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Classroom Tech: When is an Audience/Student Response System Necessary?

As classrooms grow in size and resources grow thin, it can be difficult for a teacher or professor to create, assign, and grade quizzes, exams, and assignments, with an already hectic schedule. Fortunately, there are many classroom tools that can help alleviate this type of stress for both teachers and students; one of them being an audience or student response system.

An audience or student response system is a network of remotes given to students, which allow students to submit their answers to questions or surveys using their personal remote. A teacher can run an exam, survey, or ask a single question, while students’ weigh-in immediately using the system. A receiver collects all responses and compiles the data onto a computer.

So when is an audience response or student response system necessary or the most helpful? Here are a few reasons why an audience or student response system should be implemented in your educational environment.

It’s easier to implement and grade quizzes. Consider the time it takes to write, print, and pass out quizzes: this added task for an already busy teacher can be frustrating, and take up precious time for other school-related tasks. By instead programming your questions with the system, you can easily deploy all the same questions to students at once, and grade all responses as they arrive. And instead of spending time organizing a classroom and passing out quizzes, using a student response system will eliminate that transitioning time. Overall, it saves you time from grading each individual quiz, and also reduces grading mistakes after manually checking and adding a score to a grade book.

It saves paper, creating a greener classroom. For schools that want to implement a better waste management and recycling program, having a student response system reduces the amount of paper that is used and later recycled. For short quizzes–especially pop quizzes–this can help reduce paper use, while reducing overall expenses on paper.

In addition, managing quizzes with a student response system allows for zero loss of an exam or quiz, as long as there are no malfunctions. Since responses are immediately recorded and graded, all results for every student can be found in once place. For teachers and professors who move from one place to the next, you’ll avoid accidentally losing a quiz in another pile, classroom, or office, where it might be thrown away.

It’s great for large classrooms to make attendance easy. For professors who have trouble collecting accurate attendance records in huge lecture halls, audience response systems will help you mark students present more accurately. Administering an attendance check, or simply randomizing a “respond A if present” question any time during a lecture will give you a better idea of who is attending and paying attention.

They decrease the chances of cheating in the classroom. This might be an important solution for environments where it might be easier to cheat, or there have been incidents of cheating in the pass. By deploying questions quickly or randomly, students will have a harder time with fixing their responses.

You can easily gather data about students’ understanding of the material. Systems like the QOMO Hitevision QRF500 series collects all information, and allows you to run queries on a student, class, or topic in order to analyze how well an individual or classroom understands the materials. This is a great way to help prepare students for a larger, upcoming exam, or learn where there might be knowledge gaps in the curriculum. Overall, it can help a teacher adjust the syllabus to help students, and spend classroom time on important aspects so that everyone can do well.

Overall, a student response system can be a great tool for classrooms and lecture halls. They are easy to deploy, and have a lower cost-point than deploying a more expensive Chromebook or iPad program for every student and can actually serve classrooms better than these programs. If you simply need to deploy quizzes or exams in a streamlined fashion, especially to a classroom of 400 students, this technology can drastically change the efficiency and progress of the classroom. To learn more about student response systems, or check out your options, contact us.