Before you ask, no- these cases are sadly not made of gumdrops. However, if you are looking for a case that is so durable and rugged that it renders your Chromebook virtually unbreakable, this may be a case worth looking into! Gumdrop cases combine the impact-resistant outer shell of a standard hard case with the practicality of rubberized sides, backs, and edges to help build air pockets inside, cushioning just about any blow. We like the Gumdrop DropTech Case for Chromebook.


  • Made with durable thermoplastic polyurethane for extreme drop protection.
  • Rubberized sides and back offer maximum shock absorbency.
  • Slim profile makes your Chromebook a breeze to pack in a backpack, briefcase, or suitcase!


  • No variety of color or style options are available.


Who Should Buy One: Do you or your kids drop stuff, like, constantly? Do you work in a field that involves you bringing your laptop to construction sites, geological digs, or other dangerous surroundings? Do you just want to be certain that nothing’s going to break your Chromebook? This might be the best investment you ever made.

Hard Cases (Shells)

Max Case* Extreme Shell

As its name implies, a hard case is, well, hard. That is to say, it is built for durability and can protect your Chromebook in a number of otherwise problematic situations. We like the Max Case* Extreme Shell for Chromebook.


  • Rugged hard outer shell provides shock resistance from drops, collisions, and other types of impact or force. 
  • Dust-proof, waterproof case protects against other types of damage.
  • Shell fits right over your Chromebook, protecting it in the same way that a phone case protects your smartphone- no excess baggage when you travel!


  • Most hard shell Chromebook case models don’t have a handle or carrying strap, meaning you’ll have to carry it separately in your hands or put it into a backpack or messenger bag.


Who Should Buy One: Anyone who is prone to dropping their laptop at regular intervals (read: your kids) or who has to commute on foot, by bicycle or scooter, or take public transportation regularly, as these activities increase the chances of dropping your Chromebook.

No matter which style of case you choose for your Chromebook, it’s important to always make sure the case you choose is designed to fit the size, make, and model of your laptop. These cases are rarely a one-size-fits-all option and it’s imperative to read all the fine print either online or at the electronics store to ensure it will fit your Chromebook.

It’s also fun to choose a case that suits your personality as well as your Chromebook protection needs. No matter what kind of commute you have or how often you have to take your laptop out of the house, the most important thing is to select a case that fits your lifestyle.

Additionally, keep in mind that a case for your Chromebook is always a great investment, no matter how infrequently you plan to take it out of the house. By purchasing a case for your Chromebook now, you can have the ability to safely transport it wherever you want to go in the future.

By taking good care of your Chromebook and keeping it protected against drops, collisions, shattering, dust, and water when you’re on the go, you can look forward to many years of enjoying your computer and learning new things!


*Though not listed on our website, Gumdrop and Maxcase Chromebook cases are available in classroom-sized quantities from Encore Data Products. Contact Customer Service to tell them what you need and they’ll provide options and a quote.

Encore Data Products – providing quality products at great prices!

Based in Lafayette, Colorado. We supply the education, health and fitness, hospitality, business and government industries with high quality audio visual equipment and technology accessories.

With an ever-expanding product selection from top brands, free shipping options, competitive pricing and easy ordering, Encore Data Products enables its clients to maximize their investment in equipment needed to enrich their learning, health and business environments!

Whether its headphones or headsets for a classroom – a mobile device charging solution for STEM lab or media room – or earbuds for a hotel or spa – we have you covered – give us a call TOLL FREE: 866-926-1669 !


Our business philosophy is simple: Provide quality products at great prices that are delivered in a timely manner.

We started the company with the goal of earning repeat customers by providing:
– Great customer service
– Easy ordering
– Competitive prices
– FREE shipping on most ground orders over $49.99 in the lower 48 states.
– Worldwide delivery for some products contact us regarding international availability
– No minimum order amounts on most items shipped in the U.S.

Please contact us by phone or email if you have any questions about Encore Data products, our products, or our suppliers. If you are looking for something not found on our web site, then let us know; we are adding new products weekly and will do our best to find what you need.

Phone: 303-926-1669


We accept purchase orders from government agencies, universities, school districts, libraries and some medical organizations. We require a faxed or emailed copy of the official PO prior to shipment.

All purchase orders must include the following information:
– Company/organization name
– Purchase order reference number
– Contact name
– Contact phone number
– Contact email address
– Billing address
– Shipping to address & hours of operation
– Part number/name, unit price, quantity and total price

***We will be happy to provide you with a formal quote.

Encore Data Products  reserves the right to require other methods of payment, at its sole discretion, for any reason.

Fax: 303-482-1142


Please call us at 303-926-1669 if you have any questions regarding purchase orders.


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Italian designed durable and stylish tablet and laptop computer protective cases.

Perfect for school , college , business travel ,vacationing or personal use!

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Questions?  Call , order ONLINE or email us for details.

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The AVID AE-55 series of headsets delivers on the various state and TELPAS specifications and is designed for quality performance and comfort.

Black and Blue color selection
Noise-reducing ambidextrous design
Chew resistant 6 foot cord with velcro tie for quick storage
Unidirectional noise-canceling microphone
Microphone is bi-directional and rotates 270 degrees
USB 2.0 plug, with molded straight strain relief
Soft leatherette easy clean removable earpads
Individually bagged









T-PRO Multimedia Headsets, with Noise-Cancelling Mic – Custom-Made for Grades K-12 State Required Testing

T-PRO SERIES headsets form HamiltonBuhl are deluxe headsets exclusively developed to deliver on all testing specification requirements!  TELPAS and more.
The newly-designed T-Pro Multimedia headset with TRRS plug features:
  • Superior speaker drivers for crystal clear sound quality
  • Ambient noise-cancelling, adjustable, steel-reinforced gooseneck microphone with wider frequency response range to capture all student responses even lower and higher frequencies
  • “Ambidextrous” gooseneck mic with a 210° swivel range to accommodate both right and left-handed users
  • Noise-reducing, deluxe ear cup design to minimize noise for better concentration and focus
  • On-ear cup volume control knob to eliminate accidental volume changes during testing







The AC-5008 is a quality stereo headset built from the ground up, perfect for today’s demanding classrooms. Utilizes a USB connector, compatible with any USB equipped device.

• USB connection for use with most any computer system
• In-line volume and mute control
• Unidirectional noise-canceling microphone
• Leatherette ear pads


4 foot drop protection in a slim reinforced TPU custom engineered shell

  • Robust, double-layer protection guards your device from daily scratches, drops, and dents
  • Patented hand-strap technology for secure grip at all times

NutKase:  Premium quality cases. Designed in Italy. At a fair price.

Ordering for your organization?  We can put your logo FREE on your cases! Minimum order for logo inclusion is 100 cases.

Questions?  Call or email us for details.

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NutKase Accessories offer innovative ,stylish protection products for iPADS , Tablet computers and laptops – that are now available from Encore Data Products.

With intuitive and feature rich designs, NutKase has sold products to schools and corporations in over 35 countries on 5 continents since 2011.

They have garnered a respected following, receiving accolades from many prestigious companies and education faculties along the way.

Oliver Page – Co Founder of Nutkase offered his insight into the unique NutKase story and what they offer to every user of  an iPAD , Tablet computer or laptop – be it a student or business user!


The company is  a combination of Italian design aesthetics and American innovation.

The quality and durability of fabric, stitching and color options of the products – makes it aspirational as well as a practical solution to device protection.

For example the NutKase BumpKase for iPad is available in 11 different colors enabling organization in a school district:








Different buildings or faculties could use certain colors , grade levels can be differentiated and staff could use another color.

This provides security for tracking devices and practicality for lessons and classroom instruction.

There is also a 10 year limited warranty with free replacement on all products .

The BumpKase products are tested for 4 foot drop protection in a slim reinforced TPU custom engineered shell.

Designed to withstand the rigors of the classroom and student users!

There are also customization options available and users can have their logo embossed for orders of 100 units plus.


Another unique feature that sets NutKase apart- is free shipping in the USA to all customers !

Typical delivery in 4-6 days .

Allow slightly longer for custom order with logo embossing (typically 30 days).


Innovation in the supply chain makes customization for your school or business simple.

Minimum order 100 units

Leadtime – typically under 7 days for BumpKase  – and ChromeBook case 30 days.

Cost is FREE with 100 unit order!

PNG and AI files are the preferred artwork files.

For more info CALL TOLL FREE 866-926-1669 or to prepare a digital rendering of your logo click online HERE


All products are recent innovations and the company is focused on constant improvement in the design , durability and supply chain.

For example: The patented V-Strap on BumpKase for iPad- offers a comfortable hand grip and helps people with disabilities.

The simple customization options are another example – as well as the broad range of colors that helps customer organization in schools , colleges , universities and businesses.


Thats easy !

Keep innovating and have a larger presence in the USA.

Oliver and NutKase will be at all the main US education technology shows : ISTE , TCEA , FETC , OETC etc.






Encore Data Products is happy to be a proud partner and will be exhibiting at those shows too.

Shop for NutKase products : CALL TOLL FREE 866-926-1669 or click online HERE

Follow us on social media as well and stay tuned for new developments!






Encore Data Products is now proud to offer NutKase Accessories, offering innovative ,stylish protection products for iPADS , Tablet computers and laptops.

With intuitive and feature rich designs, NutKase has sold products to schools and corporations in over 35 countries on 5 continents since 2011.







The user friendly product line is invaluable for protection as well as extending battery life on devices – for students and businesses alike.

Some unique selling points on the NutKase Bumpcase for iPad -include:

-patented V-Strap offering a comfortable hand grip and helps people with disabilities.

-4 foot drop protection in a slim reinforced TPU custom engineered shell.

-student friendly design and ID card holder

-easy access to ports on device

Here is a brief overview of some of the products – look out for more info later!

Please follow us on social media for updates and CALL TOLL FREE: 866-926-1669 or ORDER ONLINE








  • 4 foot drop protection in a slim reinforced TPU custom engineered shell.
  • Robust, double-layer protection guards your device from daily scratches, drops, and dents.
  • Patented hand-strap technology for secure grip at all times.
  • Save battery life with our magnetic cover that easily folds into a stand.
  • Fits perfectly on your iPad with easy access to your ports.
  • Easy, one step installation.

Ruggedized Drop Proof iPad case with a front cover screen protector that triangulates into a stand with multiple viewing angles. Secure handstrap on the back of the case for comfortable grip, student ID card holder included on the back of the case. 


  • Compatible with all charging carts/cabinets
  • Three layers of drop protection.
  • Made with lightweight water resistant nylon and rigid internal neoprene lining.
  • Easy access to all ports – double rugged zipper design.
  • Nylon Handle Included.
  • Reinforced stitching.
  • Rugged Zipper
  • Keeps Device secured into case with durable straps.
  • Detachable wide shoulder strap and ergonomic handle included.
  • ID Card holder.
  • Custom school logo embossing available on request
  • Includes Shoulder Strap

Premium Always On Designed ruggedized Chromebook case, with slim design, perfect for fitting inside back packs. Offers reinforced edges and corners, with a durable zipper enclosure. It comes with a 10-year warranty, and offers the ability to have your school’s logo custom embossed into the case.


  • Rugged Drop Protection with slim design
  • Durable waterproof nylon & high quality double zippers
  • Corners protected by 360° rigid frame and foam padding
  • Crush proof Honeycomb panels and two layers of cushioning protect sides of case
  • Soft neoprene lines the inside of the case
  • Easy access to all ports
  • Double zipper charger and accessories pocket
  • Reinforced stitching and clear plastic straps that don’t block the screen
  • Elastic safety strap keeps Chromebook “always-in” the case
  • Detachable wide shoulder strap and ergonomic handle
  • ID Card holder
  • Custom logo embossing and colors available on request

Premium Always On Designed ruggedized Chromebook case with a built-in handle and detachable shoulder strap. Includes a slim exterior pocket with zipper enclosure to fit USB sticks, Smart phone, or other small items. It comes with a 10-year warranty, 8 color, and offers the ability to have your school’s logo custom embossed into the case.