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5 questions with SAM Labs

1. So tell us about the origin of the name SAM Labs

Great question! It’s not an acronym for “Surface to Air Missiles!” as imagined by one of our 10-year-old fans. In reality it was named after the younger brother of our founder Joachim Horn, Sam. Sam is a very bright kid who wanted to build with electronics but didn’t have the skills to do so. So Joachim made a kit of fun little blocks and an app to code them for his bother Sam. Ever since, we’ve called it SAM Labs.
2. What draws students to your Kits and at what ages?
Students are drawn to the simple fact that we have open software that gives direct feedback on the blocks as soon as they program something. Imagine being able to say, “hey lights turn green” and “motor spin at maximum speed.” That is truly how easy it is! Kids love SAM Labs because they can create anything they can imagine and we also help them learn coding along the way. Projects such as smart plant feeders to Pokemon Go catching machines are just a few examples of what students can create.

3.  You are a UK company but are a hit all over the globe.  Do you see kids in every country doing the same things with your products?
While we are based in London, our products are popular with students from all over the world. Some focus more on the coding and logic programming side, whereas others focus more on the physical blocks to build fine tuned prototypes of ideas. Both help develop creativity and 21st century skills. We’ve noticed that this balance is exactly why SAM Labs products cater to all kids, no matter where they are.

4. When someone asks what is the #1 reason to purchase a SAM Labs product what do you tell them?
The number one reason is because it makes learning really fun! Think about it, we need our kids to learn the skills needed to solve the world’s future problems that don’t yet exist. So how can we get every single child involved? Making the subjects that are crucial (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) fun and engaging is the only way forward. Our goal is to inspire every student to discover the fun in coding and creating because we really want to bring this to life.

5. We all love London at Encore Data Products.  Gotta ask…do you know Prince Harry? 
Haha! We do not know him personally, but we have taken part in the Duke of Yorks’ Pitch at Palace. This is a prestigious event in which the brightest companies get to present their latest inventions. We won runner up in 2014 and have grown to reach thousands of educational institutions globally.