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Google Chromebook Headphones

If your school or office uses Chromebooks, you’ll want to make sure you have products that work together. We have many headsets, headphones, and earbuds that will work with your favorite Chromebook. To make sure your equipment is compatible, choose headsets, headphones or earbuds with a 3.5mm plug, or USB compatibility. Specifically, compatible headsets and some earbuds will have a 3.5mm TRRS plug which allows them to take advantage of their dual mic and audio features, while headphones and many earbuds will have a 3.5mm TRS plug, enabling listening only. There are USB compatible versions of all three that will work, too. Luckily, we have many affordable options for you! Let’s break down the top products by price point below, from low to high.

Soundnetic SN-CCV Stereo Budget Headphones:

These stereo headphones come individually packaged with volume control on the cord. Some of their best features include affordability and great sound quality. With their Chromebook, netbook, PC, laptop compatibility and more, they are a versatile option for your classroom or office.

Califone E3T Classroom Stereo Earbuds With Mic & Volume Control:

Lightweight with full-bodied sound quality, these earbuds are a great find for the price! They work with iOS, Windows, Android devices and Chromebooks. The ABS plastic resists shattering. These are also our first earbuds with a 1-year warranty, including use in schools.

Hamilton HA-2V SchoolMate Personal Stereo Headphone Volume Control:

There are many perks to these headphones! They have comfortable foam ear cushions that are replaceable—ideal for long testing days and classroom cleanliness. They offer in-line volume control, a 6’ braided nylon cord, and come with a 1-year warranty. On top of all this, they are compatible with Chromebook!

AVID Education AE-36 Classroom Computer Stereo Headset:

If you’re looking for a mid-level priced headset with Chromebook compatibility, look no further! This AVID headset has a padded, adjustable headband that’s a great choice for all ages. The permanent earpads stay on even after multiple uses and the 3.5mm TRRS plug operates both headphones and mic.

Hamilton Buhl SC-7V Schoolmate:

If your students need a robust headphone option with high-quality sound, this will help them get the most out of their high tech lessons. These are noise-isolating and have leatherette ear cushions that are replaceable. With a chew-resistant cord and 1-year warranty, these are ideal for your busy classroom!

HamiltonBuhl Smart-Trek Deluxe Stereo Headphone:

These have been designed specifically for the demands of the K-12 classroom environment. They are sleek, durable, and have a comfortable design. The ear cushions provide excellent noise-isolation on top of the many other unique features. Best of all, these come with a 1-year warranty!

HamiltonBuhl Sack-O-Phones:

This 5 pack of headphones is great for your small office or classroom setting. They can be easily shared and used on all your Chromebook devices. These have noise-reducing ear cups that will help your team or students stay focused. These are also compatible with MP3 players, cell phones, tablets, Mac and PC, CD players, TV’s and most gaming systems. With this versatility, you will find many uses for these in your office or classroom!

Finding Chromebook headphones has never been easier! We have options for headsets, headphones, and earbuds that are affordable, durable, and under warranty. When shopping for your classroom, school, or office, take a look at our list of Chromebook options and find the right set for your needs.

Perks of Disposable Headphones

Disposable Headphones and Headsets have many advantages for parents, teachers, and office space. When you hear disposable you might think single-use but these can be used for longer periods of time. Some can be used for 90 days or longer. The benefits of these headphones and headsets may be something to consider when making your next purchase for your classroom, office, or daycare. Let’s break it down and see if these are the right fit for your needs.

Lower prices: If you’re looking for a cheaper option for your classroom, office, or daycare disposable headphones might be right for you. You can save tons of money by opting for disposable headphones like the Soundnetic SN250M Disposable Headsets. These are priced at $3.69. This is a fantastic deal if you’re looking for an affordable way to stock your computer lab or call center. With the right care, you can make these headsets last a long time.

Use of Headsets: What you will be using these headsets for? The Soundnetic SN250M Disposable Stereo Headsets are great for tablets, cell phones, computers, MP3 players, CD players and more. If the above list sounds like everything under the sun, that’s because our headsets are great for use for all these things. They will hold up great for office, computer lab, and daycare use. Your students will love to use these with their tablets and computers.

Amount used: If you have a small rotation of students or staff sharing these headsets they will last longer. Consider the number of people you will be using these headsets. If you have multiple class periods in your computer lab you may want to get a few sets of the Soundnetic SN250M Disposable Headsets. They have a 60-day warranty available. This would also be great for shorter semester classes or night classes. Do you have a call center that’s on a smaller rotation at night? These would be great for them!

Behaviors: You can make your headphones last longer with proper cleaning and care. If the people using your headphones are more mature and understand how to take care of their technology your headsets will last longer. This could also be a great teaching moment for younger aged students. Teaching responsibility and how to take care of your belongings can prove to be a great lifelong skill. Make sure whoever is handling your headphones maintains them and you will be happy to see how much longer they will last.

State testing: If your students are doing testing that requires headphones or headsets, these are the right pick. When you’re looking for the right testing headset you will probably want something that’s affordable, disposable, and can be ordered in bulk. The Soundnetic SN250M Disposable Stereo Headsets fit all of the above! With bulk prices as low as $3.19 you won’t find a better product for your money.

Do these headsets sound like something you will benefit from? For computer labs, call centers, state testing’s, and more these headsets are the perfect addition to your classroom or office. Be sure to check out bulk pricing for even more savings.


Encore Data Products is committed to providing America’s schools with the latest trends in education technology.

We’re proud to host The Great Headphone Giveaway program, giving schools, libraries and educational organizations across our country the opportunity to receive FREE technology accessories for listening, learning, testing and training.

Each month, one lucky winner will win valuable education technology products from Encore Data Products!

Choose from one of several Encore products to fit your classroom, library or student needs. Participants can re-enter each month for a chance to win, so keep trying and CLICK HERE!


Here are our latest winners describing how the prize draw benefitted their classrooms:

Winner: Aaron Sweet –Newark High School ,Newark, NY 14513. 
selected:  100 ENC-CCV headphones

“I’m a Technology Integration Coach for the district so I will be giving these headphones to 4 classes that use their iPads with Seesaw and other apps where headphones are needed. I’m not quite sure how I’m going to choose the classes. I may ask who is interested and randomly draw names. I will continue to support our teachers with integrating technology.

Hopefully these headphones will encourage teachers to use more technology.  Thanks again! This is great!” –Aaron Sweet

Winner: Jennifer Dyle, West Side Elementary, Picayune, MS
selected:  100 ENC-CCV headphones

“Thank you so much for choosing my school as a winner of the contest! ”
“Our students work daily on a program called i-Ready and use headphones to complete the lessons. This program helps fill in gaps in the student’s learning and prepares them for State Testing at the end of the year.  The new headphones will be replacing broken ones and saving the school money to buy other needed items.

We appreciate your generosity and look forward to receiving the new headphones. Thanks again,” –Jennifer Dyle


This press release was orginally distributed by ReleaseWire

Lafayette, CO — (ReleaseWire) — 02/28/2018 — Encore Data Products, a privately held company based in Lafayette, Colorado with a passion for providing quality products at the most affordable prices today, has established itself as a leading provider of headsets and headphones for state-mandated standardized testing.

“We’ve listened to our customers – the educators – regarding what they need. Based on their feedback, we’ve added headphones and headsets that meet the recommended specifications they need for their respective tests. We have quality options available at every budget level,” shares Julie Witten, Client Services Specialist with Encore Data Products.

Encore Data Products has a diverse selection of classroom headphones, headsets and earbuds designed for users ranging from elementary school to high school. Their online catalog of products includes headphones suitable for any student testing device, from desktop computers to laptops, to iPads®, and compatible for any standardized test, including TELPAS, WIDA, SBAC, and PARCC.

Witten adds: “Headphones and headsets are sometimes overlooked in the grand scheme of the testing plan. Many schools come to us at the last minute needing a thoughtful solution. Our Client Services Representatives listen and ask the right questions to help anyone at any level of the district find the headphones and headsets that will work for their testing platform and budget. It’s what we do.”

Encore Data Products’ broad product offering allows them to work with large and small districts, delivering headphones and headsets quickly and accommodating schools’ and districts’ purchase order systems. Their deep stock allows them flexibility in meeting demand as the need arises – their products are generally available to ship out the same day they’re ordered.

Encore Data Products works tirelessly to uphold a business philosophy of providing quality products at great prices and delivering it all in a timely manner. Founded as a business venture that puts the wants and needs of consumers above anything else, Encore Data Products embodies superior customer service, simple online ordering, competitive pricing, free shipping on most ground orders over $49.99, and no minimum orders on most items shipped in the U.S.

To learn more about classroom headphones and earbuds ideal for classroom and testing environments, visit

Jeff Burgess
Encore Data Products
Phone: 303-926-1669

For more information on this press release visit:

Media Relations Contact

Jeff Burgess
Encore Data Products
Telephone: 303-926-1669
Email: Click to Email Jeff Burgess

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Encore Data Products to Attend the 2016 Future of Education Technology Conference and Debut The Great Headphone Giveaway Program

Louisville, CO (January 11, 2016) Encore Data Products, Inc., an international supplier of technology accessories for listening, learning, testing and training is pleased to announce its attendance at the 2016 Future of Education Technology Conference in Orlando, Florida.  Encore will display an array of core educational technology support products and accessories from January 12 – 15 in the Expo Hall in the Orange County Convention Center.

fetc_logoThe Future Education Technology Conference (FETC), known as the premier southeastern regional PreK – 12 education technology conference, brings together educators, influential technology buyers, manufacturers, and leading industry thought leaders to learn about the latest technologies and products in the ever advancing education technology field. With close to 8,500 attendees, companies such as Encore Data Products are able to showcase their products and highlight their services to every market segment and every size operation across the country.

“FETC is such a unique and beneficial experience for Encore,” said Jeff Burgess, Owner of Encore Data Products.   “Not only are we excited to showcase our products and meet many of our current and future customers, but we are fortunate to participate in the workshops and presentations, allowing us to stay up with the newest trends, technology tools and solutions, education in a digital world.”

This year, Encore will feature the new line of Soundnetic listening products, released in late 2015. Also available to test are products and equipment from Hamilton Buhl, Califone, AVID and more.  Encore will host giveaways from these select brands throughout the show.

Headphone Logo 1Encore Data Products also will launch their 2016 Great Headphone Giveaway program at the conference. Each week during 2016, Encore will give away $75 worth of select headphones, earphones, and headsets to one randomly selected entrant. The contest is open to all non-profit charitable organizations, K-12 public, private, charter or parochial schools and public libraries.  To learn more about the giveaway, visit the website

About Encore Data Products

Encore Data Products is a privately held company based in Louisville, Colorado. We supply the education, health and fitness, hospitality, business and government industries with high quality audio visual equipment and technology accessories. With an ever-expanding product selection from top brands, free shipping options, competitive pricing and easy ordering, Encore Data Products enables its clients to maximize their investment in equipment needed to enrich their learning, health and business environments. For more information on Encore Data Products services and products, please visit us online at

Contact Info: Sabrina Manno, Director of Marketing | 831-214-6541 | email Sabrina Manno


Encore Data Products is an Exhibitor at the Future of Education Technology Conference | FETC 2016

We at Encore Data Products are happy to announce that we will be in attendance at the upcoming Future of Education Technology Conference 2016. Hosted at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, you will be able to meet our staff and view a wide array of products from January 12th to 15th in the Expo Hall.

fetc_logoThe Future Education Technology Conference is a great, three-day event that will focus on education technology solutions, bringing together some of the best thought leaders, innovators, and professionals together in one place from all over the world. Focusing on digital technology tools, leadership, educational expansion, technological solutions and trends, mobile learning, and more, all keynote speakers, workshops and presentations can help you develop your own professional knowledge and bring it back to your institutions and staff. And with over 500 vendors displaying new products and innovative services, you will be blown away by the amazing displays.

In addition to the great workshops and presentations that FETC will host, our booth will feature two important presentations: the release of the Soundnetic line of headphones and headsets, and the announcement of our new charitable giving site: The Great Headphone Giveaway.

Featuring Soundnetic Products

At our booth, we will feature the new line of Soundnetic products, just released in late 2015. Visitors will be able to view and hold Soundnetic headphones, which are made with educators and students in mind.

Made for long-term comfort and durability, Soundnetic headphones are the perfect listening tools in busy, educational environments. Made with sturdy PVC and a long braided cord, the headsets can withstand all types of mishaps in any learning environment, and are perfect for traveling. The sound quality is also key to the headphones: with volume control, ferrite speakers, and the adjustable headband and microphone, Soundnetic headphones can be the best solution for any classroom or school looking for quality headphones on a budget.  Coming in three different colors (red, blue, and white), the sets can help with differential learning strategies and organization. In addition, they are easy to maintain and clean. In all, the quality of the Soundnetic headsets cannot be beat, especially at its price-point.

Best of all, you will be able to speak to us face-to-face about any and all of our products and offerings. We will be featuring and giving away products from Hamilton Buhl, Califone, AVID and more! We can help you find the right equipment and accessories for your classroom or institution, and point out our recommendations on-hand. So please, bring your questions and comments!

The Great Headphone Giveaway

Headphone Logo 1Encore Data Products will also launch our headphone giveaway site at the conference. In our quest to provide the quality technology accessories to schools, libraries, and educational institutions across America, we will be giving away $75 worth of headphones, earphones, and headsets to one lucky winner every week during 2016. The contest is open to all non-profit charitable organizations, a K-12 school or public library, or a K-12 public, private, charter or parochial school. Winners will receive their choice from these four options:

In addition, any participant can re-enter to win. To learn more about our giveaway, visit our website, The Great Headphone Giveaway, and enter to win!

With over 8,500 attendees, the FETC Conference and seeing our booth is a great way to immerse yourself in the field of education technology, and learn about new technology that can help advance your classroom, school, or district’s educational standards and environments. We hope to see you there! Until then, feel free to contact us for more information.

Encore Data Products Carries the New Soundnetic Products

As your number one resource for quality listening and learning equipment, we are always thinking about how to serve our customers. Each buyer comes with a particular goal, whether it’s to service an entire school district moving to classroom Chromebooks, or an office looking to expand its in-house services with quality headsets for their workers. Hearing these goals has led us to seek out equipment and accessories suitable to our clients, in all their diverse needs. That’s why Encore Data Products is pleased to announce that we will carry the new Soundnetic brand of headphones, earbuds, and headsets in our stock.

The Soundnetic brand provides top-quality technology products for a wide variety of industries, at a price point that is budget-friendly in every scenario. Soundnetic products are designed with comfort, durability, and dynamic application in every type of listening environment. From the classroom to the library, hospital to the office, these headphones, headsets, and earbuds were created with Encore customers and their needs in mind.

Soundnetic headsetThe first Soundnetic product offering is a stereo headset with volume control. The headset uses 40mm ferrite speakers, and is made with leatherette on-ear earbads, which gives a comfortable fit to all users, while blocking out environmental distractions.  The earpads are also easy to wipe clean after use, allowing general ease in maintaining sanitary listening environments for multiple users. The PVC headband adjusts on both sides, and includes a top, padded band so that the band does not feel uncomfortable as the user wears it for long periods of time. The microphone is also flexible, making it easy to place it in the most opportune angle for various users. The single, 3-insulated TRRS plug allows the headset to be plugged in directly to many computer and laptop models, including Chromebooks, tablets, laptops, and more. The braided 6-foot long cord is durable, allowing it to withstand constant use while giving the user mobility over greater distances in an office or board room. The cord also includes an inline volume control, giving the user more ability over adjusting the sound in various environments.

These headsets comes in 3 different colors–red, blue, and white–which can help differentiate between users or make for easy organization. They are also perfect for color-coordinated learning differentiation systems in the classroom. And due to its compatibility with multiple devices, it is easy to match headphones to various devices. The headsets also all come with a limited 1 year warranty, in order to make sure you receive a quality product.

The Soundnetic headset is great for changing, dynamic environments that need quality sound. Public facilities, like libraries, testing centers, communications labs, and more, will love the ease and self-adjusting qualities that the headsets provide, giving users better ease at troubleshooting their listening and learning goals. They are durable for environments that require your equipment to change hands frequently, but will last longer than disposable alternatives. And, at only $10.99 each (with free ground shipping when you order 5 or more headsets), you’ll have a quality set of headsets without breaking your institution’s budget.

Overall, the Soundnetic headset should meet all your listening and learning needs. It is a great tool for classrooms, call centers, boardrooms, customer service operators, and in situations where quality conversation and recording is needed. Its flexibility and comfort meets the needs of all users who demand quality sound. Look for more Soundnetic products to be released in the near future. To learn more about Soundnetic, or receive new news regarding this line, contact us.